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  1. 1. Ask Yourself…van Harmelen, Mark (August 2006). "Personal Learning Environments". Retrieved 2006-08-24.How manyEducators can Icollaboratewith on a dailybasis?
  2. 2. What is a PLN?Personal Learning NetworkProfessional Learning Networ"Personal Learning Environments are systems that help learners take control ofand manage their own learning. This includes providing support for learners to•set their own learning goals•manage their learning; managing both content and process•communicate with others in the process of learning and thereby achievelearning goals.A PLE may be composed of one or more subsystems: As such it may be a desktopapplication, or composed of one or more web-based services."van Harmelen, Mark (August 2006). "Personal Learning Environments". Retrieved 2006-08-24.Professional Learning Environment
  3. 3. Title
  4. 4. *Social networks SNs have a strong impact on teachers’ behaviors - forself-elaboration, improvement of teaching and collaborationprogress of information and communicationtechnologiesneed of reliable connection and successful dialogamong people with similar interestsWeb 2.0 developed tools and social software withflexible user interfaceculture of sharing, promotion of new ideas andconnectionsocialization through web-based communicative andcollaborative activitiesenhanced instruments for personalizationphenomenon of a networked world
  5. 5. Advantages Disadvantages“Growing as a learner / a better communicator / improvingmy teaching styles”“Time consuming / missing important information / toolarge the PLN”“Brings down barriers between student/teacher, which canbe both beneficial or not, depending on the respect and therelationship”“Can be addictive”, “Overflow of information”“It is very easy to learn so many new things andcommunicate with inspiring teachers”.“It can be very time consuming!”“instant communication” “spams, at times”“Immediate feedback to followers and friends” “Cannot keep up with twits”“As teacher, I can learn from people and share myexperience. As person, I don’t use”“It has not disadvantages for me”“continuous real time learning/collaboration” “can get lost in learning (spend more time then intended)”“The bigger advantage is the opportunity of growth” “the disadvantage is the impossibility of see everything thatis in the timeline”“I get to know new things, resources in education” “no impact on my teaching”“It is at the very heart of my PLN. It allows me to learn newinformation and spread and add to new info”“real time information to many tweets that I cannot read oreven see”“It is a way of sharing experiences in few words. It is a wayof communicating with others.”“lack of a good archive; poor conversational potential; 140character limit; URLs in message and not in metadata”“Connections and learning on a Global basis” “I do not carry a phone around, so it is not easy to followtwitter”“Discover new things, Connect to interesting people” “Addictive, consumes much time”“Remembering to read & follow up leads” “I dont like Twitter. I think that it doesnt advantages ordisadvantages. In future I will use twitter for my students”What are the advantages and disadvantages of Twitter for you as a person and as a teacher?
  6. 6. Personal Learning Network The social interactions of every person could support his currently emergedor future planned needs for learning, shaping the individual featuresLearning network -describes the gained experience ofstudents and teachers when theyutilize computers for learning(, 2001)Social learning networks -can utilize social software and socialnetworking sites – learning throughinteractions among participantsPersonal learning networks -describe “the sum of all social capital andconnections that result in the development andfacilitation of a personal learning environment” ,(Couros, 2010)
  7. 7. You are your own ‘VLE’Services ToolsFormats ContentChannels NetworksAggregation©SteveWheeler,UniversityofPlymouth,2009
  8. 8. PLEs, PLNs and PWsPersonalLearningNetworkPersonalWebPersonalLearningEnvironment©SteveWheeler,UniversityofPlymouth,2009
  9. 9. Functions of PLEsManaginginformationGeneratingcontentConnectingwith othersCommunicationwith others(dialogue)Sharing withothers(exchange)LearningRecording andsharingachievement(e-portfolio)ccSteveWheeler,UniversityofPlymouth,2009
  10. 10. External ServicesWeb 2.0Self organisedInstitutionallymanagedAdapted from David Delgado, 2007E-PortfolioAggregatorSocialNetworkPersonal Learning Environment ModelBlogLMSPersonalLearningEnvironmentccSteveWheeler,UniversityofPlymouth,2009
  11. 11. The PLE- Manage Connections
  12. 12. Learning WebsFrom this .... ..... To thisccSteveWheeler,UniversityofPlymouth,2009
  13. 13. Web 2.0: theSocial Web“The social web is transforming the waypeople use the Internet to do business,access information and connect with eachother. It has revolutionised the way we areentertained, and altered forever the way welearn.”Source: John, P. & Wheeler, S. (2008)
  14. 14.
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Learners will need new ‘literacies’• Social networking• Privacy maintenance• Identity management• Creating content• Organising content• Reusing and repurposing• Filtering and selecting• Self broadcasting,UniversityofPlymouth,2011
  17. 17. The new digital literacies…©SteveWheeler,UniversityofPlymouth,2008What tostoreWhere tostore itHow to finditHow toapply itOther newliteraciesWhatformat touseAssessvalueNewcopyrightAvoidingplagiarismMixing andMashingSharing
  18. 18.
  19. 19. CollaborateCommunicateConnectMindtoolsSteveWheeler,UniversityofPlymouth,2011
  20. 20. Thank you for yourattention!Makhubu NonkululekoUniversity of Johannesburg
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