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Design & Construct Candidate Profile

  1. 1. Candidate Profilet: 02 9955 2299 f: 02 9955 2204 w:
  2. 2. About UsDesign & Construct is a boutique recruitment agency that specialises in providingdedicated recruitment solutions to the design and construction industries.Our team of passionate, focused and friendly consultants have proven skills in theirchosen sectors. They are committed to fostering long-term relationships with both clientsand candidates, operating on a reputation built on knowledge, trust and honesty. As acorporate member of the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association (RCSA), Design& Construct always acts in accordance with their Code for Professional Conduct.Design & Construct is also a member of the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) andMaster Builders Association (MBA), and we take an active interest in the industry - youmay see us at industry seminars and events.For JobseekersDesign & Construct consultants have extensive industry experience with companies allover Australasia. They can provide real insights into what to expect from your future role,the promotional prospects, working environment and of course,remuneration packages.Our dedicated consultants can guide you through the whole recruitment process andhelp you land that dream role.Unrivalled ProfessionalismAt Design & Construct, we believe confidentiality and professionalism are paramount.Our consultants will only send your details in response to job opportunities that havebeen discussed with you first and always act in accordance with the Recruitment &Consulting Services Association’s (RCSA) Code for Professional Conduct.Design & Construct is also an equal opportunity employer and expect that the companieswho use our services are too.Find a JobSearch our current vacancies at
  3. 3. Preparing Your ResumeHiring managers receive hundreds of resumes for any given position, so it’s importantthat yours stands out from the crowd. Here are a few tips to get your resume up to scratchand looking professional.Your objectivesBefore you start your resume, it’s important to determine a clear and targeted objective.Clearly state what sort of a job you want, and the skills and experiences you possess inorder to do well in that job.Presentation is everythingIt’s not difficult to make your resume look professional, it just takes a little care:• Keep the layout simple.• Restrict it to 2 or 3 pages.• Always provide a cover letter highlighting your strengths.• Don’t leave career gaps unanswered.• Try to keep the reader interested.• Check for spelling and grammatical mistakes.• Are your personal contact details correct?Education / qualifications• List your most recent educational information first.• Include your degree, diploma, trade or other qualifications.• Are you a member of any professional associations?• List any work-related training courses you have completed. Eg. career programs, technical trainingCareer experience• Start with your most recent position.• Describe your work responsibilities with emphasis on skills and achievements.• Instead of giving vague claims, use real examples to demonstrate your skills. In other words, show, don’t tell.
  4. 4. Preparing Your Resume (cont.)Other experience• Highlight any certifications or advanced training.• Include any software or technologies such as programming languages & databases.• Note special recognition, awards or participation in relevant trade organisations.Interests / hobbies• Show them what you’re into: your interests, hobbies and any sports you play.References• Provide at least 2 referees.Still need help with your resume? Speak to your consultant today.Interview TipsYou’ve landed an interview? That’s great! Now is your chance to showcase your skillsand experience, so it pays to be well-prepared. Here are a few suggestions:Preparing for the Interview• Review your resume. Make sure everything is up to date and relevant. Put together a career portfolio which should include your resume with any printed references, proof of qualifications / trade certificates and any other relevant documentation.• Do your research. Find out more about the company and be ready to ask a few questions. Also, determine how the opportunity will impact your immediate and long-term career development.• Be punctual. Plan to arrive 10 minutes before the interview and allow extra time if you’re unfamiliar with the area or taking public transport.• Remember the time and place of your interview, the interviewer’s full name, the correct pronunciation and their title. Write it down if necessary.• Avoid the ums and ahhs. Prepare answers to broad and technical questions about yourself, your career and the industry.
  5. 5. The Interview• Speak clearly and greet the receptionist or assistant with courtesy and respect.• Make a good impression. Dress appropriately, be enthusiastic and don’t forget to smile.• Relax. Avoid negative body language and signs of nervousness. Remember, it’s only an interview.• Listen carefully. Learn what you can about the company. What are the main objectives and responsibilities of the position? Why is the role available?• At the conclusion, thank the interviewer and determine the next steps.Ask the Right QuestionsYou can have all the right answers and still not do well in a job interview. Sometimes, whatcan get you over the line is asking the right questions. Questions that show you havethoroughly researched the company and position, that you can think strategically andthat you are genuinely interested in this particular company.Many candidates give great answers, but few ask great questions.• The company: Where are they headed? What is the outlook in terms of stability, growth, market share, and new projects?• The industry: Find out more about the industry as a whole. Have technological changes made an impact?• The position: What is the scope of the role? What are its responsibilities, procedures and reporting structure? Is there much travel involved?• Opportunities: Is there potential for growth within the company or its divisions? Ask about promotions and how often salary reviews are conducted.Still nervous about your job interview? Speak to your consultant and they’ll help youget prepared.
