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Lg info comm proposal pdf

  1. 1. The 4K Visual Experience Begins CONFIDENTIAL © Epic Eye 2013
  2. 2. The goal of this proposal is twofold. First, we would like toshare our vision for LG’s booth at InfoComm 2013. Second,we would like to determine whether LG finds it beneficial tocontribute from a marketing perspective in order to bring anunparalleled 4K/1080p content solution to market with EpicEye in Orlando. Epic Eye is the production company behindthe Moving Murals™ brand.The following plan, if executed in a collaborative spirit,positions our partnership as the premium 4K in-home and in-business solution. LG approached Epic Eye at DSE with theopportunity to provide them with our unique caliber of contentat InfoComm 2013 where LG serves as an anchor sponsor.LG offered Epic Eye the ability to fully market and brand thevisual experience being developed as a solution for sale tocustomers investing in 4K technology. Rather than merelycreate a one-time visual feature, Epic Eye proposes a grandvision that will open revenue streams for LG’s commercialdisplay solutions and residential offerings and ultimatelyexpand their reach in a variety of competitive verticals. Inorder to execute this Epic Eye would like to integrate LG’smarketing prowess and industry expertise with ourdemonstrated artistic and technical savvy.In the marketing and promotion of this content solution EpicEye would grant LG access to the entire Moving Murals™Gallery for any array of marketing objectives. CONFIDENTIAL © Epic Eye 2013
  3. 3. InfoComm 2013LG presentsThe 4K Visual Experience Begins CONFIDENTIAL © Epic Eye 2013
  4. 4. CONFIDENTIAL © Epic Eye 2013
  5. 5. TextNew HorizonsRather than treat displays as merely televisions, purpose them for what they are: a sublime feature which living spaces, social spaces, and guest spaces aredesigned around.  Observe how seating options and furniture are arranged to maximize sight-lines and create clusters of intimate audiences.  Whathappens when the beautifully engineered display is powered down because it is not time for television, movies, or gaming?  A large, sterile, black screenappears and becomes a design vacuum.  Display technologies are the ‘canvas of the future’, so why not utilize them as such?  Visuals do not need to followa narrative arc in order to have an impact.  The Moving Murals™ brand was founded on this non-narrative concept.  Once the panel is finished displaying‘conventional programming’ it should be converted to an artisanal design feature: one that can coexist with the meter of home or office life.  This is when thevisual experience can take on another dimension.  When compositions are allowed to ‘breathe’, they invite the viewers to immerse themselves in thetherapeutic and transportive rhythms of our surroundings.  We evolved this concept so that Moving Murals can ultimately be a refuge, both meditative andinspiring. Hardware manufacturers and content creators are dependent on one another to ultimately deliver an experience in which a customer will invest.  However,we rarely seem to work with each other in order to achieve the full spectrum of promise our industries can provide.  It’s time to circumvent the typicaldistribution models which establish the rules linking content to hardware.  We, as consumers, have often settled for something visually underwhelming if it isconvenient, or if we see no other options.  It is time to unveil that option.  Our commitment is to deliver the very best visual experience, whether it is 4K,1080p OLED, or other existing and emerging technologies. CONFIDENTIAL © Epic Eye 2013
  6. 6. CONFIDENTIAL © Epic Eye 2013
  7. 7. CONFIDENTIAL © Epic Eye 2013
  8. 8. 4K Landscape Notes We’re expecting to see Chinese, Japanese and Western European consumers become the first to widely embrace 4K TV, as people in these regions generally prefer the latest products and technologies. – Paul Gray, NPD DisplaySearch“Only comprehensive platform for 4K movies” The problem with 4K physical media is there currently isnt an industry standard for discs that can handle 4K content.“Consumer 4K Video Distribution Service” Neither RED or Sony are leveraging the potential of 4K panel technology, partially because they insist on treating 4K panels solely as televisions rather than ‘features’ exhibiting the ‘canvas of the future’. “4K Visual Experience” Interestingly, Sony and RED are also locked in a legal battle over patent infringement stemming from a RAW compression capture scheme present in both RED and Sony’s respective lines of 4K digital cinema cameras. While they butt heads, there is increased space for some nimble entity to verifiably shock the marketplace. CONFIDENTIAL © Epic Eye 2013
