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Epicor for Automotive Heavy Duty


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Epicor for Automotive Heavy Duty

  1. 1. Functionality• Source and sell the right parts for highlycustomized trucks• Manage inventory, including valuablecores and kits• Track deliveries, vehicles and routes• Automate back-office processes• Organize workflow in your repair or re-manufacturing shop• Modernize your business with Internettools and paperless processes• Evaluate business performance with up-to-the-minute reportsEpicor®for Heavy-Duty MarketSolutions forHeavy-Duty DistributorsIncreased sales of class 4-8 vehicles, ever-rising vehicle utilization rates and thegrowing demand for heavy-duty replacement parts are just a few key indicatorspointing to sustained growth of the commercial vehicle aftermarket.As an aftermarket parts distributor, you have opportunities to grow your business,but also face a variety of challenges—rising number of parts, a proliferation ofcompetitors and continued pricing pressure—that are adding unwanted complexity toyour business.There’s no better time for independent distributors to partner with Epicor inleveraging the latest business management technologies to reduce inventoryrequirements, increase operational efficiency, and improve service levels.
  2. 2. Epicor Software CorporationHundreds of heavy-duty distributors rely on the powerful, easy-to-use Epicor solutions to helprun their businesses more efficiently and profitably. Our innovative, industry-specific solutionshelp distributors like you drive improvement in virtually every area of your business so you cancarry and sell the right parts at the right time, and at the right margin.Epicor offers a broad range of solutions and services to help you achieve your long-termoperational and financial goals. Plus, our team can support your business from end-to-end,including consultation, installation, training, network support, local hardware support, andongoing Advice Line assistance.Applications for the Heavy-Duty DistributorEpicor offers a choice of platforms for the heavy-duty distributor, each one a completedistribution management solution to help you serve your market. Our easy-to-use systems aredesigned to improve point-of-sale operations, fine-tune pricing, optimize inventory, managecash flow, improve decision making and coordinate operations with any number of stores.Sell the right part the first timeThe Epicor easy-to-use and learn Point-of-Sale (POS) applications will help you source partsand process orders in seconds. We offer an expanded electronic cross-reference parts databasewith more than 25 million up-to-date listings for both Original-Equipment-Manufacturer-to-aftermarket and aftermarket-to-aftermarket Interchanges, including light, medium and heavy-duty trucks. With part look-up by description, you can offer a choice of parts by manufacturerand price, rather than limiting your customer to an exact part-for-part match. Our electronicprice updating tools upload manufacturer’s price files and other part-specific attributes quickly.The system then applies a specific markup to each part so you can maintain margins critical toyour success. You can also receive electronic orders from customers to eliminate keying errorsand reduce part returns.Manage inventory—from multi-vendor purchasing to cores and kitsBalancing inventory supply with customer demand is key to profitability and responsive service.Our Inventory module is fully integrated with POS to help you order the right parts and maintainoptimal stocking levels.What’s one way to stay price-competitive in this market? By purchasing the same quality partsfrom multiple vendors at the lowest cost today. Because the same part might have a differentpart number depending on the vendor source, Epicor applications provide tools to help youanalyze and keep track of this complicated aspect of purchasing.When you’re ready to place an order, Epicor systems give you the flexibility to transmit purchaseorders electronically in several formats to vendors or a third-party clearinghouse.With the Epicor interactive parts kits applications, you gain full control of your kits andaccessories. Our systems allow you to change kit parts on the fly while controlling price andreturns. This flexibility helps you sell customers the exact parts they need for the best dollarvalue and with quick flexible service at POS.Careful core management and tracking is absolutely essential in the heavy-duty market. That’swhy our solutions allow you to track the sales and return of valuable cores by part number andcustomer so you have all the information you need for prompt retrieval and return tothe manufacturer.
  3. 3. Epicor for Heavy-Duty MarketTrack deliveries, vehicles, and routesOperating an efficient parts delivery service is one of the mostimportant components of your business. Epicor offers distributorsDispatch and Delivery Management Service (DDMS) solutions withseveral configuration options using bar codes, handheld scannersand wireless technology.DDMS will help you trace the delivery of an order from start to finishthrough an intuitive, color-coded system, helping you accuratelyrespond to customer inquiries and effectively manage vehiclesand drivers.Maintain financial control in the back officeThe Epicor financial accounting modules help you stay on top ofbilling and payments. With automated statements and invoicing,you can bill customers without delay, improve cash flow and reduceAR days. System reports help you identify past-due customersrequiring attention or credit hold.Monitor efficiency in your repair and re-manufacturing shopMany heavy-duty distributors operate machine shops orre-manufacturing processes. Epicor offers flexible ways to post, trackand analyze shop labor. For example, you can break out totals oflabor billings by each operator, labor by department or machine, orby each machinist in each work area. You can also segregate partssold on these shop tickets and break out operator, department andmachine totals.These are just a few examples of how to use your system toevaluate your business, make appropriate decisions and improveservice and profitability.Modernize your operation with Internet services andpaperless processesWhen you’re ready to establish an Internet presence and reallydrive revenue and customer satisfaction, look to Epicor for helpin developing an eStore. You can be linked to thousands ofdistributors, retailers, manufacturers and installers through EpicorAConneX®and belong to the largest Internet-based parts tradingsolution in the aftermarket today. As a heavy-duty distributor,you can receive and share information, as well as conduct secure,efficient transactions any time.Technology has always promised a “paperless” office, and withDocument Management, you’re one step closer to being there. First,original customer invoices are automatically stored electronically.Next, following delivery, the signed invoice copy is scanned intothe system, and the two documents are stored together. Thehigh-speed