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Why won't they comply?


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Imogen Casebourne's seminar at Learning Technologies 2013. How to make compliance training powerful, persuasive, effective and fun.

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Why won't they comply?

  1. 1. Why won‟t they comply? How to make compliance training powerful, persuasive, effective and fun Imogen Casebourne Director of Learning
  2. 2. The facts
  3. 3. Series 1100 80 87% 60 63% 40 52% 20 With a completion 0 rate of only Category 1 Seek to Category 2 52% use some Category 3 63%! improve their form of compliance e-learning for with new compliance regulations training
  4. 4. Boring
  5. 5. What‟s goingwrong?
  6. 6. Influencingbehaviour
  7. 7. 1 2 3Ability Motivation Triggers Courses Persuasive Reminders technologies Sidekicks e-learningMulti-device learning
  8. 8. Five things that can go wrong„„The course “I did thiswas sooo course lastboring. It felt year, andlike a waste the yearof my before!”valuabletime. ” “It‟s so inflexible. It“Most of the makes mecourse was feel thatirrelevant to they haveme.” no interest in me.” “There is so much info that it‟s hard to remember and apply anything in the workplace. ”
  9. 9. Doing thesame courseevery year “I did this course last year, and the year before!”
  10. 10. Solution:Let learners show they know thematerial
  11. 11. It isn‟tflexible “It‟s so inflexible. It makes me feel that they have no interest in me.”
  12. 12. Solution :Make it multi-device!
  13. 13. Wadingthroughirrelevantmaterial “Most of the course was irrelevant to me.”
  14. 14. Solution :Personalise it
  15. 15. Dense, text-heavy or slownarrator-drivencourses „„The course was sooo boring. It felt like a waste of my valuable time.”
  16. 16. Solution :Make it visual and make it fun!
  17. 17. It‟s all about„awareness‟ „„There is so much info that it‟s hard to remember and apply anything in the workplace.‟‟
  18. 18. Solution :Define clear goalsWhat do you want people to do?How will you tell they are doing it?Align training with performance
  19. 19. Solution :Offer practice opportunities
  20. 20. Five things that can go right!Role-filters Engaging visuals, ani mation and media Multi-device delivery puttingDiagnostics learners in control Goal and performance focused courses that offer practice opportunities
  21. 21. Motivation
  22. 22. Motivation:harness thepower ofstorytelling
  23. 23. Motivation:harness thepower ofgames
  24. 24. Triggers
  25. 25. Triggers:use mobile technologyto situate learning
  26. 26. Triggers:use mobile technologyto trigger action
  27. 27. Tying it alltogether
  28. 28. 1 2 3 Ability Motivation Triggers Define specific Use persuasive Use mobile devices goals techniques such as to build triggers into engaging the workplaceEmploy diagnostics visuals, storytelling, and role filters games Use engagingvisuals and media Free learners withmulti-device design
  29. 29.