  6. 6. Receiving a Job OfferBeing offered a job can be very exciting, that’s why you should evaluate the offer carefully.Most companies won’t expect a decision on the spot, so take the time to find out whetherthe opportunity is right for you. Things to consider include:The Company:• What reputation does it have in the industry?• How long have they been around?• Is it small, medium or large? How many employees?• What is the company culture like?• What type of workload do they have?The Position:• What are typical projects like?• How about working hours?• Is it team-oriented?• Where is it based?• Are there opportunities for career development?The Package:• Base salary / superannuation• Company vehicle / car allowance• Bonus / commissions• Mobile phone• Holidays / sick leave• Salary reviewsWant more advice?Contact a Design & Construct consultant and they’ll be happy to help.Receiving a Counter OfferIn today’s favourable labour market conditions, resignations usually result in a counteroffer. If you receive a counter offer, it can be difficult to decide on the best path for yourcareer. But you should consider that in most cases, accepting a counter offer proves tobe a poor long-term career decision and you’re likely to seek new employmentwithin 12 months.
  7. 7. Counter offers are very common and it’s likely that your current employer will try to enticeyou to stay with promises of higher remuneration or a new position.Receiving a counter offer means you are a valuable asset to your current employer andthey don’t want to lose you. It’s also costly for them to find and re-train a new employeeplus they’ll lose all your knowledge, experience and expertise.And while counter offers may sound tempting, there are certain pitfalls that you shouldbe aware of. At Design & Construct, we know only too well from industry experience thatthere has to be strong reasons for you to consider leaving your current position in thefirst place.If you do receive a counter offer, take a moment for a reality check:• Will staying with your current employer solve your current issues?• Why has it taken the company until now to appreciate your value?• Are you simply getting a pay rise or promotion because you are leaving?Deciding to make a career move can be exciting and financially rewarding. The best wayto avoid the messy situation of a counter-offer is to take charge of the situation:• Explain your reasons for leaving and remain firm but polite.• Agree to a provisional departure date when you resign and get confirmation of that date quickly so you can let your new employers know when you can start.If complications arise from a counter offer, speak to your consultant before making anydecisions as they can help discuss your options. Remember that we operate in a veryincestuous industry, so always try and leave on good terms.Goodbyes are never easyResigning from your job can be a hard decision. But remember, there is never a ‘righttime’ to resign and you should consider the impacts on your career if you decide to stay.Ask yourself these questions:• Why did you consider leaving in the first place?• What are the pros and cons of your current job?• What are the pros and cons of the new position?• Have you investigated a transfer within the company?• Would you still leave if you were offered more money, training or a promotion?
  8. 8. Refer a FriendDesign & Construct are offering all of our candidates the opportunity to earn $500by referring a friend for one of our current vacancies in Building | Construction |Engineering | Architecture.To qualify for this referral scheme please ensure that you have contacted your referraland that they are genuinely interested in considering a new position.Please fill in our application form available at andDesign & Construct will respond to you with a confirmation email.If Design & Construct successfully place your referral we will inform you once he/shehas passed the specified probationary period outlined in our terms and conditionsavailable from our website note that Design & Construct treat all information provided with the strictest ofconfidence and we will not divulge any third parties information without prior consent.
  9. 9. Salary SurveyArchitectureDirector | Executive $90,000 +Architect 5-10+ Years $65,000 - $100,000Architect 2-5 Years $45,000 - $70,000Graduate Architect $40,000 - $50,000Director | Executive $90,000 +Interior Designer 5-10+ Years $65,000 - $100,000Interior Designer 2-5 Years $45,000 - $65,000Graduate Interior Design $40,000 - $45,0000CAD Drafter $30,000 - $75,000Landscape Architect $40,000 - $90,000Town / Urban Planner $40,000 - $100,000Urban Designer $45,000 - $100,000Client Side Project ManagementProject Director $150,000 +Senior Project Manager 10Years + $130,000 - $155,000Intermediate Project Manager 5-10 Years $90,000 - $140,000Junior Project Manager 2-5 Years $65,000 - $100,000Graduate / Assistant Project Manager $45,000 - $60,000Civil & Structural EngineeringGroup Manager / Principal $110,000 - $135,000Design Manager $85,000 - $110,000Environmental Engineer $75,000 - $110,000Geotechnical Engineer $65,000 - $100,000Civil / Structural Engineer $65,000 - $110,000Civil / Structural Drafter $45,000 - $75,000
  10. 10. Salary SurveyCivil ConstructionConstruction Manager $130,000 - $220,000Project Manager $110,000 - $175,000Estimator $55,000 - $160,000OH&S / QA Manager $95,000 - $160,000Contracts Administrator $70,000 - $140,000Foreman / Supervisor $70,000 - $135,000Project Engineer $95,000 - $130,000Site Engineer $60,000 - $95,000Leading Hand $50,000 - $70,000Building & ConstructionState Manager $200,000 - $300,000Construction Manager $180,000 - $250,000Contracts Manager $110,000 - $160,000Project Manager $90,000 - $180,000Design Manager $100,000 - $170,000Project Engineers $100,000 - $150,000Estimator / Cost Planner $70,000 - $170,000Contracts Administrator $60,000 - $110,000Site Manager $110,000 - $160,000General Foreman $110,000 - $140,000Foreman $90,000 - $110,000Leading Hand $75,000 - $85,000Building Cadet $45,000 - $55,000Graduate $35,000 - $55,000
  11. 11. Company DetailsCompany Name Website
  12. 12. ContactDesign & ConstructLevel 4, 44 Miller StreetNorth Sydney, 2060t: 02 9955 2299f: 02 9955 2204e: