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Made a presentation for my queen lucy hale

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Lucy hale

  1. 1. You are are myflawless queen itstrue even thoughtu might not thinkthat.
  2. 2. You are the cutesthuman being ever I loveall the outfits andcostume’s u ware.
  3. 3. I love how ur not a fakestar like u are self infront of the camera’sand I love that about u.
  4. 4. To me u are perfect u are such a perfect rolemodel I could ever ask for ur perfect just theway u are.
  5. 5. You are such a stunning girl u are a truebeauty Lucy don’t let know one tell u areugly to me u are the prettiest girl I everseen.
  6. 6. I love that u are mature personbut I also love that u can also havea good time and have fun
  7. 7. I love ur smile when ever I see apicture of u or read something aboutu it makes me smile.
  8. 8. I like How u don’t careabout the paparazzi like udon’t care if they take a picof listening to music ur justlike screw them haha ;)
  9. 9. I love supporting u because Ilove ur positiveness and thatur not afraid to say what ureally feel u go girl ;)
  10. 10. Ur talent amazes me somuch u are trulytalented and thats afact.
  11. 11. I must say ur voice is soinspirational and oh boy u cansing u have such a beautifulsinging voice.
  12. 12. Ur such a wonderful actress u playur character on PLL so well justlove that show and ur character onthat show and u as an actress.
  13. 13. U are my sunshine whenever I see a picture or thinkabout u I just cant help butsmile I blessed that u are inmy life even just bypictures and tv show’s andmusic.
  14. 14. I love that u love moustache’s u should be friendswith Victoria justice she love’s moustaches she ispractically obsessed with them.
  15. 15. I am really happy u are in my life because of uhelpt me through depression and and thatmeans the world to me and u thought me lotsof things as well .
  16. 16. U are my angel of beauty angel ofa good heart and angle of a goodsoul u rock angle hale.
  17. 17. I really hope u like this presentationby the way to me in this picture told uare more beautiful hehe ;) Thnkx foreverything U rock Lucy