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El Paso City Council 04.15.2014 Agenda Item 4.5


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An Ordinance approving a detailed site development plan for a portion of Lot 1, Block 2, Crossroads Subdivision Unit 2, 7955 N. Mesa, City of El Paso, El Paso County, Texas, pursuant to Section 20.04.150. The penalty is as provided for in Chapter 20.24 of the El Paso City Code. Subject Property: 7955 N. Mesa. Property Owner: Downstream Partners LP. PZDS13-00020

District 8

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El Paso City Council 04.15.2014 Agenda Item 4.5

  1. 1. Detailed Site Development Plan
  2. 2. Subject Property & South
  3. 3. West
  4. 4. North
  5. 5. East