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ePocket handyman

  1. 1. ePocket Solutions Handyman – the mobile standard-solution for work-order management www.epocketsolutions.com
  2. 2. ePocket Solutions AS  Founded in 1985, owner-led  Headquarter in Oslo, subsidiaries in Sweden and Germany  Continuous, strong growth:  Listed in TOP 50 Deloitte & Touche fastest growing companies 25 7000  Capital – Listed in Top 100 largest 20 6500 15 6000 software companies in Norway 10 5000 8 4500 6 4000  Fully dedicated to standard mobile service 2000 4 1400 applications: Quick. Smart. Easy 2 250 0 0 96/97 97/98 98/99 99/00 00/01 01/02 02/03 03/04 05/06  Handyman embraces experience of over Turn over in 2006: ca. 23 Mio NOK (3 Mio. Euro) Lisences sold: ca. 8.200 15.000 users and 10 years of product development  Handyman is used by customers with up to 10.000 service technicians © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 2
  3. 3. Handyman – the innovative out-of-the- box solution for mobile service Key functionality of mobile Client Covering all field service scenarios  Telecommunication/IT  View information on pending work-  Installation orders  Service providers  Repair  Register parts and time consumed  Facility Management  Inspection  Customized checklists  Utilities  Maintenance  Capture signatures for approval  Electricians  Synchronize information with back-  Manufacturing office Proven Standard Solution Benefits  Embracing best practices from more  No more paperwork than 10.000 mobile users gained in 10 years  Faster and accurate billing  Many Handyman-customers tried  Improved service quality unsuccessfully alternative solutions  Higher technician productivity like  Custom-built solution  Fast, low-risk implementation  ERP mobilization software  Complex scheduling optimization © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 3
  4. 4. Handyman mobile work-order management solution Existing Handyman Handyman ERP/CRM system Administrator PDA Synchronization Server XML Mobile Internet WLAN, UMTS, GPRS  Order-  View information on Management System pending work-orders Administration  Send order data to  Register parts and time Handyman consumed  Receive updated  Customized checklists order data from  Capture signatures for Handyman approval  Synchronize information with back- office © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 4
  5. 5. Dorma – increases service quality with Handyman  World leading door system manufacturer  Control of service force with Handyman  Stock import from SAP R3  “Out-of-the-box” system © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 5
  6. 6. Sønnico – 6.8 Mio. EUR more revenue through Handyman  Leading Telecom & Electro service installation company in Scandinavia  Leading supplier of telecom installations services to Telenor and TeliaSonera  1.000 service technicians using Handyman.  Results of Handyman-implementation  Service technician invoices 4 hours more per week - 6.8 Mio. € additional revenue  Lower cost for service technician coordination  Reduced costs for inventory management Detailed customer video available on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3N1-9ARx32Y © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 6
  7. 7. Countable results for Sønnico >All information about the service object is collected at its own ”button” at the order. Unless the order is connected to the service object the button will not become visible. © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 7
  8. 8. Hafslund – increases quality with Handyman  Norway's leading utility company for electricity and heat  Over 300 field technicians use Handyman for electrical installations and maintenance  Use Handyman service module to manage installed base  Use of Handyman improved quality of documentation and compliance with security instructions © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 8
  9. 9. ASSA ABLOY – increases response time to their customers with Handyman  One of the leading lock system service companies in the world.  Developed their own system earlier  30 Minutes response time SLA with Handyman achieved © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 9
  10. 10. Receive orders right on the mobile device Functionality  All orders available on the mobile device  Updated with synchronization >Benefit  No need to drive in the office to pick-up printed work-orders  No need to call the technician for new orders  Improved reaction time and SLA compliance © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 10
  11. 11. Integrated Mapping and routing Functionality  Static Map of the workplace is attached to the order  New maps can be received online  Optional: Integration of tomtom navigation for GPS-based routing Benefit >Benefit  Save time for searching unknown addresses  Increase timeliness of technicians  Guide the technician the optimal route  Integrated and tested solution © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 11