  9. 9. 4K Landscape Notes (continued) Sony has a leg up on LG and Samsung in the 4K department as they can leverage their Hollywood production arm to provide what is most lacking in the marketplace: Content. As a “Netflix 4K Streaming” result, Samsung has explored options so as to not be left behind. At CES 2013, Samsung and Netflix softly revealed beta-testing a 4K streaming partnership. Other details on this“Consumer 4K Video Distribution Service” relationship are hard to come by, but it is clear that Samsung acknowledges they need to make a bold move. Both Sony and Samsung can be caught off guard by unveiling a non- traditional solution that requires minimal up front “4K Visual Experience” resources in terms of investment, labor, and concepting. CONFIDENTIAL © Epic Eye 2013
  10. 10. Billed as ODEMAX.COM describes itself as an all-inclusive environment for home and theatrical delivery of feature films, with built-in digital“Only comprehensive platform for 4K movies” rights management, sales, marketing and analytics tools. ODEMAX provides filmmakers, production companies and independentService called distributors, direct channel access to the new cloud enabled“ODEMAX” REDRAY 4K home players.Player called ODEMAX was originally scheduled for launch for those looking to“REDRAY Digital Cinema 4K Player” upload content in January 2013. As of today, ODEMAX has not yet greenlit the upload functionality. The fact remains that ODEMAX will only be as prolific as the ‘network’ of users who wish to upload their content and make it available for distribution. It could take years before the sheer volume of available content makes it an attractive option to a 4K consumer who exists outside the specialized industries of content production and dissemination.Quality And even then the quality difference may dissuade potential“20Mbps using proprietary .RED codec” buyers. The REDRAY player was scheduled to begin shipping at the startPrice“Preorder RedRay Player $1,500” of 2013. This has not materialized and no REDRAYS have made it to consumer hands. RED will be exhibiting at InfoComm for the first time this year, so perhaps they are planning to make their bigService type splash there.“iTunes type purchase strategy” CONFIDENTIAL © Epic Eye 2013
  11. 11. Billed as Sony has been incredibly tight-lipped since announcing the launch of their 4K video distribution service. Evidently there is a lot to do“Consumer 4K Video Distribution Service” before their proposed Summer 2013 launch. Media insights provide us with the following picture -Service called“Unnamed” The player lacks a disc-drive slot, so content is refreshed solely through downloads. Sony hasnt disclosed the compressionPlayer called scheme it will use to reduce the size of the downloaded files, nor“Unnamed” the amount of time it will take to complete a 4K download. Currently the only full-length feature films are from Sony Pictures Entertainment, but Sony says its talking with other studios about making 4K versions of their releases available through the Sony distribution system. Sony Electronics president Phil Molyneux told The Verge that theQuality service will eventually be compatible with the upcoming“148 Mbps based on “100GB download for 90 PlayStation 4.minute movie” In late-January, a Sony executive confirmed the news that 4KPrice“Unknown” movie downloads would not be available outside of the US for now. Business head Paul Gyles said: "Our official press comment is No plans for Europe at this stage. Its a United States-onlyService type thing."“Unannounced, content refreshed throughdownloads” CONFIDENTIAL © Epic Eye 2013
