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Research Into TV Advert


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Published in: Education
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Research Into TV Advert

  1. 1. - Channel 4
  2. 2. The direct eye contact connotes a sense of confidence but also that of power and authority. Blunkett’s facial expression appears neutral, suggesting he is private and discreet person, who gives The only use of colour is little away. that of a light blue, this creates connotations ofIn addition, Blunkett’s peace, however, it alsoeye has been edited used to convey which contrasts As the documentarywith the black and white contains tapes that provideimage; this is done to a revealing and personalsuggest he is the insight into Blunkett’sbeholder of great experiences as a ministerknowledge and power. over the years. The use of The image is unusual blue maybe reflects a and striking, as only sense of calm and one side of his face his reflection, as now the displayed. This is tapes have been released; purposefully done to the minister himself can suggest he has a split talk more candidly to a persona. viewing audience.displaying However, by only half his face this suggests Furthermore, it also that he is only half a connotes themes of person, whose reputation secrecy, suggesting has been tarnished and maybe he possesses a The image of Blunkett is presented in black and white, to reflect damaged beyond repair. hidden agenda or holds the serious nature of the documentary. Additionally these Alternatively, it may also link inside knowledge that colours may have been used to highlight how he is an important with this idea that he has has not yet been figure in society, who will be remembered for many years on as been unable to rebuild shared with the public. black and white photos are often intended to appear timeless himself following this fall from and classic. grace.
  3. 3. The phrase ‘Drama Queen’, is used in a humorous and mocking tone as it contrasts with this image of her crying, implying that the reasons for her tears are trivial and unimportant. However, she alsoThis image of the appears lost in thoughtQueen crying deviates suggesting she isfrom the typical reflecting on theportrayal of her in the events that broughtmedia, as a happy and her to this moment.content individual. Furthermore, theWhilst it is a rare image clearly fits withphotograph, it is used the title and the themeto convey that all great of documentary, whichfigures in society have recalls the mostto endure a degree of memorable days ofgrief and sadness in her reign.order to becomesuccessful and strong. The channel 4 logo isAlso her facial present on all theseexpression appears posters to remind viewerspained and watch channel it issorrowful, suggesting on, without actuallyshe is struggling to The colour black is used to reflect the Queen’s mentioning it anywhere income to terms with the status and position in society, suggesting she is the text. As channel four isdegree of dominant figure, who plays an important role. well known institution, sooverwhelming many audiences willsadness, which has recognise their logo.seeped into her life
  4. 4. This image is a modern twist on traditional paintings Overall, the image appears to depict aseen in earlier centuries. These paintings were often decaying and broken Britain, showcasingused to convey a generalized image of society. The individuals that appear to have lost allimage is in black and white to reflect the serious and their inhabitations through these sevenimportant message of the show, but also to make it deadly sins.appear old and dated. This negative representation of England is Each of England’s ‘seven sins’, appears to further reinforced by another of the seven be represented by individuals within the sins ‘binge drinking’, where a toddler in a image. However, it does work largely on pram appears to be surrounded by adults stereotypes. The most prominent figure in who appear carefree and unconcerned the photo is a male, wearing a Burberry cap. over the welfare of the child. This also The use of Burberry is intended and suggests that maybe it is ‘sins’ such as significant as it a pattern often associated Binge drinking which have allowed us as with ‘chavs’. In addition he is also holding a a society to lose our sense of care and drink which appears to be spilling compassion. everywhere, conveying a sense of carelessness but also a general lack of respect.
  5. 5. The child appears todisplay an inquisitive The imageand intrigued adopts alook, which matches relatively cleanthis idea of staying and spacious‘curious’. layout, thisFurthermore, childre leaves audiencesn are known for with a greaterdeveloping a sense sense ofof curiosity which intrigue, as theredrives them to are virtually noexplore new things. clues as to whatIn this case the child else theappears to be documentaryopening the lid of a might entail.bin, in order todiscover what’s Also the title ‘Meet The Foxes’, appears more personal andinside. intimate as it implies these animals should be viewed with a sense of care and love, rather than with hostility. This is unusual as often foxes are considered to be dangerous creatures, which should not to be approached. Furthermore, the title implies that the foxes have almost integrated into the community, by living alongside humans in an urban environment as opposed to their natural habitat.