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  1. 1. rahab Assignments for Week 15:‐Memory Work: Isaiah 40: 29‐31(due on Monday: memory card must be signed by parents andplaced in memory box.)‐parent‐student questions: pg. 105 #2 and 4‐Journal Responses due by Friday‐Quiz on Friday 1
  2. 2. Monday‐Read and discuss rahabs story. (pg. 100)‐Journal Question: Have you ever been betrayed by someone? Have you ever betrayed someone? Explain the situation, and how it turned out.*Requirements: Journal response should include ananswer and explanation. response should be 50 wordsor more. 2
  3. 3. tuesday‐Pretest‐Work on and discuss parent/studentquestions 3
  4. 4. Thursday‐read and discuss the rest of the chapter‐journal question: Is it ever okay to tell a lie? Why or why not?*Requirements: Journal response should include an answerand explanation. each response should be 50 words or more. 4