The rise of brands in search


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On 3rd March 2012 our Senior SEO Analyst Malcolm Slade made his full session speaking debut at Think Visibility 7. Malcolm spoke about the importance of brands, and behaving like a brand, in search.

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The rise of brands in search

  1. 1. the rise of brands in search malcolm slade
  2. 2. malcolm slade in a nutshell2006 Graduate of Computing and Industryfrom University of Leeds.Joined epiphany in 2006 as the firstemployee.Self taught via reading, research, testing,analysis and using my brain.Responsible for creating bespoke strategiesfor SEO clients and helping evolve theepiphany search offering.Bit WOOH Bit WAAH.Not a public speaker!
  3. 3. current situationbasic site classification brands others forced Household Names Industry Names sites EMDS Heavily SEOed Bulk Links
  4. 4. google lovesbrands
  5. 5. brands areeverywhereA large number of highvalue* search terms aredominated by brands.* Large Traffic Volumes, High PPC CPC, High RevenuePotential
  6. 6. google’s love of brands“The Internet is a cesspool where false information thrives” “Brands are the way to rise above this cesspool” Eric Schmidt (2008)
  7. 7. google’s love of brands cntd Google Vince Update (2009) Heavily brand focused Panda (2011)
  8. 8. what’s so great about brands?• Brands are a relatively “safe bet” for search engines.• Users have already vetted a brand during its rise.• Brands can get away with more.• Brands are easier to promote.
  9. 9. brands don’t get away witheverything.
  10. 10. how do we identify brands?• We see them everywhere:• Online advertising.• Product placement.• Billboards.• Papers.• Magazines.• TV.• We talk about them.
  11. 11. how might google identifybrands? pure brand traffic malcolm slade
  12. 12. how might google identify brands?• Brand and keyword traffic Is the brand associated with the keyword / theme?
  13. 13. how might google identifybrands? brand heavy anchor text
  14. 14. how might google identifybrands? the black hole effect 20% 15% 11% 23% 10% 4% 6% 3% 3% 3% 2% 2%Numbers for illustration only. I pulled them out of a black hole.
  15. 15. how might google identifybrands? authority brand mentions / links followed no-followed no link at all
  16. 16. exact match domains• assumption 1 • + 1,000• Google uses Domain Links using Blue Cheese Name = Brand Name as anchor =• assumption 2• Google classes brand • + anchored links as safe 1,000 Links using Blue Cheese as anchor =
  17. 17. how can you mimic /become a brand?• Becoming a brand isn’t easy• Massive amount of resource• Massive amount of £££• Time• 100% buy in• The most important goal of a brand …get noticed
  18. 18. getting noticed• Everything is about getting noticed• Improve your SERPs snippets to get noticed; The Black Hole Effect• Create great content to get noticed; links / mentions• Promote your brand to get noticed; links / mentions / brand traffic
  19. 19. how to get noticed• Innovate don’t just replicate Take someone else’s idea and improve upon it. Take an old idea and modernise it.• Be the best! Don’t be…………. Create white papers. Visualise unique data. Produce unique content.• Partner up with a bigger brand. Charities / Universities / Industrial Bodies
  20. 20. how to get noticed• Good content on its own will not get you rankings or traffic.• Traditional public relations activity is a must• Pick up the bloody phone!• Monitor media portals • Gorkana • Help a reporter• Monitor your niche
  21. 21. a few closing pointsBrands battle it out with other brands. I don’t know Google’s algorithm.
  22. 22. there’salways ppc to fall back on
  23. 23. it’s 1 am!no more slides