  12. 12. Detailed order information available Functionality  Key information on the order is easily accessible on the mobile device  Diary detailing work to be done  Attachments for further information  Call customers right from the menu Benefit >Benefit  Even for new orders all information required to do the job is available  User interface tuned for optimal usability in the field  Easy and convenient to call customers and to keep them informed © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 12
  13. 13. Efficient recording of time and expenses Functionality  See time estimates made in the office  Record actual time used  Categorize time and expenses  Add descriptions  Dictionaries with frequently used words make text-input easy  View summary of time recorded in the past Benefit >Benefit  More accurate information as data is captured without delay right on- site  Eased billing as no time- consuming manual re-work of paper-based documentation in the office © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 13
  14. 14. Record material used an manage inventory Functionality  Record material used  Manage inventory of own stock in service-vehicle  Order parts from other stores Benefit >Benefit  Eased billing as all materials used are recorded on-site  More accurate information as data is captured without delay right on- site  Accurate stock-handling reduces inventory costs and out-of-stock © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 14
  15. 15. Customised checklists  Guide technicians step-by-step through the process  Document quality checks  Capture data in the field  Add instructions how to perform the required work  Capture signature of technician and/or customer Benefit >Benefit  Ensures best practices are followed in the field  Increased productivity of technicians  Reduced workload in back-office for processing data from the field  Ensures consistently high service quality  Reduced billing disputes as work performed is clearly defined ad approved © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 15
  16. 16. Handyman Administrator can also be used as order management system Functionality  Easy to use order management system  Embraces all functions available on the mobile device and some office-specific functions  Create checklists and dictionaries  User- Management  System administration © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 16
  17. 17. Checklists can be created easily by the customer Functionality  Easy to use checklist editor  Various field types available  Broad set of rules available to design data- driven workflow  New checklists sent to mobile devices via synchronisation  Back-office systems can generate checklists and read checklist data © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 17
  18. 18. Scheduler – Scheduling Board and Calendar views 4 5 Functionality 6 2 1. Show orders and 1 resources in a time-table 2. Colour-coding for quick reference 3. Drag-and drop scheduling 7 4. Chose among various calendar and timeline views 5. Adjust view with filters / zoom 6. Grouping of orders in tabs 7. Include personal appointments 8. Change order dates © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 18
  19. 19. Scheduler - Maps Functionality  Display work- orders or technician locations on the map  Identify work orders geographically close to the current job of the technician  Filter orders and technicians shown  Zoom in and out © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 19
  20. 20. Sending messages to technicians © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 20
  21. 21. Handyman can easily be integrated with 3rd party ERP-systems Existing back- XML Handyman Handyman end system Interface Administrator PDA-Client System Administration Synchronization Server  Export and  COM or Synchronization used for import of data file-based interface  Order data and  Transform ERP attachments data in  Standard Service Management  Initial Installation of Handyman XML- Microsoft functions the application standard and Biz-Talk vice versa Interface  Updates of the application, checklists or dictionaries © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 21
  22. 22. For many back-end systems standard Handyman integrations are available Standard Handyman integrations available for Microsoft Biz-Talk Microsoft Navision Microsoft Axapta Visma Business Visma Contracting Cordel Uni Økonomi Mamut SoftOne Entré NexStep Scenario Professional Zirius … further integrations on the roadmap Custom Integrations available for SAP BMC Remedy Other systems can be integrated easily using the XML-interface © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 22
  23. 23. Custom-specific configurations can be done on five levels Basic data Users, service organisations, company details Customer data Categories for orders, customers, checklists,... Salary codes Stores Dictionaries Create individual checklists Suitable for structured capturing of any data in the field Can be created within minutes without programming skills Customer specific terminology Re-labling of selected fields Adapt terminology for terms like “technician” and “department” File attachments To be used for reading any information exceeding available fields Makes even detailed information available on the mobile device Easiest way of integration with a back-end system ERP-integration May be used to control the service-workflow © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 23
