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High Reliability User Interface Solutions


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Epec Engineered Technologies is an experienced custom designer and manufacturer of high reliability user interface control panels. High reliability user interfaces are defined as being more dependable than standard membrane switches as they incorporate additional components into a full assembly such as displays, switches, interface electronics, and graphics with aesthetics to match demanding OEM applications.

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High Reliability User Interface Solutions

  1. 1.  DELIVERING QUALITY SINCE 1952. High Reliability User Interface Solutions
  2. 2. 2 America's Oldest, A History of Innovation  Privately held company, established in 1952.  Estimated 2015: Sales: US$50 Million  117 Employees Worldwide (84 – North America, 30 – Asia, 3 – Europe)  Design and manufacture customized, built-to-print, performance-critical products for all sectors of the electronics industry.  Leading provider of printed circuit boards, custom battery packs, energy efficient fans & motors, cable assemblies and high reliability user interfaces.  Integrated supply chain management solutions to handle the complexity of today’s global marketplace while making sure that every order is being manufactured at the “right” factory.
  3. 3. 3 User Interface Customers
  4. 4. 4 What Is Our Value Proposition?  WHO: Focus on Tier 1 & 2, Military, Aerospace, Medical, SATCOM and Lab/Test Equipment Customers  WHAT: When customers have a need for an integrated high reliability/ruggedized electronic user interface  WITH: Our in house design and manufacturing resources both in Largo, FL and Asia  WHY: Our “one stop shop” approach allows us to keep production costs down and speed up development time for our customers
  5. 5. 5 User Interface Products Ruggedized Front Panels Harsh Environment Interfaces Display Panel User Interfaces Touch Screen Integration Control Boxes / Panels Design & Value Added Services
  6. 6. 6 Facility & Quality Certifications  Navy Flight Hardware Certified Facility  AS9100C / ISO 9001:2008  ITAR Registered: M27406  CAGE Code: 08817  IPC Level A Instructor In House  Environmental Testing In House
  7. 7. 7 Industry Reliable Solutions  Industries Which Require High Reliability – Military & Aerospace • Cockpit, Control & Display • Communication Devices • Support Equipment • SATCOM Devices • Passenger Comfort – Medical Devices • Patient Comfort • Medication Delivery • Inventory Control – Industrial Controls • Material Test Hardware • Laboratory/Test Equipment
  8. 8. 8 Development Process
  9. 9. 9 Design Capabilities Prototyping 3D Modeling Technology Selection Concept Development Product Styling System Integration Firmware & Software Graphic Design Testing & Compliance Electro Mechanical
  10. 10. 10 Design Experience Full Design – Start to Finish • New Projects and Applications • Library of over 3,500 designs to reference Reverse Engineering • Minimal or No Documentation • Hardware, Firmware and Software Product Updates • Analog to Digital • Mechanical to Touch Screen
  11. 11. 11 User Interface Assemblies  We focus on delivering complete integrated assemblies: – Printed Circuit Boards – Touch Screens – Displays/LCDs – Membrane Switches – Silicone Rubber Keypads – Cable Assemblies – Power Supplies – Enclosures (Plastic, Metal) – Connectors – Back Panels – Pointing Devices/Switches – Sensors One Source – One Solution
  12. 12. 12  Tactile Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Switch Assemblies – Highest Reliability – Gold Contacts – Metal Dome Switches – Ultra Thin PCB’s (0.010” min) – Backlighting • LED, Fiber Optic, EL Tactile PCB Switch Assemblies
  13. 13. 13 Flex & Rigid Flex Assemblies  Flex & Rigid Flex Assemblies – All The Same Benefits as a Rigid PCB Design – Unlimited Freedom of Packaging Geometry While Retaining the Precision Density and Repeatability of Printed Circuits – High Reliability Replacement for Wire and Cable Harness Assemblies – Design to Fit to Your Device
  14. 14. 14 Membrane Switch Assemblies  Membrane Switches – Tactile, Flat and Poly Dome Switches – Pillow and Rim Embossing – Embedded LEDS and Resistors – Polyester and Copper Flex Circuitry – ESD/EMI Shielding – Backlighting & Back Plates – Switches and other hardware – Full System Integration
  15. 15. 15 Capacitive Touch Membrane  Capacitive sensing technology uses embedded circuitry to create an electrical field able to detect the presence of a human finger or other conducting object entering its field. – PCB or Film Keypad – Excellent Response and Optical Performance – A protective overcoat will provide scratch resistance and excellent clarity – Withstand contaminants such as dirt, water, grease, running liquid, and harsh chemicals – Reduced Power Consumption – No Embossing Required – Backlighting – Electronics Development PCB or Film KeypadBack Panel Graphic Overlay
  16. 16. 16 Touch Screen Technology  Resistive touch is the least expensive technology and still used in application on very small devices and where there is minimum repetitive user input needed.  Projective Capacitive Touch Technology - This technology will work with a finger touch, finger with glove touch (limited to material and thickness) and special stylist.  Infrared touch also called IR touch is the generally the most expensive solution to implement. This solution most widely used in the military and harsh industrial environments.
  17. 17. 17 Touch Screen Capabilities  Our team of experts is here to provide design and manufacturing services including: – Display/LCD Selection – Identify the best Touch Technology – Mechanical Design & Validation – Identify and Integrate a Controller Solution – Firmware and Software Development – Protective Shielding – Housing and Graphics Design – End Product Integration
  18. 18. 18 Hand Held Interfaces  Completely Integrated Solution  Design and Manufacture of: – Bed Controls – Lighting Controls – Leak Detection – Handheld Devices – Heavy Equipment Controls  Integration of: – Enclosures – Cable Assemblies – Rubber Keypads – Membrane Switches – PCB’s – LED’s and Backlighting
  19. 19. 19 Control Panel Interfaces  Full Design and Integration of System Level Components – Hardware and Touch Screen Interface – Cable Assemblies – Enclosures – Networking Devices – IP Rated Solutions – Displays & Backlighting – Software Development – Repair & Trouble shooting Depot – Full Test Capabilities – Internal Heating and Cooling
  20. 20. 20  Creating high reliability solutions for our customers by truly understanding the application and combining the best technologies for each application.  Examples: – Design sealed assemblies for wash down applications and protection against exposure to salt fog, water, dust, blowing sand and harsh chemicals. – Built to withstand extreme temperature and humidity variations, thermal shock, acceleration, altitude, decompression, impacts and vibrations. – ESD/EMI/RFI shielded to MIL STD 461 against electrostatic, magnetic or radio frequency interference. Where We Excel
  21. 21. 21 Facility In Largo, FL  15,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing Space  Engineering Lab  Full Machine Shop  Test Chambers & Equipment  AS9100 and Navy Flight Hardware Certified  Electronic Assembly, soldering and rework with IPC certified operators  Separate RoHS and Leaded Assembly Area’s  All production and test fixtures produced in house  3D Printing for Prototypes
  22. 22. 22 Inventory Management  Customer requirements are always unique and customized, therefore our inventory management system must accommodate for this type of environment.  We Offer: – Kanban – Consignment – JIT Programs – Blanket Orders – Customer Fulfillment – Bonded Warehousing – Kitting – Safety Stock – Other flexible solutions
  23. 23. 23 The Difference is Measureable 1. Quicker Delivery - Epec's technology infrastructure and people, including the Asian and US based operations, manufacturing and engineering teams, enable jobs to get started the same day the order is received with no delays due to 24/7 coverage. 2. World Class Designs – With industry leading technical resources for all of our product groups, our design and engineering group works with customers to help minimize unit production costs of finished products , reduce project risks and speed time to market. 3. Better Quality - Epec ensures higher levels of quality through actual investment in all of our processes. Whether it is our 10+ people strong quality organization in Asia, equipping our tech centers with the latest tech gear to test parts, or our continuous improvement auditing process, real investment is made to ensure quality. 4. Flexibility - Each of our manufacturing facilities have been selected for their best-in-class niche product and delivery and technology solutions, ensuring our optimal facility is building every order.