Integrated Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)


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Chris Munsch from Yorkshire Heart Centre spoke at the recent event 'Mobile learning: the real deal' about Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL). View the video of Chris's presentation here -

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Integrated Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)

  1. 1. @HEAcademy@epictalkFor all the latest news about the event follow us on Twitter@epictalk @HEAacademy and use the hashtag #mRealDealIntegrated TechnologyEnhanced Learning (TEL)Chris MunschYorkshire Heart Centre
  2. 2. Better Training Better Care: identifying andsharing good practice in the use ofsimulation, e-learning and mobileapplications to improve training andeducation for doctors.
  3. 3. @HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
  4. 4. Medical training:the apprenticeship model• Experience• Responsibility• Relationship with ‘the boss’• Seemed like fun at the time• Patient safety?@HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
  5. 5. 50,000 hours of medical training“The acquisition of procedural skills requires manyhours of practice.”“Experience is the name everyone gives to theirmistakes.”“Learn from the mistakes of others – you will neverlive long enough to make them all yourself.”@HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
  6. 6. „Progress‟ in medical training(1994 – 2010)• Calman reforms• Modernising medical careers• Regulation of training• Hours in training (EWTD/New Deal)• Foundation Trusts• HEE/LETBs@HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
  7. 7. @HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
  8. 8. “Training surgeonsnow to ensure patientsafety in 20 yearstime.”Professor Sir John Temple’s Report@HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
  9. 9. BTBCTemple:The co-ordinated, integrated use of simulation can providea safe, controlled environment and accelerate learning.Where appropriate, skills and expertise should be learnt in asimulation environment and from other modern techniques,not on patients.Collins:Concerted efforts need to be made across the differentorganisations involved to co-invest in facilitating innovationsin the delivery of education and training.@HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
  10. 10. We can trainsurgeons likepilots!
  11. 11. @HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
  12. 12. 2011A framework fortechnology enhanced learning
  13. 13. The six core principles• Be patient-centred and service-driven• Be educationally coherent• Be innovative and evidence-based• Deliver high quality educational outcomes• Deliver value for money• Ensure equity of access and quality of provision@HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
  14. 14. What we want to see• Improvements to education and experience for trainees• Identified good practice in simulation, e-learning andmobile applications• Raised awareness and encourage greater uptake of theDH TEL framework• Shared resources and standardised approach ineducation and in curricula• Improvements to patient safety and experience.@HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
  15. 15. SimulationMobileapplicationsE-learningIntegrated technologyenhanced learning
  16. 16. What about the trainees:Practicing medicine in the age ofFacebook• Work-life balance• Assertive• Narcissistic• Conservative• Miserable• Adept with digital technologyJones RGeneration ME and Us, Medical Education43:219, 2009@HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
  17. 17. What we know• Trainees expect high-quality learning experiences• Integrated technology enhanced learning that is:o Flexibleo Responsiveo Activeo Problem-basedo ‘Just-in-time’o ‘Just-for-me’.• Personalisation, mobility, choice and sociability are key.@HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
  18. 18. Just in time!
  19. 19. What now?• Engaging with key partners and organisations to shareand showcase TEL good practice• Focused on simulation, e-learning and mobileapplications• Work will be delivered jointly with the Higher EducationAcademy (HEA)• Shared with appropriate partners across postgraduateand higher education and across the UK.@HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
  20. 20. TEL Group1. Technology EnhancedLearning (TEL) steering group3. Scoping and reviewsub-group6. Technology sub-group5. Education review, evaluationand regulation sub-group4. Students and traineessub-group2. Communications andengagement sub-group
  21. 21. Next steps• Bringing together our partners and key stakeholders• Agreeing on the governance• Taking forward the work:o Scoping and relationship buildingo Identifying good practiceo Showcasing the work and further engagement andcollaboration.@HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
  22. 22. Our vision• The widespread adoption of TEL• Ensure that blended learning becomes commonplace incurricula and in continuing professional development.@HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
  23. 23. PatientcareChange practiceLearning happensSatisfactionParticipationDoes it work?
  24. 24. Outcomes“HEE exists for one reason alone – toimprove the quality of care deliveredto patients.”• Success criteria• Improvements in safety• Improvements in experience• Improvements in clinicaloutcomes• Spreading innovation• The widespread adoption of TEL