  24. 24. Handyman comes with a full set of pre- built security features PDA Data Communication Handyman Server Firewall Proprietary authentication DMZ Password algorithm protection* Strong encryption (128 bit) Signatures stored encrypted in the Virtual private network (VPN)* database Backup of PDA Data via synchronisation remote device reset 3rd party mobile * Security feature provided by Microsoft Windows Mobile device management © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 24
  25. 25. Handyman Benefits  More billable jobs completed per technician per day  Correct invoices including extra-work on-site Increased Service Revenue  Reduction of days sales outstanding  Technician has all relevant information at hand to complete the job Improved  Reduction of follow-up visits Field Service Efficiency  Technician guided by structured workflow and checklists Better Service  Reduction of faults in execution and documentation Quality  Increased attention on key quality issues  Less re-work as the technicians documentation of jobs Improved is correct and complete Back-Office  Less billing disputes as customers approve work on- Efficiency site  Standardization and proven implementation methodology enables rapid deployment Fast and smooth  Best-practice approach ensures user acceptance implementation © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 25
  26. 26. Deployment on the PDA can be done in four different ways Windows Mobile Device Center / ActiveSync Standard procedure to install applications on a windows mobile device Not suitable for deployment of many devices, OK for test installations Download of Handyman standard application on the PDA ePocket offers a website where the latest version can be dowloaded PDA user installs the dowloaded application PDA user needs to enter the IP-address of the synchronization server Download of a pre-configured version of the Handyman PDA application Same as above but IP address is already configured and installation file must be put on the webserver of the customer Use of a 3rd party mobile device management system Handyman can be deployed and managed in a highly professional way on a large fleet of PDAs © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 26
  27. 27. Why a mobile solution for Field Service Technicians? Typical challenges in Field Service Organisations Service-Centre Service-Technician No reliable KPIs to Creating and evaluate field sending job-end service performance report is error- prone and time-  Manage Technicians consuming in the field  Scheduling and dispatching Deliver new PCs and instruct users Check and Pick-up Frequent rupture old hardware Missing of SLAs as field technicians cannot Lost revenue due Solve tickets on- information on the customer, the be directed in real- time to poor utilisation of site Failure to close job incident or the technicians and long with first visit assets unproductive times Cumbersome, inefficie  Fast, seamless processes nt scheduling and dispatching of  Real-time data exchange with field service technicians  Extend ERP-powered processes to field service © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 27
  28. 28. Without mobile solution field service processes are slow and cumbersome Example for a typical Field Service Process without Handyman Case Technician Back-office Analysis notes or calls Technician Call-back to Customer keeps in Scanning Technician technician drives back Technician the signs and/or drives into memory for into head- prints Order back-office printed filing of head order rescheduling office to Details, Ass for order the office closure jobs to take complete the et clarification form acceptanc to pick-up care of an order closure Details, Dri information e form order-list and as the urgent new information ving Technician signed by for the additional proof order and log time Instructions calls back- the day information of Technician and material office customer Perform acceptance notes order consumed work to close the details on-site order © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 28
  29. 29. Supported by Handyman processes run faster and more efficiently Example for a typical Field Service Process improved by Handyman Case Technician Back-office Analysis notes or calls Technician Call-back to Customer keeps in Scanning Technician technician drives back Technician the signs memory and/or drives into for into head- prints Order back-office printed filing of head order rescheduling office to Details, Ass for order the office closure jobs to take complete the et clarification form acceptanc to pick-up care of an order closure Details, Dri information e form order-list and as the urgent new information ving Technician signed by for the additional proof order and log time Instructions calls back- the day information of Technician and material office customer Perform acceptance notes order consumed work to close the details on-site order Technician receives all Checklists Customer No calls to Back-office Tickets are closed right order information right and makes the back- can focus when the job is done – on his handheld and instructions „high-tech“ office on order no need to drive to the drives directly from his enable service required to processing head-office. home to the first job technician to experience close instead of Better data quality as no close most orders calling time-lag between work cases technicians execution and without documentation telephone support Technicians can focus on their job instead of doing paperwork © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 29
