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Developing quality standards of mobile apps


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Martin Wrigley from the App Quality Alliance (AQuA) presented a session at ‘Mobile learning: the real deal’ about improving the quality of mobile apps. See the video of Martin's session here -

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Developing quality standards of mobile apps

  1. 1. Developing qualitystandards: mobile apps@HEAcademy@epictalkMartin WrigleyAQuA#mRealDeal
  2. 2. @HEAcademy@epictalkApp Quality Alliance#mRealDeal
  3. 3. @HEAcademy@epictalk- State of the art?- Many developers are new and inexperienced.- The mobile environment is complex and challenging.- AQuA is working with professional organisations like Epicentre to furtherimprove the quality of mobile apps.- Providing practical guidance and help to the app developer, the appcommissioner and the purchaser of apps.Putting mobile learning into practice#mRealDeal
  4. 4. @HEAcademy@epictalk- Some surprisinglycommon errors- Top ten mistakes toavoidSome common errors#mRealDeal
  5. 5. @HEAcademy@epictalk- The App Quality Alliance (AQuA) is a worldwide mobile industry not-for-profit association, run and funded by AT&T, LG, Motorola, Nokia,Oracle, Orange, Samsung and Sony Mobile – helping developersfurther improve the quality of mobile apps and gain recognition as aresult.- AQuA provides best practice guidelines, app testing criteria and theQuality App Directory where developers can register their app andgain the App Quality Badge.App Quality Alliance (AQuA)#mRealDeal
  6. 6. @HEAcademy@epictalkA guide to developing high quality mobile applications.Currently covers three platforms and will be extended tocover more.Continually revised, based on community feedback,and forms the basis of the Testing Criteria.The AQuA best practice documentNew version was releasedFebruary 2013incorporatinginput from AT&T, GSMAand aligned with Google’srecommendationsAQuA is working with industry bodies and experts toimprove and align best practice and other guidelines.#mRealDeal
  7. 7. are platform-specific sets of tests formobile apps, created and continually revisedby the members.There are tests for apps that require‘complex’ permissions, and tests for appsthat don’t , i.e. ‘simple apps’.The tests include Application Launch,Functionality, Operation, User Interface,Security, Network Usage, Localization andmore.Java and Android versions are published,and other platform-specific derivatives arebeing developed.The Testing Criteria
  8. 8.
  9. 9. @HEAcademy@epictalk- The only online directory containing details of mobile apps that have met aspecific quality level.- All apps need to have passed the tests outlined in the relevant TC (TestingCriteria).- AQuA members have access to all details of apps and developers.- AQuA runs audit tests on apps when appropriate. If an app fails, the app ismarked as ‘failed’.- Ability to gain a Quality Badge for your app- Online Testing Criteria ToolThe Quality App Directory#mRealDeal
  10. 10. @HEAcademy@epictalkAn AQuA member has independently tested the app and issatisfied that it has passed the tests in the AQuA Testing CriteriaThe developer has tested the app against the Criteria and hasstated that it has passed the relevant tests.The developer has used an AQuA-approved Test House to test theapp against the Criteria and it has passed the relevant tests.#mRealDeal
  11. 11. @HEAcademy@epictalkAQuA is collaboratively setting the standards for appquality for the industry to use to further improve apps forall.#mRealDeal
  12. 12. @HEAcademy@epictalkThank YouAny questions?#mRealDeal