Wireless Technology Proj spec


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Wireless Technology Proj spec

  1. 1. TBB2083 Wireless TechnologyProject Specification – Semester May 2011IntroductionAs part of the assessments for TBB2083 – Wireless Technology, students enrolled in this course arerequired to complete a working project, which is directly related to materials covered in this course.The main objectives of this work project include: 1. To enable students to relate the theoretical aspects learned in this course, with its practical knowledge. 2. To expose students to work in a team-based environment. 3. To promote self-discovery approach in students’ learning.In this work project, students will be working in a team, and work on a specific area of wirelesstechnology. There are FIVE (5) possible areas, including: • Wireless LAN Concept and Communication • Microwave Communication • Cellular Communication • Bluetooth and/or RFID Technology • Smart Home InitiativeThis work project will contribute to 20% of the overall marks for this course.TasksThere are TWO (2) main tasks that need to be accomplished by each team: 1. Information Seeking/Discovery For this task you are required to seek information on the chosen topic. The required information includes: • Basic concept/theory • Available communication protocols and standards • Common architecture/implementation • Latest advancements in the area (e.g. recent technology, improvements, etc.) 1|Page
  2. 2. Deliverables: • You are required to create an info blog for each team that will contain the information specified above. Use www.blogspot.com and register your blog. The title of the blog must start with TBB2083 – [Area Name] – [Group No.]. E.g. TBB2083 – Wireless LAN 01. The assessment will be based upon the contents presented, not the layout/cosmetic of the blog. • Summaries of FIVE (5) recent journal papers, related to the specific area chosen. These papers must be related to the latest advancements/technology in the area. Each summary must NOT be more than 1000 words. Marks will be deducted if the summary exceeds this limit. These summaries must also be posted on the blog. Each summary must be prepared by only ONE (1) student. The marks given for this task will be on the individual basis, not as a team. 2. Hands-On/Demonstration For this task, you are required to conduct a demo session on the specific topic/area chosen, using the available training modules in Wireless Communication Lab. A hands-on topic related to the area chosen will be given to the students in Week 6. Students must be able to conduct this demo in a team, and explain the functions and protocols related to the topic that has been assigned. Deliverables: • Conduct a 15-20 minutes demo on the topic assigned to each teamCoordinationEach student must only be a member of ONE (1) team. You are required to form a team of FIVE (5)members. The distribution of teams follows according to this table:Wireless LAN Concept and Communication 2 GroupsMicrowave Communication 2 GroupsCellular Communication 2 GroupsBluetooth and/or RFID Technology 2 GroupsSmart Home Initiative 2 GroupsPlease register your team before Thursday 24th of June 2011, by emailing me the following details: • List of team members • Your chosen topic for work projectPlease email this information to ananghudaya@gmail.com 2|Page
  3. 3. The topic selection is based upon first-come-first-serve basis. I will let you know the availability of thetopic from time to time.Marks DistributionItem Marks Assessment TypeBlog contents • Basic concept/theory 15 • Available communication protocols and standards 15 Team • Common architecture/implementation 15Journal Paper Summary 15 IndividualDemo 20 TeamQ&A 20 IndividualTotal 100Important Dates • Project Specification is released : 15th of June 2011 • Team registration due : 24th of June 2011 • Blog completion : 5h of August 2011 • Demo + Q & A : 8th of August 2011Questions?Please consult with me (Anang Hudaya, ananghudaya@petronas.com.my) ☺ 3|Page