Dina farms brand management


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Dina farms brand management
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Dina farms brand management

  1. 1. Contents1-Company profile.2-Vision & Mission.3. DINA™ FARMS brands tree.4-S W O T analysis .5-DINO™ Brand equity6-Brand Positioning .7-Brand Audit * Target & Insight * Competitive Assessment * Brand Inventory8-Brand Planning * Review Marketing Action. * Building Brand Objectives. * Personality (Brand Strategy -Product Mix )9-Brand Execution * Brand Elements * Communications Strategy * CRM & Community Building
  2. 2. Company profileWho we are?Dina Farms belongs to Dina for AgricultureInvestments Company, a member of theOsman Group (OG).The group is considered as one of the largestand most reputable corporations in theMiddle East whose history goes back to theearly 1950s.
  3. 3. About usIntroductionDINAs model project started with the reform and cultivationof 1500 acres close to the end of 1987, the cultivatedarea reached 4000 acres and now after thirteen yearsfrom our starting point, DINA exists as a demonstrationintegrated project on 10,000 acres comprising a modelcommunity for integrated desert agriculture built onprogressive scientific and technological foundationscomparable to the successful agrarian schemes incountries of Europe and America.We have the first and only powder plant in Egypt andthe middle East
  4. 4. Company profileVisionTo be the largest and most reliable Egyptiancompany in supplying top quality food products to thelocal and global markets.Mission*Producing premium quality products by applying the best applicable production technologies & management practices to meet the identified needs of consumers in local & global markets.* Enhancing Egyptian exports.* Creating more job opportunities across several sectors of the national economy.
  5. 5. Products brands treeEdam (Dutch cheese )GoudaYogurtFresh MilkRayeb MilkButterSkimmed Milk Powder
  6. 6. Product portfolioDino™is Bottled ,fresh natural& hygienic juice.
  7. 7. S W O T analysisStrengths1- Most reputable corporations in Egypt.2-Higher quality in Egypt (dairy and Agricultures).3-We have our own farms and sources of fresh juice production with Organic cultivation method.4-Our firm located in Cairo-Alex Desert road.Weakness1-Short shelf life.2-Seasonal juice according to seasonal fruits.
  8. 8. S W O T analysisOpportunities1-We can capture new market share & increase sales volume when we launch new category of product under Dino™ brand (Natural Juice).2-We can keep our quality and meet competition price and increase customer loyalty to Dino™ brand when we make extension product line under Dino™ brand.3-Tax laws & Government Export supportingThreats1-Consumers are going to low price.2-Tax law changes.3- Wild Competition in the market
  9. 9. Brand Equity1.On the Firm Level:Total Firm Market Cap – Tangible assets2. On the Product Level:1 liter from Dino™ Orange juice = 9.5 LE1 liter from non brand Orange juice = 5 LE3. On the Customer Level:Map the Mind = (Brand Attributes)
  10. 10. Brand Attributes*Brand PromiseFunctional: Fresh ,hygienic juice Full of vitamins.Sensory: Delicious ,tasteful ,Smells Good.Emotional: Trustful Egyptian Company.Expressive: Healthy* Brand Awareness: Full awareness of Dina Farms.* Brand Image: Freshness.* Brand Identity: Safe people’s health no more preservatives or additives.
  11. 11. Brand positioningFor adults thatappreciateNatural tasteDino is naturalJuice that providesFresh and healthy juicefrom real Fruitsfrom our Farms.
  12. 12. Cowboy Brands Premium Brands High PerceptualPRICE Map Economy Brands Bargain Brands Low LOW QUALITY High
  13. 13. Perceptual Map Quality Price
  14. 14. Brand StrategyLine Extension Brand Extension Multi-Brands New Brands
  15. 15. Brand StrategyGet Keep Grow
  16. 16. Brand Strategy Brand Audit Competitive BrandTarget & Insight Assessment Inventory Points of Parity and Difference Brand Planning Review Building Brand Personality Marketing Action Objectives Objectives & Metrics Brand Execution CRM & Brand Communications Community Elements Strategy Building Brand Experience Map
  17. 17. Brand Audit Target Insight Target & Insight Competitive Assessment Brand Inventory Points of Parity and DifferenceWe found that people need Fresh ,cleanand natural juices, but most of them don’trealize the harmful effect ofpreservatives & additives.So Dino give them the spirit of freshness &living in a natural ,hygienic atmosphere.This is our aim.