  30. 30. Four factors have caused failure of many mobile service pojects Disregard of Insufficient the needs of experience mobile users with mobility Reasons for failure of mobile service projects Selected Mobilisation of solution cannot applications grow with instead of changed processes requirements © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 30
  31. 31. Value Drivers - Summary Value Drivers Field Technicians Efficiency • Usually high Cost of Coordinators / Administrators Efficiency ROI for Mobile Service Service Solution Improved Inventory and Spare Parts Mgt • Significant service quality Service Level Agreements improvements Quality of Customer Experience • Out-of-the-box Service solution secures Web Self Service fast time to market and Preventive Maintenance short payback period Agility of Up- and Cross Selling Service Speed and quality of billing © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 31
  32. 32. Mobile Service Value Drivers - Cost of Service Value Drivers ePocket Process Impact Measurable KPIs Field Technicians  No more paper work  Amount of fulfilled orders /  Efficiency  Reduced administration work field technician / time  Less travel time  Revenue / field technician   Pick-up work orders proactively  Cost for training   Use checklists and templates for descriptions Coordinators / Order  Simplified dispatching process  Field technician / coordinator  Administrators  Match skill level to work order  Billed utilization  Efficiency  Better workload balance  Overtime payment  Improved Inventory  Track assets and locations  Cost of inventory  and Spare Parts  Access to real time inventory  Inventory turnover ratio  Management data  Ability to order parts in the field © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 32
  33. 33. Mobile Service Value Drivers - Quality of Service Value Drivers ePocket Process Impact Measurable KPIs Service Level  No under- or over fulfilment of  Rate of fulfilled SLAs  Agreements SLAs  Amount of penalty payments   Prioritization of work orders  First time fix-rate  according to SLAs  Time to repair Customer Experience  Better planning ensures accuracy  Number of appointments on  (keeping promises to customers) time  High quality work order  Shorter service windows  documentation  Satisfaction score of internal   Streamlined and standardized and external customers processes ensure work order  Number of incidents  quality Web Self Service  One view of work orders for  Number of calls  customers, field technicians,  Cost of order taking  coordinators, order administrators © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 33
  34. 34. Mobile Service Value Drivers - Agility of Service Value Drivers ePocket Process Impact Measurable KPIs Preventive  Minimize need for customer calls  Number of incidents  Maintenance  Schedule regular maintenance  Satisfaction score of internal  tasks and external customers  Access to asset data Up- and Cross Selling  Field technician can take and  Revenue / field technician  fulfill new orders on-site  Business flexibility Speed and quality of  Automated process streamlines  Days to bill  billing back office work  Incidents / 100 orders   Detailed, rich documentation reduces questions and complaints © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 34
  35. 35. © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 35
  36. 36. Handyman Add-In for integration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Microsoft Dynamics NAV Handyman Add-In XML Handyman files  Standard MS Dynamics  Add-in translates full functionality  Handyman standard NAV System can be of Handyman interface into NAV interface for import and integrated out-of-the-box technology export of  Add-in provides required  Settings  Customized systems can fields, tables, forms, codeunits, X be integrated easily as all  Basic data ML Ports and settings Handyman related information is made  Add-in integrates Handyman-  Work-order data available via the Add-In related data into NAV process  Purchase-order data flows © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 36
  37. 37. Fully integrated into NAV GUI © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 37
  38. 38. Integration settings easy to configure File-based interface reflects full import/export functionality of Handyman standard interface Customer can define easily the depth of the integration Selection of the objects to be imported/exported (e.g. Customers and work-orders) Within an object selection of elements to be exported (e.g. Individual customer) © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 38
  39. 39. Handyman – MS Dynamics NAV – Add-in Import und Export von Daten © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 39
