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Promotional Cocktail


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Adele Cehrs' 2012 NTC Ignite presentation.

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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Promotional Cocktail

  1. 1. The Promotional CocktailMixing it up with an IntegratedCommunications ApproachAdele Cehrs, President, Epic PR Group
  2. 2. Advertising Agencies…1960’s 2 The Promotional Cocktail
  3. 3. Mad Man…Jon Hamm AKA Don Draper 3 The Promotional Cocktail
  4. 4. Mad Men…Christinia Hendricks AKA Joan Holloway 4 The Promotional Cocktail
  5. 5. What is PR? How does it work? Who are you MOST likely to believe? 5 The Promotional Cocktail
  6. 6. KNOW YOUR DRINK Scotch on the Rocks – National newspaper1 Just the facts – Who, what, when, why, where. Fruit Martini – Magazine & trade publications Longer lead time, more in-depth articles, specific niche readership.2 Long-island Iced Tea -- Local News Local feel and flavor is a must. Local stories, experiences and3 trends. Trendy Drink– Broadcast news outlets Needs to be visually stimulating and appeal to a wide audience.4 Need to tell a short/concise story. The Shot – Online publications/24 hour broadcast outlets Fast! Fast! Fast! Report as event is happening. Need to tell the story in5 one minute or less. 6 6 The Promotional Cocktail
  7. 7. NATIONAL NEWSPAPERS1 • Large national audience (Average 1,207,356) • Online, print, local and special editions • Numerous sections (i.e. News, Lifestyle, Weekend, Magazine etc.) • Multiple editors and reporters • Multiple deadlines throughout the day and week • Tend to be a bit more balanced/try to tell both sides of the story 7 The Promotional Cocktail
  8. 8. Garden State Pride!The Boss and Bon Jovi… 8 The Promotional Cocktail
  9. 9. NATIONAL MAGAZINES & TRADE MAGAZINES2 • National audience • More targeted audience • Focus on the details, technology, human interest, etc. • More detailed reporting/longer articles • Lots of visual stimulations (pictures, graphs, charts, etc.) • Longer lead times/deadlines • Use freelance/submitted pieces more often 9 The Promotional Cocktail
  10. 10. LOCAL NEWS3 LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL • Local People o Local Stories o Local Experiences o Local History o Local Visuals • Local Perspective on National Issues • Local Business Trends & Impact 1 The Promotional Cocktail 0
  11. 11. BROADCAST MEDIA – TV & RADIO4 • Visual & Auditory • Relatable to a larger more general audience • Conversational • Short Sound Bites • Interesting Lead-In 1 The Promotional Cocktail 1
  12. 12. ONLINE / 24 HOUR NEWS5 • Where and how is the audience receiving information? • Time Sensitive • Viral Component • Images and Video • Bloggers • Social Media • Relatable • Flash Crisis 1 The Promotional Cocktail 2
  13. 13. SOCIAL MEDIA5 • Pull vs push marketing strategy • Why social media? Who will manage it? • Flash Crisis • Choosing the right medium – Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Flicker, LinkedIn, etc. 1 The Promotional Cocktail 3
  14. 14. THE SUCCESS STORY• The Glass—The foundation for your story. What is the news hook? Why a reporter should care?• The Alcohol—The story teller . The spokesperson for your article/company representative.• The Garnish—The details of the story. Facts. Statistics. Anecdotes. Pictures.1 The Promotional Cocktail 4
  15. 15. The Perfect Happy Hour (Media Interview)Rememberall your keystakeholderswhen doing amediainterview Employees Current Customers Your Business Competition Potential Clients 1 The Promotional Cocktail 5
  16. 16. PROMOTE THE PROMOTION • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) • Online NewsroomCurrent Customers • Advertising • Guerilla Marketing (Street Teams, Fans Meet Ups, Publicity Stunts, etc.) Prospects 1 The Promotional Cocktail 6
  17. 17. SHAKE IT UP• Strategic Partnerships• Brand Ambassadors• Third-party experts• Stories & Experiences• Special Events• Speaking Engagements• Product & Service Sampling1 The Promotional Cocktail 7
  18. 18. BE BOLD The best drinks are the strong ones!Adele R. CehrsPresident 218 N. Lee Street, Suite 206AEpic PR Group703-299-3404 Alexandria, VA 22314 Facebook: Epic PR Group 1 The Promotional Cocktail 8