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El Paso City Council 04.29.2014 Agenda Item 10.2


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An Ordinance releasing all conditions placed on property by Ordinance No. 7544 which changed the zoning of a portion of A.F. Miller Survey no. 214 N/K/A Tract 35, A.F. Miller Survey No. 214, 111 Rio Flor Place, City of El Paso, El Paso County, Texas. The penalty is as provided for in Chapter 20.24 of the El Paso City Code. Subject property: 111 Rio Flor Place. Property Owner: Maria Ovalle. PZCR14-00001


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El Paso City Council 04.29.2014 Agenda Item 10.2

  1. 1. Improvement Plan
  2. 2. Ordinance 7544, dated July 20, 1982
  3. 3. Commercial Office-Park (C-OP) Comparison Commercial Office-Park (C-OP) Comparison Use C-OP C-1 Farmer’s Market X P Business Office P P Hospital SP P Auto Parts Sales X P Ice Skating Facility X S Pet Shop P P Grocery SP P Triplex X P Bar / Nightclub P P C-OP and C-1 “Provide compatible neighborhood convenience goods and services that serve day-to-day needs. Permit locations for business and professional offices and retail category uses within adjacent residential areas of medium and high densities.”
  4. 4. Subject Property
  5. 5. North
  6. 6. South
  7. 7. West
  8. 8. East