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The plural


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The plural in English

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The plural

  2. 2. The pluralof mostnouns ismade by dog dogsadding -s house houses
  3. 3. If the singular ends in consonant + y, the plural isnormally made by changing y to i and adding –es. Singular Plural Baby babies Lady ladies Ferry ferries Party parties
  4. 4. If the singular ends in vowel + y, the plural is made byadding –s. Singular Plural day days boy boys guy guys donkey donkeysProper names ending in consonant + y, usually haveplurals in –ys.Do you know the Kennedys?
  5. 5. What are the plural forms of these words? citys cities city tray trays traies valley valleys valleies family familys families trolley trolleys trolleies lorry lorrys lorries monkey monkeys monkeies
  6. 6. If the singular ends in – ch, -sh, -s, -x or –z, the plural ismade by adding –es. Singular Plural church churches crash crashes bus buses box boxes buzz buzzesNouns ending in a single –z have plurals in –zzes.Quiz → quizzes
  7. 7. Some nouns ending in –o have plurals in –es. The mostcommon: Singular Plural echo echoes hero heroes negro negroes potato potatoes tomato tomatoes
  8. 8. Nouns ending in vowel + o have plurals in –s. Radios / zoos So do the following, and most new words ending in –o thatcome into the language: Singular Plural kilo kilos logo logos piano pianos photo photos
  9. 9. The following words can have plurals in –s or –es; -es is more coomon. Singular Plural buffalo buffalo(e)s mosquito moquito(e)s tornado tornado(e)s volcano volcano(e)s
  10. 10. Irregular and special plurals
  11. 11. The following nouns ending in –f(e) haveplurals in –ves. Singular Plural half halves knife knives leaf leaves life lives wife wives shelf shelves
  12. 12. Irregular pluralsSingular Pluralchild childrenfoot feetgoose geeseman menmouse miceox oxenperson peopletooth teethwoman women
  13. 13. Some words ending in –s don’t change in the plural. Common Examples: Series Crossroads Species Sheep Deer Fish Aircraft Spacecraft Chinese (and other nationality nouns ending in –ese)
  14. 14. Note that some singular uncountable nouns end in –s and they have no plural.NewsBilliardsMeaslesand most words ending in –icsMathematicsPhysicsathletics
  15. 15. Summary- Consonant + -y → -ies- Vowel + -y → -ys- -sh, -ch, -s, -x & -z→ -es- -o → -oes or -os- -f(e) → -ves- Some words have irregular plurals- Some words don’t have plural form- Some words are the same in singular and plural