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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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  1. 1. How Did the Nazis Persecutethe Jews?Lesson Objective:To describe how the Nazis persecuted Jewsin Germany between 1933-45
  2. 2. Task 1• Read the story from Nazi Germany as a class. Thisstory was given to school children in Nazi Germany• Answer the questions below once you have read thestory• 1. What do Jews apparently look like?• 2. How does the ‘best scholar’ (best pupil) describeJews?• 3. Who else is the story racist about?• 4. Describe the effect this story would have on ayoung child? What will they think about Jewish
  3. 3. Why did the Nazis hate the Jews?• Jews in Germany often had money and wereconcentrated in certain professions – manyGermans were jealous of this• Jews tended to marry Jews – they were accused of‘not fitting in’• Jews had been hated for years – in the 14thcenturyJews were blamed for the plague, 100,000 werekilled in Germany• Before World War I the German Kaiser said thatthe Jews were the ‘curse of my country’• In short, The Nazis message was not new, Jews hadbeen hated by some in Germany for a long time
  4. 4. Jews were forced to wear the star of David sopeople knew that they were Jews
  5. 5. Jewish shops had signs telling people not to shopthere. In 1938 the Nazis told people to go around andsmash up Jewish shops. This was called Kristallnacht(Crystal Night) The night of broken glass)
  6. 6. “Hitler’s views on minoritiesand the disabledHitler’s Laws against the JewsBy 1939 many anti-Jewish laws hadbeen introduced, for example Jewscouldn’t marry non-Jews, many weresacked from jobs and could not be outtheir home between 8pm and 6am He who is not bodily andmentally sound must notbe allowed to havechildren. All they will dois pass bad genes intotheir children. We mustget rid of these people. Task: Write whatHitler and theNazis say aboutdifferent groupsand what lawsthey introducedonto your A4sheet.See the examplehere forguidance
  7. 7. The ‘Final Solution’• Lesson Objective: To explain what the‘Final Solution’ was and describe theconditions in death camps.
  8. 8. In a series of meetingsbetween 1941-2leading Nazis met anddecided the ‘Jewishproblem’ needed to besolved.They decided thatevery Jew in Europeshould be killed,around 11 millionpeople.Meeting chairedby ReinhardHeydrich. Hisnick-name was the‘Blond Butcher’
  9. 9. Jews were taken fromtheir homes andforced to live inconcentration camps.Killing took place byshooting themLater this changed asNazis decided thatshooting was ‘toostressful’ for theNazi soldiers
  10. 10. At first the Nazis put Jewsinto a small room and pumpedcarbon dioxide from lorryexhausts into the roomLater gas chambers weredeveloped. Jews were toldthey were going for a showerand then gassedThis was called the Holocaust:the extermination of theJews
  11. 11. Some people who were not killed in the gaschambers were used for medicalexperiments, for example testing thehuman body to see at what lowtemperature the body dies (source ii) orraising the volume and seeing at whatvolume the ear drums burst. The overallaim was to help the German army in combatsituations.One doctor called Joseph Mengele enjoyedtesting on twins who he found ‘interesting’.After the war he escaped and lived in SouthAmerica until 1979iiiiii
  12. 12. Treatment of Children What Nazis said aboutthe ‘Final Solution’Violence and punishments Work and living conditionsDivide your page as above. Look at your source sheet and writewhat happened into the four categories. If what you havewritten fits into more than one category write in one box thendraw a neat line to another
  13. 13. • View the video clip. The images that you seewill show you how persecution of the Jewsturned into genocide. You will see shockingimages but to understand the full horrors ofwhat happened do not look away.•• In pairs discuss what you have seen. How did itmake you feel? What was the most shockingthing you saw? What did the Americans makethe local population do? Why do you think theydid this?
  14. 14. Final Task:The government say that we must learn aboutthe Holocaust. It is a legal requirement. Writea paragraph explaining why you think thegovernment require this. Why is whathappened so important for us to know?