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Underage drinking of college students


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Underage drinking of college students

  2. 2. STATEMENT: Question: Why do underage college students drink? The reason why I chose this question is because I was wondering how manycollege underage students drink. I also wanted to know the following questions? • Why do they drink underage? • What makes underage college students drink? • How much and when do they drink? The importance of drinking underage of college students is important tocommunication and media studies because it can look at the college setting and tryto figure out what it going on to see how they communicate to one another.
  3. 3. REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE Research shows that more than 80 percent of college students drinkalcohol…(National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) From age 13 to 21, the percentage of people who report binge drinking increasesfrom an estimated 1% to 50%. (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) Almost half of all the alcohol consumed by students attending four-year colleges isconsumed by underage students.(National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) Young people may drink to change their image or to fit in when moving to a newschool or town(National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc) The holes that my research will find out is that I personally did a survey that peoplecould relate to.
  4. 4. EXPECTATIONS What I expect to find in my study are the personal reasons whycollege students who are underage drink. I think that underage college students drink because they thinkthat it is cool because one that they are underage and two they thinkthat they wont get caught.
  5. 5. STUDY DESIGN/ METHODS How I conducted my study was by using a survey. I found that this method wasthe best. Here is my survey: • The reason why I used this method was that it is quick and easy to get theresults. I made the survey short so that people would not get overwhelmed. How I used this method was that I used a survey site called surveymonkey. Icreated the survey that I wanted and I emailed it to people and also I put it up onFacebook. I got around 17 people who filled out my survey.
  6. 6. RESULTS When looking at my results for the first time I noted that: • Most of the people who answered my survey were female • The average age was about 24 • The questions that people could type in to had really good comments • “What makes underage drinking happen” The top answer for this question was “peer pressure.” My last question that was about providing alcohol to minors was verygood feedback. The result of this question were that the people whoanswered were all about family and close friends when giving alcohol tominors.
  7. 7. RESULTS II When looking deeper in the peer pressure question I read theresponses. What I found was that it was very wide open. One personsaid the expectations of a college campus. Another response was thatliving with people over the age of 21 and they just wanted to try it. When I first looked at the results I found that more women tookmy survey then men by a huge margin.
  8. 8. RESULTS III Question 4 that asked about what people think about underagedrinking. • The total number of people who answered this question so far is 13. • 53% said that it is ok to drink underage • 23% said that it is both fine and wrong to drink To me that is a good number because it is about half when lookingat the 53%.
  9. 9. CONCLUSION/ DISCUSSION What I found out is that underage college students are going to continue todrink. It has happened for many year and will continue to happen. The best way to slow it the drinking down is to educate them on how much todrink so that they don’t end up dead. When looking at past finding I noted that universities and colleges have in theirhandbook a fact sheet about drinking and how it effects college life The larger implications of this study is to be aware of what might happen if aunderage college students drinks to much.
  10. 10. REFERENCES