  40. 40. Suitable for standard and customized systems Standard NAV Systems Customized NAV Systems  Integration is performed in two  Integration be performed by the easy steps: customer’s NAV Partner with support from ePocket  Installation of the Add-In  ePocket provides documentation  Configuration of import and and source-code of the Add-In export settings  Add-In provides translation of the  Both can be performed easily by Handyman standard interface the customer’s NAV administrator into NAV tables and fields. and ePocket  For orders and purchase orders new intermediate tables are created to ease import and export  For customized NAV System it is sufficient to map/replicate these tables and fields with customized NAV tables and fields © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 40
  41. 41. Typical workflow for work-orders 1. Order is created in MS Dynamics NAV 2. Order is exported to Handyman, provided the order matches criteria defined for Handyman-Export (e.g. export orders for a certain set of customers only) 3. Handyman Sync server receives the order 4. If no technician was assigned in MS Dynamics NAV, the Handyman Resource Planner can be used for drag-and-drop scheduling 5. With the next synchronization technician receives order on this PDA 6. Technician completes the order on the PDA and starts the synchronization 7. Changed orders are imported into MS Dynamics NAV with time, material, expenses and descriptions registered in Handyman. 8. User in MS Dynamics NAV can accept or reject changes made by Handyman 9. Billing can start immediately as all billing-relevant information is available © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 41
  42. 42. Technical Details Technology Requires Navision 4.0 or higher Supports recent version MS Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1 NAV 2009 will be supported Supports Basic and Advanced version For integrating older versions of Navision part of the Add-In can be re-used Handyman Multi-Client supported for multi-tenant systems Add-in fully compliant with Microsoft Add-In concept Microsoft certification planned Jointly developed by a MS Dynamics NAV specialist and ePocket Implementation Property rights and full documentation owned by ePocket ePocket supports MS Dymanic NAV partners in installing and configuring the Add-In No additional NAV licenses required © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 42
  43. 43. Standard Integration of Handyman with Remedy Original Remedy New Remedy XML Handyman Handyman Application Form Interface Administrator Client Synchronization Server System Administration  Used for service  Contains all  Remedy data management as values to be available on usual read or the handheld written by  Create triggers to Handyman  Use of replicate data of proven required fields into  Simplifies  Service Handyman shadow form integration Management user and functions not interface minimizes used as this is impact on performed within original Remedy Remedy application © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 43
  44. 44. System overview Existing back-end XML Synchronization PDA system Inter- Server and Client face Database Handyman Administrator © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 44
  45. 45. Typical system architecture with VPN and ERP-integration HM Administrators Terminal- Server (optional) HM Synchronisation HM Server for PDAs Database Server Mobile HM PDA TCP-IP Internet Clients TCP-IP TCP-IP Firewall DMZ Firewall VPN Tunnels • HM Synchronisation Server for ERP Port-to-port communication via TCP-IP (compressed), • HM Control Center optionally encrypted Alternatively XML- files, COM, SOAP, Web- Services ERP System Legend Handyman components Other components © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 45
  46. 46. Handyman PDA application Platform: Windows Mobile Professional Windows Mobile 2003, 5 and 6 User interface optimized for easy operation (the 10 second rule) Special support for barcode scanning Online functionality (always connected with SyncServer) TCP/IP – Communication: Internet based standards Synchronisation and automatic software distribution Client for web services: WEB Service, FTP, HTTP to wholesalers and backoffice systems Map services: WEB Service + TomTom integration Thin client Local storage of data, usable anywhere Automatic backup to memory card The future is ”thinner”: UMTS/GPRS/SMS with direct updates if user is online © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 46
  47. 47. Handyman Administrator  Well arranged picture of data relationship between backoffice system and clients  Thin client  Administration of users, licences, rights and various settings  Order handling  Invocing  Reports © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 47
  48. 48. Handyman Control Center  Dedicate application for system administration  License Management  User Management  Database Management  Administer the Synchronisation Server © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 48
