A synthesis of cic


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An exercise for a coursera course on creativity

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A synthesis of cic

  1. 1. A synthesis of CREATIVITY, INNOVATION AND CHANGE Enrique Posada Restrepo An exercise for the coursera course CREATIVITY, INNOVATION AND CHANGE
  2. 2. Your Own Synthesis of CIC Throughout this course, you’ve heard Darrell, Jack, and Kathryn talk about some of the connections they’ve made among the key concepts of Intelligent Fast Failure, CENTER, and Creative Diversity (CD). Now it’s your turn! Instructions: Take the three course pillars – Intelligent Fast Failure ,CENTER , and Creative Diversity – and create something that represents their synthesis in your mind. In other words, find a way to demonstrate or describe the “blending” of these concepts as you’ve learned about them in this course. Example #1: Write a letter to a friend that explains how you came to understand IFF, CENTER, and Creative Diversity – and how they have become connected in your mind. Friend I took a courser course Three nice professors I met Three useful concepts they gave us Center Intelligent fast failure Creative diversity This I share with you: CENTER is: Character, Entrepreneurship, owNership, Tenacity, Excellence, and Relationship Intelligent fast failure is try, try, try, experiment, experiment, experiment, learn, learn, learn and create. An do it fast and with intelligence Creative diversity: understand variations, extremes, accept them, enjoy, trust, work together, know your style and put it to work
  3. 3. Example #2: Create a collage, drawing, sculpture, or prototype that represents the three pillars in a physical form – then share it with someone.
  4. 4. Example #3: Put together a “CIC Resume” that describes what you’ve learned about IFF, CENTER, and CD, and how you have applied them in your life so far. Example #4: Take a photograph of something that represents the blending of IFF, CENTER, and CD in your mind – then write a short paragraph about it. You might even create a postcard and send it to us! Example #5: List the changes you have seen in yourself as a result of learning about IFF, CENTER, and CD. You might use categories like these: different attitudes, ways of thinking, websites you now visit, ways of feeling (changes in your belief about your creativity), habits (what you do differently each day), projects you work on, people you work with … and so on. What other ways can you think of to show how IFF, CENTER, and Creative Diversity are connected and meaningful to YOU? We can’t wait to see what you create! See my book ETICA DEL MEDIO AMBIENTE In http://www.autoreseditores.com/libro/1921/enrique-posada-restrepo/etica-del-medio-ambiente.html Or in See http://es.slideshare.net/eposadar/etica-del-medio-ambiente Created by ENRIQUE POSADA RESTREPO