Beyond the Mahara and and regional RPL e-portfolio implementation trial 2010


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Kathryn Thomson

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Beyond the Mahara and and regional RPL e-portfolio implementation trial 2010

  1. 1. Beyond the ‘Mahara and Regional RPL’ E-portfolioImplementation Trial 2010Angela Garbin, Lillian Primerano and Kathryn Thomson
  2. 2. The Reason• Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques (PML40104) to current PathWest Laboratory Medicine, WA employees.• RPL assessment tool for Polytechnic West trainees in remote areas• 25 trainees in 11 regional laboratories
  3. 3. Mahara• Multimedia developers at Polytechnic West (PWA) created an institutional instance
  4. 4. Other technologies • Point-of View (POV) glassesImages provided by Geoff Lubich, Edupov
  5. 5. Computer/Digital Literacy Image reproduced from:• Moderate levels of computer/digital competence• High level of assistance required for Mahara
  6. 6. CIV in Laboratory Techniques Group• Teleconference introduction for trainees and laboratory managers
  7. 7. Trainees• Trainees were asked to copy a template ‘view’ created by the assessor to assist in providing evidence of RPL• viewed by laboratory manager for feedback• submitted for assessment
  8. 8. Laboratory Managers• ‘Place feedback’ for validation of evidence and training
  9. 9. Privacy and Access
  10. 10. Key Outcomes• Engagement of remote learners requires: -establishment of strong communication -additional computer/digital support• Trainee concerns regarding privacy and sharing of information with members of e-portfolio group Image reproduced from:
  11. 11. Beyond the Trial POV Uploading glasses of evidence Support E-portfolio Services as a training journalImage reproduced from:
  12. 12. Trainee, Manager and Assessor Cycle Laboratory Manager validated view submitted for assessment to Trainer/Assessor Secret URL for Laboratory manager validation Assessor feedback to trainee on evidence provided when view releasedImages reproduced from: Microsoft Online Clip Art
  13. 13. Case Study: Collie PathWest – RPL Evidence• Nerelle, Laboratory Technician and Trainee – RPL and Training evidence• Rory, Laboratory Manager – identification of gaps and validation
  14. 14. Collie PathWest - Training Evidence
  15. 15. Laboratory manager’s digital competence Work placerestrictions toaccess internet YouTube sites such as Privacy Issues YouTube Issues/ Barriers LimitationsInstallation of with data export storage functionality capacity (50Mb) Access to views with secret URL
  16. 16. Back to Basics: RPL and E-portfolios
  17. 17. PWA E-learning and E-portfolios• Feedback from Mahara E-portfolio trial• Adoption of one LMS
  18. 18. AcknowledgementsThank you to the following for their participation, helpful guidance andtechnical advice and support:• Nerelle Truscott and Rory O’Connor, PathWest• Theresa Putland, Wayne Thomson, Hugh Soord, Paul Houghton, Sally Burgess De Castillo and Mark Cooper, Polytechnic West• Annelieske Noteboom and Christine Cooper, Challenger Institute of Technology• Allison Miller and Janice Calcei, Australian Flexible Learning Framework• Geoff Lubich, Edupov