  49. 49. Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2000 Express/MSDE or full version Administrative tool We have implemented an administrative tool for small businesses so that it is possible to shedule acups, move database, monitor traffic and run queries for support tasks. For lager enterprises the standard management tools will be used. Utlizing SQLDMO as interface to Server. Indexing ID columns (automatic numbering) Referential integrity Indexes optimized for queries. Triggers Control of default values, timestamps, synchronisation logic SQL Queries Stored Procedures/Functions/Views Optimizing of centralization: 99% of all queries is stored as stored procedures. © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 49
  50. 50. Handyman Synchronization Server  Handles all data transfer between Handyman Administrator, PDA and ERP-system  Can be initiated via time intervals, event notifications or UDP packages via TCP/IP  Modules  PDA sync: Controls Synchronization between the Handyman PDA-clients and the database  Data import Iimports data from the ERP-systems  Data export Exports data to the backoffice systems  Map service Updates new orders with map information  Print service Prints out order details and invoices based on finished orders from the PDA  Email service Emails printable documents to customers / contacts  Realtime synchronization interface via COM, SOAP, Web-Services  Scalable architecture to support thousands of PDAs:  Running multiple synchronisation servers in parallel  Distributing the different modules on different machines © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 50
  51. 51. Synchronisation Server  PDA-Client SyncServer Synchronisation Server PDA-Client (Service or EXE) Manager / Handyman Sync UI Command TCP Client SQL Listener Administrator (EXE) Parser (DLL) Server Options Transport layer List of User interface • Errorhandling connections • Send/receive packets Generic commands • Compress/Decompress Handyman commands • Encrypt/Decrypt Separate thread for each Tilkobling connection Tilkobling Connection ClientSync Remote API TCP Klient EDB / CEDB (COM) (COM) (COM) Native database • Handyman sync • API WinCE – Database Transport layer rules • API WinCE – File system • Errorhandling • Automatic Handyman applications • API WinCE – • Send/receive packets software System/Registry * Order entry distribution Data layer • Buffring of Windows Mobile * Inventory • Standard sync • Packet database for optimalized splitting/merging * Work hours rules communication • Logging of events • Compress/Decompress * Options • Encrypt/Decrypt • Errorhandling © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 51
  52. 52. Synchronisation Server  ERP-system SyncServer Synchronisation Server ERP-System (Service or EXE) Manager/ SQL Handyman Listener Administrator Server ehmSBSS.exe (File based XML) Start Or import/export COM-interface Or File based XML SOAP-interface COM-interface Backoffice Sync Or Web Services / (COM) SOAP-interface Web-Services Activated when events in ERP system requires data import or export. Export Import * Get changes * Parse XML * Create XML * Update database * Log events * Log events * Start import in ERP system © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 52
  53. 53. Technology .Net Many existing modules and all new modules is made using .Net technology. At the moment .Net framework 2.0 is used On the PDA, Compact Framework is required. This is already installed in ROM on any Windows Mobile PDA. COM components Better application structure, reusability and provides a standard interface for 3rd party application vendors. Examples: Backoffice synchronisation, database interface, client synchronisation, database upgrading and patching. Multithreading Multithreading is used to handle concurrent client synchronisation Compression/ Encryption Data packets sent to and from the clients are compressed, and can also be encrypted if required (GZIP / RC4 Microsoft Standard Class) TCP/IP communication All communication between applications and clients are TCP/IP based © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 53
  54. 54. Tools Programming lanuages Visual Studio 2005/2008 VB .Net PC-Client, Invoice module, Database administration, Administrator C++ All software on PDA, COM components, SyncServer Visual Basic 6.0 Administrator, COM components T-SQL XML/XSLT/SOAP (Backoffice synchronisation and integrations) Other tools Microsoft TeamSystem (Development process+ all source code is maintained in TeamSystem) ERWin (Data modelling) InstallShield 2008 (All software distribution/deployment) CrystalReports report engine (beeing phased out…) Database Microsoft SQL Server 2005 / 2000 Native Windows Mobile database (EDB / CEDB) © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 54
  55. 55. Handyman MultiClient - Multi-Tenant Solution  Use Handyman in a complex multi-tenant environment: company and role- based data access rights  One PDA can have access to data from more than one ERP System  One Database can host data for more than one service organization  Handyman Administrator of the mother company can generate checklists and other configurations that shall be used in the daughter companies Handyman installations © epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 55