  12. 12. Billed as The Passport 4K brings the potential of the entire Moving Murals™ Gallery to the viewer’s fingertips.  The Passport 4K offers an“4K Visual Experience” unparalleled Visual Experience, allowing the viewer to engage immersive, transportive imagery simply by using his/her mobile orService called personal device.  The Passport 4K control app provides a sleek and“Moving Murals™” intuitive user interface for your preferred smart device.Player called A selection of content will come loaded on the system and future“Passport 4K” content can be accessed either via internet downloads or a physical exchange of media.  The inclusion of a buffer drive means that playback will remain flawless even as the data dense Moving Murals™ scenes are housed on the device.  The quality of the Passport playback surpasses potential competitors by orders of magnitude and cannot be exceeded in this specific format.Quality“True Definition” 4 Gigabits per second 4K The Moving Murals™ distribution platform can be opened to the most talented content producers worldwide, to ensure the demand doesPrice“Preorder for $1500, select packages included not outpace production capabilities.in LG Commercial 4K offerings”Service type“Subscription $100 per month allows fullAccess to 600+ Moving Murals at launch”Includes 300+ Vertical Portrait orientation 4KMoving Murals™ CONFIDENTIAL © Epic Eye 2013
  13. 13. 4K Quality Comparison 0 Quality measured in Megabits per second (Mbps) 4000 20 Mbps“Only comprehensive platform for 4K movies”“Consumer 4K Video Distribution Service” 148 Mbps “4K Visual Experience” 4000 Mbps Moving Murals™ 4K Visual Experience at 4000 Mbps is a quantum leap ahead of all emerging 4K distribution, 27x higher quality than Sony’s proposed service and 200x higher quality than RED Digital Cinema’s proposed ODEMAX service. CONFIDENTIAL © Epic Eye 2013
  14. 14. Player “Passport 4K”Exhibit“LG 4K Display” Control “App Based Remote” CONFIDENTIAL © Epic Eye 2013
  15. 15. LG OLED horizonLG has invested $657 million in ramping up its OLED panel manufacturing. As a result of the expense behind the OLEDmanufacturing process it is crucial to showcase their advantageous characteristics, which include• Exceptional color reproduction• Tonal enhancement results in images that are more vibrant and natural• Stunning contrast ratiosThe signal being sent to these stunning panels is of paramount importance. Whether it is 1080p or 4K, our ‘True Definition’signal will unleash the potential of LG’s tireless engineering and make that attention to detail undeniably worthwhile. CONFIDENTIAL © Epic Eye 2013
  16. 16. 4K Install Base | Market Impact 5,000 25,000 50,0002013 125,000 250,000 Industry forecasters predict 500,000 4K panels will be sold globally in 500,000 2013. Those forecasters predict over 2 Million 4K panels will be purchased in 2014: growing to an install base of 4.6 Million in 2015 and 7 21,000 Million in 2016. These predictions are based on virtually no 4K content 105,000 available. A successful launch of Moving Murals™ 4K Visual Experience2014 210,000 provides for an unmapped “game changer” by providing early adopters 525,000 with an avenue to create a visual experience the viewer can enjoy in ways 1,050,000 previously unimaginable. This chart represents how market sales could 2,100,000 be affected by the availability of such a premium 4K content delivery service. Additional 4K panel sales are calculated at 1%, 5%, 10%, 25% 46,000 and 50% increases for illustration. 230,000 1% 5% 10% 25% 50% 4K Install Base 460,0002015 1,150,000 Market Effects as a % of Install Predicted Install Base 2,300,000 4,600,000 70,000 350,000 700,0002016 1,750,000 3,500,000 7,000,000 CONFIDENTIAL © Epic Eye 2013
  17. 17. Benefits• Provides a Solution and Benefit to their consumers, both commercial and residential.• Increases revenue and growth for 4K and OLED panel Sales  (Its the answer to the question - what can I put on it?) • Taps into the “Hide your TV” market base, Artwork for the Black Screen.• Value add sales tool for LG to benefit all verticals of sales (consumer, commercial, digital signage, etc.) • Differentiate LG Expo booth from all other vendors at InfoComm.• Simple, effective solution that supersedes what Sony and Red are developing and will be releasing.• Impact of being first to market with an artistic multi-sensory solution for 4K display technology.• Limitless marketing benefits on a global level.• 4K Screen Technology could eventually be integrated into select panel offerings.• Alignment with a 4K experience that has universal appeal with unlimited rewatch value (as opposed to providing movies).  Think application in commercial spaces, health and wellness, hospitality, residential, etc. CONFIDENTIAL © Epic Eye 2013