scanner scans dozens of documents in seconds. Youcan e-mail statements and associated invoices and credits directlyto customers, saving you printing and mailing costs and helpingyou distribute statements on time, every month. If one of yourcustomers requests a copy of a statement or signed invoice, it takesless than one minute to retrieve it, fax or e-mail it directly from thecomputer. You can offer your customers 24x7 online viewing accessto these electronic documents through a secure Web site. DocumentManagement helps you provide prompt customer service, savepaper and eliminate the need for expensive and space-consumingstorage solutions.Evaluate custom reports for real-time decision makingFor you, the most important end-result might be the rich databaseof transaction history that paints a true picture of your business. AllEpicor systems allow you to review data on-screen or send reports toa printer. You can also export data to various file formats, giving youthe flexibility to manipulate information using third-party reportingapplications, such as Crystal Reports®or Microsoft®Excel®.Epicor is Committed to Your SuccessOur pledge to the heavy-duty marketThe challenges facing today’s heavy-duty aftermarket demandrevolutionary responses. Epicor is truly committed to being thecustomer-driven partner aftermarket companies need. Epicorcontinually seeks industry feedback to help drive change and, hasmade significant technology investments that can greatly benefitheavy-duty distributors like you.Because the heavy-duty aftermarket’s long-term health depends oncollaboration, Epicor has committed itself to providing solutions thatconnect all aftermarket participants—helping companies effectivelyleverage industry resources and gain the supply chain and operatingefficiency needed to achieve impressive business breakthroughs.With more than 40 years of industry experience, significant researchand development funding and extensive market penetration, Epicorhas the expertise, financial strength and dedicated customers todeliver the innovative, high-quality solutions today’s aftermarketrequires—and to support those solutions well into the future.Take advantage of business consulting, training, andsupport servicesAs an Epicor customer, you’re never alone. We have a world-classteam of consultants, trainers, and support specialists ready tohelp you solve small issues or completely evaluate yourbusiness and establish improvement programs.
  4. 4. About EpicorEpicor Software Corporation is a global leader delivering business software solutions to the manufacturing, distribution, retail, and serviceindustries. With more than 40 years of experience, Epicor has more than 20,000 customers in over 150 countries. Epicor solutions enablecompanies to drive increased efficiency and improve profitability. With a history of innovation, industry expertise, and passion for excellence,Epicor inspires customers to build lasting competitive advantage. Epicor provides the single point of accountability that local, regional, andglobal businesses demand. For more information, visit America and CaribbeanBlvd. Antonio L. Rodriguez #1882 Int. 104Plaza Central, Col. Santa MariaMonterrey, Nuevo Leon, CP 64650MexicoPhone: +52.81.1551.7100Fax: +52.81.1551.7117Australia and New ZealandLevel 34101 Miller StreetNorth Sydney NSW 2060AustraliaPhone: +61.2.9927.6200Fax: +61.2.9927.6298Asia238A Thomson Road #23-06Novena Square Tower ASingapore 307684SingaporePhone: +65.6333.8121Fax: +65.6333.8131Europe, Middle East and AfricaNo. 1 The ArenaDownshire WayBracknell, Berkshire RG12 1PUUnited KingdomPhone: +44.1344.468468Fax: +44.1344.468010Worldwide HeadquartersSan Francisco Bay Area4120 Dublin Boulevard, Suite 300Dublin, CA 94568 USAToll Free: +1.888.448.2636Direct: +1.925.361.9900Fax: +1.925.361.9999Contact us for more information on Epicor Products and ServicesThe contents of this document are for informational purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Epicor Software Corporation makes no guarantee, representations or warranties with regardto the enclosed information and specifically disclaims, to the full extent of the law, any applicable implied warranties, such as fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, satisfactory quality orreasonable skill and care.This document and its contents, including the viewpoints, dates and functional content expressed herein are believed to be accurate as of its date of publication,April 2013.Theusage of any Epicor software shall be pursuant to the applicable end user license agreement and the performance of any consulting services by Epicor personnel shall be pursuant to applicable standardservices terms and conditions. Usage of the solution(s) described in this document with other Epicor software or third party products may require the purchase of licenses for such other products. Epicor,AConneX, Business Inspired, and the Epicor logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Epicor Software Corporation in the United States, certain other countries and/or the EU. Microsoft and Excelare registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States, certain other countries and/or the EU. Crystal Reports is a registred trademark of SAP. All other trademarks mentioned are theproperty of their respective owners. Copyright © 2013 Epicor Software Corporation. All rights reserved.Epicor Software CorporationTraining, support, and servicesEpicor provides a full turn-key solution, offering software and hardware sales, installation,training, support, and consulting services that encompass the entire system.The Epicor training tools and support services help you get the most from your systemapplications every day. We provide options such as onsite training, Web-based training, andone-to-one phone training and troubleshooting. The 24x7 online help gives you immediate,always available assistance for all Epicor products. For issues beyond the ordinary, our online andphone services provide friendly and informed personal assistance.Epicor offers a full suite of security products to protect your computers and data from harmfulhackers and viruses. Our IT Audit team can evaluate your network, Internet connections andbusiness operations and then recommend best practices to keep your entire system safe, secureand reliable.At any time, a member of our Consulting Services team can take an in-depth look at yourbusiness practices. Following a complete evaluation, we will recommend additional training,best practice procedures or new software and hardware to help you get the results you wantfrom your Epicor system.Comprehensive training and services• Online help• Education plans• Data conversion services• Implementation and consultation services• Installation and hardware supportDid You Know?The Epicor solutions are built on decades of industry experience and customer input. We valueour customer partnerships and continue to add relevant capabilities and products all the time.Our integrated software solutions bring new efficiencies to every part of your business.  +1.888.463.4700