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Ignite Hamilton


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A talk about the musical Hamilton in the Ignite format: 20 auto-forwarding slides. For this version, I also included "outtakes" -- some images that I collected while I was working on it but didn't get to use. Yes, I have 2 different "never gon' be president now" gifs.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Ignite Hamilton

  1. 1. Look how lucky we are to be alive right now The catchy, compelling, and complex nature of Hamilton the Musical
  2. 2. Grammy Pulitzer Tonys (16 noms) Sold-out performances Billboard 5-stars Currently #13 on charts
  3. 3. WHY‽
  4. 4. 20,000 words 2.5 hours
  5. 5. miranda/Hamilton-original-broadway-cast-recording
  6. 6. Listen for yourself Want to talk Hamilton? Elaine Nelson • YouTube: “Hamilton Musical” Timberland Regional Library Spotify zkm4gzRQc Amazon, iTunes, Google Play
  7. 7. Outtakes These are some extra images I didn’t have room for.