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Creativity applied to recycling


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Ten principles of creativity and creative life are applied to recycling

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Creativity applied to recycling

  1. 1. R-05 CREATIVITY APPLIED TO RECOVERY AND RECYCLING M ech . E ngr . M . in ME E nrique Posada Chem. Eng . Diego Jaramillo Colombia September 2005-Beijing
  2. 2. TEN PRINCIPLES 1) The "no-locality" principle 2) The "participation of the observer" principle 3) The “uncertainty” principle 4) The "complementarity" principle 5) The "unity" principle
  3. 3. 10) The “infinite underlying variety” principle 9) The “entropy” principle 6) The “parallel universe” principle 7) The “relativity of time” principle 8) The "energetic field" principle TEN PRINCIPLES
  4. 4. CREATIVE APPROACHES In order to achieve a balanced and sustainable development, we need a creative approach
  5. 5. "Ancient" physics and science
  6. 6. Traditional physics led us to be focused on material achievements. Now the main challenge will be to reduce our excessive attention to material aspects. In this sense, the new physics can give clues in bringing us nearer to our essential nature as universal beings, which can lead to our self-realization as spiritual people, capable of transcending our material limitations
  7. 7. 1) The "no-locality" principle In the heart of all things there exists a spark, a sense of divinity.
  8. 8. South America North America Afrika Asia - Europe Australia UP SIDE DOWN ? DOWN SIDE UP ?
  9. 9. Second Hand Clothes Shopping Center
  10. 10. The challenge is to find the "good" zone that exists in any "bad" process and turning a threat into an opportunity. 70 tons per month of SO2 waste are converted to 300 tons of basic chrome sulfate
  11. 11. 2) The "participation of the observer" principle If we decide to play magic with our creative capacity, everything is possible.
  12. 12. Undertaking environmental accounting, by including pollutants and waste in production mass balances. With a participative six sigma project in this boiler, efficiency went from 78 % to 86 % in a year
  13. 13. LEARNING BY TRIAL, ERROR AND............. PAIN
  14. 14. 3) The “ uncertainty ” principle This is somewhat a shocking idea, since no one wants to feel insecure or menaced by risk. (Escher).
  15. 15. A buffalo skull mountain or phosphate raw material pile?
  16. 16. Handling relations with love and openness, so that people feel stimulated to contribute with useful ideas to the recovery, minimization, and recycling of waste. See and feel Listen Explain with care Organize Steps in the formation of ecological group and conciousness in a neighborhood in Colombia
  17. 17. 4) The "complementarity" principle W hat can be seen directly, what is hidden, and what might be.
  18. 18. CLEAN Energy generated by Biogas in a landfill.
  19. 19. 5) The "unity" principle Everything in the Cosmos is inseparable.
  20. 20. Sulfur mining in a V olcano.
  21. 21. The production system must support art and culture as a way to create a more human environment in compensation to the relative monotony of the production system in industry. Photographs sent by workers to a company context
  22. 22. 6) The “ parallel universe ” principle There are several levels of reality. There are several levels of consciousness.
  23. 23. The Alps and the trash mountains
  24. 24. When we envision and make declarations for a new reality, which are stated clearly in first person and in the present time, creative energy comes unbounded and applicable, resulting in profitable and interesting ideas that arise, ready to be developed We target energy gains and savings in each engineering project we undertake. It works. There are hidden parallel universes in all things
  25. 25. 7) The “ relativity of time ” principle Life is more beautiful when we understand the eternal present at all times.
  26. 26. 1774 publication for paper recycling
  27. 27. 8) The "energetic field" principle We are part of an incessant flow of mass and energy. (Jupiter´s Io moon)
  28. 28. Recycler Baby taking a rest while His Parents are at Work . Poverty, waste, and violence are the results of selfishness and lack of solidarity.
  29. 29. We can explore the wide, almost unlimited, zones of energetic field in order to find new niches and creative contributions Using very small amounts of green detergent to wash clothings by working with magnetic device
  30. 30. 9) The “ entropy ” principle From the apparent disorder, the miracle of dynamism and self-reference is born.
  31. 31. Play ground floor made of recycled rubber. Waste, crime and pollution are signs of entropy at work and lack of leadership.
  32. 32. (P+L) I (P+L) II (P+L) III (P+L) IV ZERI Cleaner production approach (P + L). BTA House Keeping ISO 14000 BPM
  33. 33. 10) The “ infinite underlying variety ” principle The reality is much more complex but, paradoxically, simpler than we believe.
  34. 34. The key to this is intuition. It works when people ask themselves questions that are not yet answered. (Escher)
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