Encountering e portfolios, developing a Framework for pedagogical change


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Colin Warren

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  • Encountering ePortfolios: developing a framework for pedagogical change
  • Presentation overview: The context @ Deakin & Faculty of Business & Law Desire2Learn as learning management system ePortfolio as part of Learning Environment Implementing a new LMS Course renewal Opportunities for change ePortfolio integration/embedding Next steps
  • Context of Deakin University: City and Regional 4 Campuses (Melbourne, Geelong x 2, & Warrnambool) 4 Faculties 3 trimesters New VC last year Blackboard Vista current LMS and migrating to Desire2Learn Project evaluation started mid 2009 with final decision and then implementation beginning mid to late 2010
  • Context of the Faculty of Business and Law: 5 schools 3 campuses 250 unit/subjects/courses Big programs 6000 students in Bachelor of Commerce Large unit enrolments of up to 1500 students 200+ full time academic staff and as many casuals DSO Admin Support Team
  • Deakin Studies Online is: DSO suite of tools One LMS – with all units have an online presence (since 2004) Currently 2 systems moving from Blackboard Vista to Desire2learn during 2011 With all units offered in new system for trimester 3 this year
  • Where does the ePortfolio fit?: have licensed Desrie2learn ePortfolio as part of the system integrated with Learning Environment and private For 2011 Switched on, but not actively encouraged
  • ePortfolio as a process: Learner centered Feedback from peers and teachers Showcase to range of audiences
  • D2L ePortfolio components are: Artifacts, reflections, collections, (process), and presentations (product)
  • D2L ePortfolio functionality: Submit to a dropbox Shared forms, checklists, rubrics that can be pushed or pulled Publish items to Presentations Invite re/viewers, comments
  • why bother implementing more change?: Not because others are doing it, or because of demand Enough people aware of potential benefits and keen to use ePortfolios Aware of issues to do with change and peoples perceptions and lack of interest & time
  • LMS implementation providing the impetuous and reason, but how to deliver?: University committees program board, operations group Faculty Transition Team for implementation Training & PD for academic & admin staff 3 trimesters, Pilot phase during Trimester 1 & 2 All unit in D2L for Trimester 3
  • how to begin the ePortfolio integration process: framing the story the paradigm/model creating the outline What is ePortfolio? there are very different views / agendas / points of pain
  • another advantage is to help drive the change: A new Bachelor of Management 3 year degree with 24 units Need a new ‘product’ that differentiates from Bachelor of Commerce And need a conductor/sponsor - leadership To make beautiful music though, everyone needs to play their part
  • How to make the most of the opportunities: What to choose from? Working groups are: Core Units, Personal Transferrable Skills, IBL (WIL), Major sequence, Assessment (experiential learning & delivery), Capstone unit, Pathways & exit points.
  • big item seems to be Graduate Attributes: Graduates will be work ready Need to Check they are covered in a unit And over the whole course Need authentic ways to assess & demonstrate – capstone ePortfolio presentation?
  • A key component will be assessment: How do you know if your teaching is successful? assessment is required To to measure if students have developed skills and capabilities? Need to ensure assessment will leads to graduate attainment Other opportunities – collecting evidence, graded submissions (certified artifact)
  • We need to maintain a balance: Not going over board Keeping it real & doable Not extra work (other than rethinking curriculum) Take small steps
  • What about the student?: Scary, unknown, threatening Provide scaffolding for students May help develop a learning narrative & make connections between learning experience both informal & formal ePortfolio will make explicit skills and capabilities
  • What about the staff?: Opportunity to revisit pedagogy and review curriculum, a system for accountability for academics to provide learning experiences providing the platform between student and institution for the articulation of learning outcomes Also thinking about using possibility of ePortfolio for performance review or promotion… Have run a workshop to discuss ePortfolios and asked questions about pedagogy & assessment
  • Rather than just using in a unit we’re thinking about a course/program: BMgt review group conveners responding with ideas/comments building ePortfolio from Year one and developing it over time could provide a competitive advantage towards end of degree students have developed a good idea of what they are becoming and able to demonstrate growth Help develop a holistic view of the course so during and on completion of their degree students have better understanding
  • A whole course approach has some advantages: a. holistic approach to eP use (becomes a natural part of the course not an add-on, or optional)) b. GAs more explicit and evidenced through authentic assessment c. developing a narrative of learning d. being able to articulate professional readiness
  • Where to from here? More meetings and group reports to negotiate final framework for BMgt review Fulfill requirements for International Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accreditation Work in & align with the University Curriculum renewal project
  • The pressure is on – next steps include: Confirm leadership buy-in Develop appropriate PD and materials Design and create models of ePortfolio use Develop assessment tasks Engage our students Begin with 1st year…
  • Q&A
  • Photo credits are….
  • Encountering e portfolios, developing a Framework for pedagogical change

    1. 1. Encountering ePortfolios Developing a framework for pedagogical change Colin Warren eLearning Coordinator Faculty of Business & Law Deakin University
    2. 2. <ul><li>The context @ Deakin & Faculty of Business & Law </li></ul><ul><li>Desire2Learn as new learning management system (LMS) </li></ul><ul><li>ePortfolio as part of Learning Environment </li></ul><ul><li>Implementing a new LMS </li></ul><ul><li>Course renewal </li></ul><ul><li>Opportunities for change </li></ul><ul><li>ePortfolio integration/embedding </li></ul><ul><li>Next steps </li></ul>Overview
    3. 3. Deakin University
    4. 4. Faculty of Business and Law
    5. 5. Deakin Studies Online (DSO)
    6. 6. ePortfolio included as a tool
    7. 7. ePortfolio process
    8. 8. ePortfolio Components Artifacts Collections Reflections Presentations
    9. 9. ePortfolio functionality
    10. 10. Why bother?
    11. 11. Implementation– team work
    12. 12. Creating the scaffolding
    13. 13. Course renewal
    14. 14. Opportunities
    15. 15. Graduate attributes
    16. 16. Assessment
    17. 17. Finding a balance
    18. 18. What about the student?
    19. 19. What about the staff?
    20. 20. Integrated & embedded ePortfolio
    21. 21. ePortfolio advantages
    22. 22. Where to from here?
    23. 23. Next steps
    24. 24. Thank you - now it’s question o’clock
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