Building momentum for course-based ePortfolios


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This presentation will highlight the different stages of the journey towards successful ePortfolio implementation at Southern Cross University, using PebblePad. An initial pilot funded by an extension grant from OLT got things moving in 2012. A build up of pressure from particular courses meant we had disciplinary drivers, such as the need for accreditation and the need for disciplinary coherence. At the strategy level the Vice-Chancellor’s strategic priority of graduate employability gave us a sense of where we are headed. Decisions based on whole-of-course needs provided a map for the journey. PebblePad software proved to be the most effective engine for building momentum through its pedagogical design, particularly its embedded emphasis on reflective learning and managing evidence. The momentum has built to a point where we don’t want to look back and we don’t want implementation to stop.

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  • Schools request ePortfolio platform (2008):accreditationdisciplinary coherencepresentation of authentic achievementsRequests to Division of Teaching and LearningSupport electronic portfolio design and deliveryVC’s priorities
  • Extension grant opportunity 12 month projectBuild upon completed OLT projects (AeP)
  • Consultation - do you want to come on board?School of Health and Human SciencesSchool of Arts and Social Sciences6 undergraduate and 1 postgraduate courseCareers Advisors (CareerHub)
  • OLT grant:Design of eportfolios into curriculumBuild on existing LMSSharing with RUNDevelop resourcesPolicy implicationsPublish case studies
  • Appoint project officer – Dr Kath FisherDecision to work with (7) courses expressing an interest or need
  • Early meeting with stakeholders – the “ready and willing” and the not-soWordPress, paper-based, PPTStaff journal in eportfolio for data collection
  • SCU colloquium, June 2012 Associate Professor Gillian Hallam (QUT)Project teamInvited reps from: SCU SchoolsRUN partners
  • Blackboard issuesInstitutional supportInitial needs analysis:competency frameworks with graduate attributesDesign efforts fraughtCorporate disinterest in product development
  • Train stalled between stations for 6 weeks, due to engine failureApply to OLT for 8 weeks’ extension to project timeframe
  • Blackboard not supporting epf triggers removal of faulty engineSCU Executive decides to search for replacement
  • BOTCommitment from staff for digital solutionsBOT waiting for promise of Bbv9 (2008)Volume of Competency StandardsFirst graduates - paper-basedComplaints to conductors (DTL)BNBN managing their own tour group: who needs tickets? where are they going?New curriculum, new staff3 campuses, many clinical placement facilitiesCourse Coordinator delegates drive for epfSASSSASS threatens to jump off the trainUse WordPress, PPT etc
  • Stakeholders meetingAll Schools invited (in and out of OLT project)Meeting agrees to find urgent solution10 days to compare and find a new engine - Google sites, Mahara, PebblePadUnis surveyed (5 Mahara; 5 PebblePad)Small staff trial (5 in project)Specifications compared by Tech Services
  • PebblePad version 3 - ticks all boxes for SCUConsultations with RMIT and Latrobe on implementation processes Lessons from Pebble ClassicInstitutional issuesPebblePad introductory training session October 2012
  • 5 carriages and their passengers aboard 2 carriages detachedAssociate Degree in Creative Writing: New course Coordinator prior -ve experience with epfBContMus – use of Vimeo and ???
  • Training in course design contextHelp files for students inside BlackboardVideo help for staff
  • Varied curriculum design:BOT and BN competency frameworkMSW content deliveryBMedia one subject and retrospective course mapBVA building on common unit in BMedia
  • Showcase of early examples at project symposium4 SCU cases and 2 RUN (CQU and USQ/Mahara)
  • Management Steering Committee to advocateCosts for licence and staffing essentialEarly successes to build commitment from staffTargetted support essential (Academic +Tech)What we've learned from the journeyReflective processes achieve retention?Evidence in repository for employability?
  • Building momentum for course-based ePortfolios

    1. 1. Building momentum: the story of SCU’s ePortfolio journey
    2. 2. Our motivation to travel
    3. 3. Looking at the map
    4. 4. Inviting potential travellers
    5. 5. Making plans
    6. 6. Ticket to ride
    7. 7. Getting on board
    8. 8. Leaving the station
    9. 9. Trouble with the engine
    10. 10. Train stalls due to engine failure
    11. 11. Time to replace the engine
    12. 12. Passengers get restless
    13. 13. The drivers consult
    14. 14. New engine installed
    15. 15. Train takes off again, minus a couple of carriages
    16. 16. Learning how to drive
    17. 17. Steaming ahead
    18. 18. Looking ahead, looking good
    19. 19. This train can’t be stopped
    20. 20. Lessons from the journey