  18. 18. Brand Audit Competitive Brand Target & Insight Assessment Inventory Competitors Points of Parity and DifferenceAll juice market producing companies as:IsisCaeserJuhaynaEnjoyBeyti
  19. 19. Brand Audit Competitive Brand Target & Insight Points of Parity & Difference Assessment Inventory (Competitive Assessment) Points of Parity and Difference-Natural 100%-Healthy-Tasteful -High Shelf-No Additives or lifepreservatives Dino™ Consumers -Low price POD -Not seasonal Their POP POD High Cost Packing Competition
  20. 20. Brand Audit Competitive Brand Target & Insight Assessment Inventory Points of Parity and Difference Brand Inventory1-Natrural and high quality juice with reasonable price.2-Egyption company with a history of success.3-Our products from A to Z ( market leaders).4-We have strong sales force ,variety of distribution channels & outlets.5-Our brand provides healthy & safety life for our customers.6-Our brand can be transferred to new market under the same brand as ( Kids yogurt – kids flavored milk)
  21. 21. Brand Planning Review Building Brand Personality Marketing Action Objectives Objectives & Metrics Marketing ActionSegmentation: -Geographic: All Egypt -Demographic: age over 20years –ongoing Medium social classTargeting: Wide range of product’s type for many targeted marketsPositioning: To adults & children who want fresh ,natural & healthy lifeDino™ juice will provide you with natural juice with reasonable price.Marketing Mix: Product: new product – new brand Price: cost increase – keeping profit margin Place:1 & 2 level of distribution channel Promotion: PR - Advertising – Personnel selling (banners in supermarkets and Trial gift packages)
  22. 22. Brand Planning Review Building Brand Personality Marketing Action Objectives Building Objectives Objectives & Metrics1-Increasing natural juice (Dino™ ) sales.2-Increase our market share3-Increase POP with our competitors in market.4-Capture new market.5-Saving the Egyptian’s health.
  23. 23. Brand Planning Review Building Brand Personality Marketing Action Objectives Objectives & Metrics Brand Loyalty Advocate Zone of Affection Zone of Indifference Loyalty (Retention) Zone of Defection 1 2 3 4 5Saboteur Extremely Somewhat Slightly Satisfied Very Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Satisfied Satisfaction Measure
  24. 24. Brand Planning Building Brand Brand Personality Review Marketing Action Objectives Personality Objectives & Metrics Trustworthy Honest Wise appreciate the natural Member of family Over 20-years Old Egyptian look Strong body structure
  25. 25. Brand Elements1-Brand Name: DINO is Invented word Derived from Dinafarms3-Brand logo: we have Designed it carefully to be meaningful,memorable & clear also reflect Attributes of the product likequality ,natural , and hygienic.4-Color & Font: (Green & Blue & White)we have chosen the green background to be naturalblue & white font to be fresh like water2-Brand Slogan: ‫ما فيش أصح من كده‬it supports our loyal consumer perception that we are the onlyone provide you & your family with natural & highest qualityjuice.
  26. 26. Brand ElementsMemorable: The name is short being easily recognized.Meaningful: suggestive of the same categoryDino is pampered brand of Dina Farms , This reflects the importance ofthis product they haveLikeable: very Fresh colorful and Dynamic.Transferable: Can be easily transferred to Kids’ food & beverage market (Kids yogurt – kids flavored milk)Adaptable: Can be used for long time in the market and ease of use forvarious purposes like media, communication materials.Protectable: Cant be easily copied & Well protected.
  27. 27. Brand Execution CRM & Brand Communications Community Elements Strategy Building Brand Experience Map Communication Challenge: Target Audience & Brand ObjectiveTarget Audience:adults who appreciate the natural fruittaste caring about their families andtheir own health.Brand Objective:To generate awareness and trial of anewly launched brand Dino™ with adifferentiated proposition in the juicemarket.
  28. 28. Brand Execution CRM & Brand Communications Community Elements Strategy Building Brand Experience Map Communication Challenge: Think Now Think in the FutureMost of the juice consumers buy packed juice At last with Dino They Enjoy drinking freshdirectly from the supermarket where as some of natural fruit juice, anytime anywhere.them either prepare the juice at home or go tothe juice shop. Believe Now Believe in the FutureMost of target audience prefer the natural squeezed fresh Dino is preferred than the packed juicefruit juices because they are more delicious, healthy, andnutritious. However their preparation takes time and effort. because Dino is a bottled fresh juice from realMoreover they worry from drinking it at the juice shop fruits that is tasty, healthy & available in allbecause of the hygiene factor. So from their point of view supermarkets .buying packed juices is more easy and trustworthy althoughthey know that it is not natural and contains preservatives toprolong the shelf life..
  29. 29. Brand Execution CRM & Brand Communications Community Elements Strategy Building IMC Challenge Brand Experience Map Customer Challenge SummaryBy persuading the target audience that Dino is a new natural, fresh and healthy fruit juicethat is hassle free & trustworthy rather than other packed juices, which contain harmfuladditives. How did Dino do this? Sponsorship of one million palm tree project. Make an attractive package create a health program in nurseries, schools, social clubs and mother societies to give health tips about the necessity of fresh juice. Organization of schools and universities journeys to Dina farms.
  30. 30. Public Relation (PR)football League Squeeze the natureWe will establish a Launch an awarenessfootball League campaign to informbetween middle consumers aboutschools attended by the nutritional values andparents to experience benefits of naturalthe atmosphere of juices as well asnature in our farms. damages resulting from the preservatives added with other juices.
  31. 31. CRM & Community BuildingSports and Tourist Village*A site of 40 Acres including a stadium that can accommodate 20,000 spectators.*A professional football (soccer) team playing in Egyptian league.*24 Luxurious Private Villas built inside the farms.
  32. 32. THANK YOU