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Employee assistance program orientation for williams college


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Orientation to e4health's Employee Assistance Program for Williams College.

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Employee assistance program orientation for williams college

  1. 1. Your Employee Assistance Program Orientation
  2. 2. Program Highlights • A holistic life service that has something for everyone • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year • One toll-free access point 800-828-6025 • All calls answered by master’s level counselor • Employees, household and family members covered • Extensive website include articles, tips, searchable libraries and savings center • Free and strictly confidential
  3. 3. • 30 minute Legal and/or Financial Consultations & Referrals • Power of Attorney information • Will Preparation • Identity Theft • Convenience Services • Nutrition/Weight Management • Smoking Cessation Programs • Stress Management • Various Support Groups • Gyms/Health Clubs referrals • Prenatal/Fertility • Adoption • Childcare • Adult/Elder Care: Entitlement, Housing & Hospice • Educational Services • Parenting tips • Pet Care Life Services for Everyday Living • 5 free Counseling sessions of:  Face-to-Face or  Telephonic • Unlimited In the moment support • Grief/Loss • Anxiety/Depression • Family/Couples • Dependent Coverage • Robust Network
  4. 4. Family & Caregiving Referrals and support for: • Prenatal/fertility/adoption issues • Childcare—in-home, centers, nannies, etc. • Gifted/special needs programs • Adult and elder care—housing, hospice, etc. • Academic guidance—pre-school through continuing education • Parenting tips • Pet care – boarding and grooming “My day care is closing and I need to find a replacement by the end of the month.” “My 80 year old father is having a hard time staying at home by himself. I need information on alternative living and care options.” “My child is going to college next year. What financial resources are available to families at our income level?” “I need a place to board my dog to go on this trip.”
  5. 5. Daily Living: Legal Services Free 30 minute telephone consultation with an attorney from their state on topics including: • Eldercare tools (i.e. wills, health care proxies, and powers of attorney) • Estate planning • Adoption • Divorce/custody • Landlord/tenant • Contracts • Criminal Excluded: Any Employment legal questions or pertaining to any employment. Free initial consultation. If you need an attorney in person in your area, we can refer you to one and you are eligible for a 25% discount if that participating lawyer is retained.
  6. 6. Daily Living: Financial Services Free 30 minute telephone consultation with financial educators on topics including: • Budgeting • Mortgages and loans • Identity theft recovery • Debt management programs for credit cards issues etc. • Retirement/estate planning Referrals to certified financial professionals
  7. 7. Daily Living - Convenience Services Assistance with everyday tasks: • Recreation and leisure • Major purchasing decisions • Moving and relocation • Household maintenance • Community and civic involvement Consultation and referrals: • Chore services/house cleaners • Consumer comparisons • Real estate brokers and rental agents • Contractors, electricians and plumbers • Event and party planners such as a magician or Princess for your child’s party • Volunteer opportunities
  8. 8. Health & Wellness Referrals to: • Gyms & health clubs in your area • Nutrition & weight management programs • Smoking cessation program options • Stress management • Traditional & alternative medical resources • Support groups • Pre/post-natal health resources “My best friend swears by acupuncture. I wonder if you had some names in my area?” “Nicotine patch, nicotine gum, cold- turkey– nothing has worked. Help!” “I’m looking for a gym close to work that offers personal training on a budget.” “My son is using drugs and I wondered if there were other families who struggle with this – is there like a support group I could go to?”
  9. 9. Emotional Well-Being: 5 free face-to- face counseling sessions with a licensed counselor • Relationship difficulties • Family concerns • Mental health • Life cycle events • Grief and loss • Alcohol/substance abuse • Workplace challenges • Stress “My husband and I have been bickering a lot lately. I think we’ll be OK but I wish we could find a better way to communicate.” “I don’t know what is going on with me but I’ve been crying all the time, I don’t have the energy to take care of anything and I’m hardly getting any sleep.” “My son has been acting so erratic – it’s effecting everyone in the house.” “I think I need help with my drinking.”
  10. 10. Emotional Well-Being • 24-hour/7 days a week/365 days a year telephonic access to master’s level clinicians equipped to handle routine, urgent and emergent calls. • In-the-moment telephonic support • 5 free face-to-face or telephonic counseling sessions near work or home – available sometimes even on weekends. • You may use these face-to-face sessions for individual, couples or family counseling. • Scheduled telephonic counseling sessions with a licensed counselor if you don’t have time to go in person. • Multi-cultural/multi-lingual counselors