  18. 18. Benefits (continued)• Provides consumers with selection, continuously updated content, and versatility in how they receive new materials (physical exchange and via download). • Easy user interface with a control app for any mobile or tablet device. • No financial risk or major financial investment in R&D, product and content development, materials, etc.• With their endorsement, access to use Moving Murals materials for free for any marketing needs, sales demonstrations, or expos. • With endorsement, Epic Eye will produce LG specific marketing collateral as well (content specific to 4K Triptych).• Epic Eye can also create website assets so LG can highlight their commercial and residential offerings with a striking array of imagery. CONFIDENTIAL © Epic Eye 2013
  19. 19. LG ResponsibilitiesProvide a loaner 4K and OLED (or 1080P focus technology) panel for product testing, development, and color workas soon as possible (Naperville, IL Production Studio 2086 Bunker Circle, Naperville, IL 60563). Final 4K Passport(player) testing and color / calibration settings will be mapped for InfoComm once 4K panel is available for testing.Agreement to Moving Murals/LG launch project plan with a weekly scheduled call, meeting (location TBD) forproduct prototype preview, and live demonstration at Hi Connect (trade show where Epic Eye is showcasingMoving Murals™ in a “live hospitality” setting prior to InfoComm launch April 10-12th. More details to follow . . .)Mutually Beneficial Endorsement / Marketing commitment to generate buzz for the show, during, and after.Vendor partnership agreement.Ongoing Equipment Loan for Moving Murals Trade Shows and Exhibits with mutual LG promotion,TBD.Creation of Marketing Collateral - Epic Eye will assist wherever necessary as mentioned and will open all MovingMurals™ as motion and still assets for exclusive use in LG advertising, Details TBD.Offer (optionally and bundled) Moving Murals™ 4K Service with 4K panel sales coordinated through Wendi Evans,or appropriate Commercial or Residential contact within LG. CONFIDENTIAL © Epic Eye 2013
  20. 20. Epic Eye ResponsibilitiesProvide content programming and playback systems with backup for InfoComm in the following minimumconfiguration:4K - Minimum One Horizontal and One Vertical (Portrait) Orientation1080P - Minimum of One Horizontal and One Vertical (Portrait) OrientationLG Selection of 1080P Technology to showcase Moving Murals™ on OLED? Other target technology?One Feature - Integrate Moving Murals with Playback System for Three 4K panels arranged in a Triptych (three vertical)pattern. This is effectively a 7K playback solution precisely pixel for pixel accurate across the three 4K displays.   Wecan add Moving Murals™ content programming to the “loop” you have already designed. The playback system we willprovide will host all programming for the “7K Triptych Feature”   We are also available to supply content for any other panels that LG requests.-      Assist in marketing and promotional activities (Open Moving Murals ™ Motion and Stills Library for LG Promotional use)-      Schedule custom shoot for specialized 7K content for the Feature-      Develop and test all hardware solutions-      Educate necessary parties on 4K service talking points- Aaron W. Rees will be onsite in the LG Booth during InfoComm for Setup, Color Calibration of all displays Moving Murals will be exhibited on, and playback monitoring throughout the show. Plus any additional staff needed for InfoComm. CONFIDENTIAL © Epic Eye 2013
  21. 21. We are truly honored that the LG team membersexpressed their excitement and admiration for whatwe do at DSE.  Furthermore, to be invited to sharethe stage at InfoComm with a premier industryleader, LG, is an opportunity like no other.  The factthat we could be announcing an innovative 4Kservice launch for LG’s existing and futurecustomers, is even more thrilling.  As the processgains momentum, it represents a tremendousopportunity for LG to support the visual arts: to bea patron to content creators everywhere.  Ultimatelythe 4K Visual Experience service will create acommission structure for premier talents tocontinue providing Awe to LG’s potenttechnologies, truly the “Canvas of the future.” CONFIDENTIAL © Epic Eye 2013