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Professional Certification Info Session for Aspiring CPTCs


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The STC Certified Professional Technical Communicator (CPTC) program is being re-engineered into a three-tiered credential: Foundation, Practitioner, and Expert. This informational session is for technical communicators interested in learning more about becoming certified. STC’s certification facilitators and representatives will share information and answer questions. Learn about STC’s partnership with APMG International and take sample questions for the Foundation exam.

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Professional Certification Info Session for Aspiring CPTCs

  1. 1. Professional Certification Info Session for Aspiring CPTCs Chris Lyons Liz Pohland Craig Baehr Ronn Faigen June 23, 2015
  2. 2. If you are expecting to hear the answer to this question, you are in the wrong session: STC Summit - June 23, 2015 “What is professional certification and what good is it?”
  3. 3. What happened with the old CPTC program? STC Summit - June 23, 2015 • Defined core skills • Developed and branded product • Focused initially on competency demonstration • Was an expensive and complicated process • Required more resources than STCCC had available • Decided to re-engineer the program in 2014 • Processed final applicants in April 2014 30 people received the CPTC designation under the old program—their certifications are still in force.
  4. 4. The new STC Certified Professional Technical Communicator (CPTC) program STC Summit - June 23, 2015 • Same core skills • Updated logo • 3 tiers of certification—focusing initially on knowledge • Accessible first tier—Foundation: easy process, one payment, one exam • Partnered with APMG International to develop and administer the program • Anticipate opening the program later this year
  5. 5. Who is this mysterious APMG International and why should STC work with them? STC Summit - June 23, 2015 • APMG-International is an award-winning examination institute, based in the UK. • They accredit professional training and consulting organizations. • They manage certification schemes for knowledge-based workers—45 at last count. • They have a global reach, with regional offices located around the world.
  6. 6. APMG International brings best practices to assist STC with: STC Summit - June 23, 2015 • Syllabus and exam creation • Program qualifications for each tier • Rigorous standards • Training organization accreditation • Exam registration and administration • Marketing
  7. 7. Three tiers of certification. STC Summit - June 23, 2015 Knowledge Competency Expert is analogous to the old CPTC designation. CPTC’s will be re-designated “CPTC-E”
  8. 8. Purpose: Measures knowledge Confirms application of knowledge Confirms expertise in tech comm Audience: Entry-level Mid-level Senior-level Source: Primary textbook 1-5 years’ experience 5+ years’ experience Evaluation: Exam Written work products and artifacts SME panel interview Pathway prerequisite: Candidates must successfully complete the proceeding certification tier to qualify for the succeeding certification tier.
  9. 9. The Foundation Certification is a test of knowledge based on a body of knowledge. STC Summit - June 23, 2015 Body of Knowledge:  Technical Communication Today by Richard Johnson-Sheehan, primary source  TC BOK, secondary source Core Skill Areas: • Project Planning • Project Analysis • Content Development • Organizational Design • Written Communication • Reviewing and Editing • Visual Communication • Content Management • Production and Delivery
  10. 10. STC Summit - June 23, 2015 QUESTIONS? Visit Pearson Booth 111 to find answers to sample questions for the Foundation exam.
  11. 11. Become an Accredited Trainer Attend Ronn’s session later today in the Summit+ Theater in the Expo Hall: “Become an Accredited Certification Trainer” 3:45-4:30PM