  11. 11. Mobile friendly Website • Webinars, Tip-sheets, articles & resource guides • Child care, elder care & education locators • Live Connect: instant messaging with a Work-Life consultant • Monthly free webinars on various life topics – caregiving, stress, planning for retirement, and more. • E4 University – various webinars on important topics • Consumer tips & Real estate calculators • Tax preparation software - TaxAct • Savings Center: on-line discounts of up to 25% on hundreds of name-brand goods once registered • Legal Library with information on: bankruptcies, divorce/family, repossession, elder law, identity theft • Financial Library with information on: credit counseling, info on 529’s
  12. 12. Daily Living – Call or ‘Live Chat’ our WorkLife specialists Assistance with everyday tasks: Childcare options such as summer camps, day care centers Looking for a Pilate class or diving school or any type of activity Major purchasing decisions information -consumer comparisons Moving companies Household maintenance – licensed plumber, electrician etc. Community and civic involvement Consultation and referrals: Chore services/house cleaners Real estate brokers and rental agents Character for a party ie. Magician, Princess Options to charity organizations for financial support Event and party planners Volunteer opportunities
  13. 13. Text Message Therapy with Talkspace 13
  14. 14. Confidentiality • Adherence to federal and state confidentiality requirements • Professional code of ethics and guidelines • E4health’s confidentiality standards exceed external mandates • Release of information only with written consent – typically for formal referrals. • Confidentiality revoked only in the event of imminent harm to self or others, as required by state law • Feedback to employer: aggregate demographics only, no identifying information provided
  15. 15. Accessing E4 Health EAP • Call 800-828-6025 • Initial phone consultation with a Master’s level clinician • Identification of needs and next steps, crisis response when indicated • Immediate transfer to service area expert(s) when indicated • Convenient in-person counseling appointment scheduled, when indicated • Counseling – typically an appointment within one week. Scheduled telephonic counseling also available. • In the moment support provided w/ a licensed clinician. • Consultation, resources and referrals provided • Follow-up to ensure resolution & satisfaction • Feedback encouraged • Call again as needs arise
  16. 16. E4 for HR Professionals, Supervisors and Managers • Consultation with HR and manager together on high-risk situations and critical incidents • Management referrals: formal and informal • Dedicated Management Consultation & Support (MCS) line: 1-877-267-1585 • Personal support for you as an HR Professional, Manager or Supervisor.
  17. 17. Different Types of EAP Referrals SELF REFERRAL • Employee initiates • No feedback given to employer • Posters/flyers/brochures available to raise employee awareness about the services
  18. 18. Different Types of EAP Referrals INFORMAL REFERRAL • Many employees access E4 services when they are reminded by HR or their managers about the program • Employees often share information with their manager about life issues/challenges they are experiencing and that would be an appropriate time to mention the EAP • HR/Manager provides e4health’s phone number, informs employee that EAP is free & confidential • No feedback to HR, manager or employer
  19. 19. FORMAL REFERRAL • Positive process that supports the employee, the company and the company’s policy and procedures • HR/Manager calls the MRC line to provide information about who is being referred. • HR/Manager has the employee sign a Release of Information form and gives employee e4health’s number to call at their performance review meeting. • Employee calls and speaks to MRC clinician and provides support to the employee. • E4 Health will always collaborate with HR on these referrals – limited information is shared w/ HR. Different Types of EAP Referrals
  20. 20. Ways to Increase Awareness of E4 • Remind faculty and staff about E4 during your staff meetings and in conversations about the EAP and that they receive 5 FREE counseling sessions. • Emphasize confidentiality and privacy of the benefit and that it is free for them and their immediate family and household members! • Reinforce that E4 can help with any/all life situations and challenges that we all face everyday! • In order to access E4 services you may call or go directly to the website to receive support and resources for yourselves and your family/household members. • Encourage other faculty and staff to use us as a sounding board and support. • Promotion of E4’s Free Monthly Webinars in addition to utilizing your own free on- site seminar hours.
  21. 21. Crisis Support Services Critical Incident Response –CIR’s – Clinician scheduled on site to provide support for: • On-the-job incidents • Violence in the workplace • Death of an employee • Reduction in Force/Termination of an employee • Supporting an employee with chronic illness • Natural disaster • Catastrophic or tragic events • Other critical incidents as determined by designated HR Professional
  22. 22. How to reach Your EAP Always available. Always confidential. 1-800-828-6025 Username: williams college/ Password: guest
  23. 23. We appreciate your time and attention. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you.