Rats Menace - Options for Rat Control


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Get Rid of Rat Menace from your homes and offices with rat control products, tips and techniques from ePestSolutions, USA's Leading pest control products reseller.

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Rats Menace - Options for Rat Control

  1. 1. Call 1-888-523-7378Call 1-888-523-7378Rats!Options for Rat Controlhttp://www.epestsolutions.com/© 2012 ePestSolutions. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Call 1-888-523-7378Rat ControlRats are a serious and often dangerous pestand predator that should not be taken lightly.They can easily wreak havoc both insideand outside of your home. These pests should becontrolled as soon as you see them or theirremnants.http://www.epestsolutions.com/© 2012 ePestSolutions. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Call 1-888-523-7378Rat ControlThings to Know About Rats• Rats pose both indoor and outdoor threats• Rats can ruin gardens, lawns, and vegetation• Hide under wood piles, around garbage cans,in compost bins, etc.• Indoors rats can destroy items in your home,raid the food pantry, bring disease with them,and even start electrical fires from chewing onwireshttp://www.epestsolutions.com/© 2012 ePestSolutions. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Call 1-888-523-7378Rat ControlWays to Get Rid of Rats• The easiest method is the simple snap trap; snaptraps are easy to find and set up• Simply bait the trap with a food item and placethe trap in a place where you have spotted ratdroppings• Poison is also an option, though notrecommended as the rats often die in hard toreach places• As such, they will eventually leave a foul smell• If poison is used, a bait station is recommendedhttp://www.epestsolutions.com/© 2012 ePestSolutions. All rights reserved.