5th Grade Research Paper - Parent Information


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5th Grade Research Paper - Parent Information

  1. 1. 5th Grade Research Writing Project—Biography Dear Parents, rd th During the remainder of 3 quarter and for a portion of 4 quarter, your child will be working on a research writing project-a biography. Because we have never done a project involving researching and taking notes from a source before, all students will be researching the same person for their biography. We will be researching and writing about the Egyptian pharaoh, Ramesses II, as th this ties in with the 5 Grade Social Studies unit. Please take a few minutes to read through the following information regarding this project. Included with this letter is a statement on plagiarism, as well as outlined dates for the project. The dates listed on page 3 are for specific items I will need to grade and/or check progress, as well as to give you a general idea of what we are doing in class to complete the research project. (Please keep in mind that dates may have to be altered due to the needs of class throughout the project. If dates are changed, students will be told in class, and their planners will reflect change. The weekly newsletter/e-mail will have the corrected dates.) Because we have never done a writing project like this, a majority of the work will be done in class. However, time may need to be spent outside of class to complete work for due dates. Completing work by the due dates is an important part of this project. This writing project will be a large portion of your student’s grade for this quarter and part of next quarter. The finished project will count as a test grade (100 points), plus the individual due dates and in-class work will count as homework grades. If you have questions about this project, please e-mail or call me. Thanks in advance for your help and support during this research th writing project! Please sign and remove the bottom portion of this document and turn in by Monday, February 18 . Blessings, Mrs. Weber --------------------------------------------------------------------We have read through the Parent Letter, Statement on Plagiarism and the outlined due dates for this project. Student Name: ____________________________________________________ Student Signature: ______________________________________________________ Date: ___________________ Parent Signature: ________________________________________________________ Statement on Plagiarism Date: ___________________ The following is what Marquette High School Language Arts Department sends home with their students explaining Rockwood’s policy on plagiarism. “Recent media reports about plagiarism in our nation’s high schools and universities reveal how tempting it is, with the abundant Internet sources available, for students to “borrow” from such sources and others without properly crediting the authors. Most students will never make the mistake of plagiarizing, and indeed this behavior may be truly unintentional, with students simply unclear on how to correctly paraphrase and document. At other times, however, students may understand they are plagiarizing and yet see it as the easy way out without realizing the seriousness of their actions. Rockwood School District now has a districtwide policy on academic dishonesty, which includes plagiarism. Even so, the consequences detailed in this new policy are minor ones compared to what students could suffer at the college level. For example, a top Princeton senior was rejected by at least six law schools after she plagiarized an assignment only months before graduation. With all this in mind, the Language Arts Department at Marquette wants to be certain that everyone understands what plagiarism is and how to use sources properly. In any kind of research, the correct use of source material can benefit a student, while the misuse of sources could damage a student’s academic standing. During the course of the school year, every Marquette English 1
  2. 2. 5th Grade Research Writing Project—Biography teacher gives a definition of plagiarism and explains what must be done when writing a paper or preparing a speech in order to ensure ethical treatment of all sources.” --------------------------------------------------------------------Students at St. John need to understand how to use information they get from a variety of sources. As a class, we will go through how to use information from sources without plagiarizing, and hopefully students will not plagiarize, either intentionally or unintentionally. According to our school handbook, cheating or the appearance of cheating will result in a grade of zero for the assignment, plus we will contact the parent. Please help your child understand that plagiarizing is cheating. Thanks for your cooperation and support! Important Dates for the Biography February 20 Project Explaining in Class—Parent Forms, Overview & Process, Due Dates February 20 Parent Packet Sent Home—Signed form due on Monday, February 24 February 24 Finding Sources (Source 1: History Book, Source 2: Reliable Website) th th February 27 March 3 Creating a Works Cited Page & Source Cards (due on Friday, February 28 ) th Reading/Noting Sources (finish reading, noting and highlighting due Tuesday, March 4 ) March 4 -Compare Notes from Sources th -Creating an Outline (due on Wednesday, March 5 ) March 5 -Note-taking Basics -Setting up/Formatting Note Cards March 6 Research/Note Taking March 7 Research/Note Taking March 9 Research/Note Taking (Research/Note Cards FINISHED by Tuesday, March 11) March 11 Rough Draft Writing March 12 Rough Draft Writing March 13-14 Rough Draft Writing (Rough Draft due on Friday, March 14 ) March 17-21 Spring Break  March 25-29 -Rough Drafts Returned / Mini-Conferences -Typed Draft Guidelines & Reminders th -Typed Draft due on Thursday, March 27 st -Adult Edit of Typed Draft due on Tuesday, April 1 th 2
  3. 3. 5th Grade Research Writing Project—Biography April 3 -Typed Draft Returned / Mini-Conferences -Final Draft Guidelines & Reminders April 7-11 -Final Draft Preparations (Final Draft due on Monday, April 14 ) April 14 th FINAL DRAFT DUE! 3