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S.B.C Outfitters


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S.B.C Outfitters

  1. 1. By SammyLlanes,BrandonVargas, andCarl San Luis
  2. 2.  S.B.C Outfitters is a place where anyone could shop and find their own style & be themselves. That’s what I call a good store
  3. 3.  We would need clothing racks, hangers, shoes, jewelry, and of course clothes!
  4. 4.  We’ll sell many different styles of clothes for each season. We will also sell shoes for any size! 
  5. 5.  7523 sunset blvd Los Angles CA. Our place is 1,400 sq ft.
  6. 6.  S.B.C. Outfitters will need about 75,000, for the supplies. The Racks and all the Hangers The Clothes Will Cost About 20,000 will cost around Another 20,000 Total: $75,000 The Jewelery Will be extremely The Shoes Will Cost 5,000, that is high because diamonds are really like cheap. expensive so around 30,000 for it