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Colores pigmento


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  • Please we have learned from your web that you are one of the leading chemical importers in the world , We Tangshan Xiagang Chemical China, mainly in the production of more than 90 varieties of Pigments & Fine Chemicals

    We export all kinds of pigment to many countries. (REACH. SGS)

    Here are our strong products, some corresponding products as Basf,Ciba:

    1, VIOLET:

    Pigment Violet 23 -- corresponding PV FAST VIOLET RL

    Pigment Violet 19 -- corresponding Quinold Red E5B-02, Quinold Violet ER-02, Quinold Violet E3B

    2, RED: Pigment Red 122, Pigment Red 202

    Pigment Red 177------CIBA RED A3B

    Pigment Red HT------CIBA BTR TYPE

    Pigment Red HL------CIBA BO TYPE

    Pigment Red 170F3RK F5RK-CLARIANT STD

    Pigment Red HR------------CIBA 2030 Type

    Pigment Red 53: 1 same --Graphtol Red LG /LC

    Pigment Red 149 corresponding PV FAST RED B

    3, YELLOW:

    Pigment yellow 138 Pigment Yellow 185 Pigment Yellow 191

    Pigment Yellow 139 corresponding Paliotol Yellow K1841 Paliotol Yellow L2140 Paliotol Yellow L1820

    Pigment Yellow 83 corresponding CLARIANT PIGMENT HR, HR-02 HR-08

    4, Pigment Orange 5 .Pigment Orange 36 CLARIANT ORANGE HL

    5,Pigment Blue 15:0 15:1 15:3 BGS BASF 6840 BASF7090

    6, Fine Chemicals

    Pigment White 21
    Barium sulfate

    Pigment White 10
    Barium carbonate

    Barium Fluoride
    Barium Fluoride

    Sodium Bifluoride
    Sodium Bifluoride

    Lithium Hexafluoroaluminate
    Lithium Hexafluoroaluminate

    Potassium Fluoroaluminate
    Potassium Fluoroaluminate

    Nickel Fluoride
    Nickel Fluoride 32%

    We just believe the best quality will the first business.


    Tom Yang

    ADD: Zhangliangpu Yangjiabanqiao Town Yutian County Tangshan City Hebei P.C: 100192

    TEL: 0086(0)315-6599208 /6597105

    Tangshan Xiagang Chemical Co.,Ltd
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Colores pigmento

  2. 2. Colores pigmento PRIMARIOS
  3. 3. Colores pigmento SECUNDARIOS
  4. 4. Amarillo + Cian ______ VERDE
  5. 5. Amarillo + Magenta ______ ROJO
  6. 6. Magenta + Cian ______ AZUL