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Mindful practice


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Instructions for a mindfulness meditation practice.

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Mindful practice

  1. 1. Mindfulness Practice You can determine how much time you wish to spend in mindful practice. The key is to establish a regular mindful practice. Begin by sitting comfortably in a relaxed upright position. Close your eyes and fold your hands comfortably in your lap. Now gently bring your awareness to your body. Note any sensations of pressure, weight, and warmth. Be aware that you are here, in this body, in this moment, present and attentive. Now gently turn your attention to your breath. Notice the sensations of the breath as it enters and leaves your body. Notice the rising and falling of your chest or belly as you breathe. Notice the sensations at your nostrils on the in breath and the out breath. Let your breathing be natural, there is no need to manipulate or control your breathing in any way. When your attention wanders off and gets lost in thoughts gently but firmly redirect your awareness back to the breath. Thoughts and feelings naturally come and go. Notice them without judgement. Then redirect your attention back to the breath. Let the breath be in the foreground, thoughts and feelings in the background. The essence of mindfulness practice is the continual redirecting the attention from thoughts and feeling back to the breath, over and over again. Now gently let go of your meditation and return to everyday, ordinary awareness. You can return at any time to rest your attention on the breath and be full aware of the present moment.