Charles Jennings - why doesn't most compliance training work?


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Charles Jennings, Founder of 70:20:10 Forum spoke at LearningNow: why won't they comply? on 1st May 2013. Charles is one of the world's leading experts on building and implementing 70:20:10 learning strategies. In his presentation, he examined the how and the why of unsuccessful compliance training of the past.

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Charles Jennings - why doesn't most compliance training work?

  1. 1. Page title:sub titleLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecteturadipiscing elit. Curabitur ullamcorper feugiatcursus. Donec aliquam fermentum libero quisposuereWhy doesn’t mostcompliance trainingwork?Charles Jennings@epictalk @towardsmaturity #LNcomply
  2. 2. Compliance isreally, REALLYimportant fororganisations Employee safety Customer safety Brand value Cost Keep the CEO out of jail© Reuters/Mike Stone $65 billion / 150 yrs@epictalk @towardsmaturity #LNcomply
  3. 3. We learn bestabout safetyproceduresthroughexperience andpractice Think aircraft seatbelts and lifejackets@epictalk @towardsmaturity #LNcomply
  4. 4. Damagingbrand value:the Ford Pinto story Ford charged with ‘Corporate violence’ During trial, Ford sales dropped 30.6%@epictalk @towardsmaturity #LNcomply
  5. 5. 201220102009The costs ofnon-compliance@epictalk @towardsmaturity #LNcomply
  6. 6. We don’t have theoption to NOT do itBut a lot of compliance training is: inefficient ineffective informational lacking context@epictalk @towardsmaturity #LNcomply
  7. 7. Inefficiency incompliance trainingThe ‘hour of death’Fire Awareness trainingSavings:£95k year 1£115k/year subsequent years@epictalk @towardsmaturity #LNcomply
  8. 8. Ineffectiveness Diversity training has “no positive effects in theaverage workplace.”* In firms where training is mandatory or emphasisesthe threat of lawsuits, training actually has negativeeffects on management diversity.*** Study of 829 companies over 31 years reported by Peter BergmanHBR March 2012** “Diversity Management in Corporate America”Dobbin, Kalev & Kelly. American Sociological Association@epictalk @towardsmaturity #LNcomply
  9. 9.  Generic training for role-specific issues “Training is disconnected from risk-causing eventsor other contexts in which compliance messagescould be more effectively conveyed.”Jeff Kaplan, lawyer and compliance expertWhy is mostcompliance trainingineffective?@epictalk @towardsmaturity #LNcomply
  10. 10. Informational andcontent-heavy‘Knowing’ is only part of the story.Changing behaviour is far more asubtle process.@epictalk @towardsmaturity #LNcomply
  11. 11. Compliance training needs to: expose people to realistic scenarios challenge decision-making ability allow failure in a safe environment... think ‘airline safety training’.Lackingcontext@epictalk @towardsmaturity #LNcomply
  12. 12. Do we know ifcompliancetraining is working?Do you measure the impact in yourorganisation?@epictalk @towardsmaturity #LNcomply
  13. 13. What was the ROIon Wall Street’sinvestment incompliancetraining to 2008?@epictalk @towardsmaturity #LNcomply
  14. 14. Can we use theKirkpatrick/Phillipsmodel to measurecompliancetraining?Compliance training needs to: change cultures modify attitudes develop compliant behaviours@epictalk @towardsmaturity #LNcomply
  15. 15. Compliance is all aboutculture and behaviours.“Barclays had a culture of gaming – and of gaming us.”Andrew Bailey, the top banking regulator at the UK FinancialServices AuthorityCompliance training, if it is towork, needs to address these factors.@epictalk @towardsmaturity #LNcomply
  16. 16. From: To:inefficient, event-basedcompliance trainingcost-effective trainingembedded in workflowtraining with little or nochange impactselected channels thatfacilitate changeInformation-rich contentdelivery modelsexperience-rich models thathave impactone context fits all personalisation based onspecific needmeasuring attendance &completionmeasuring culture &behaviour changeImprovements for the future@epictalk @towardsmaturity #LNcomply
  17. 17. Page title:sub titleLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecteturadipiscing elit. Curabitur ullamcorper feugiatcursus. Donec aliquam fermentum libero quisposuereThank youCharles Jennings@epictalk @towardsmaturity #LNcomply