City Plan Commission 03132014 Agenda Item #9


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9. SUSU14-00013: Haciendas Del Rio 1,2,3 –Tracts 3B, 3C, 3D1 & A 30 Foot County ROW, Block 16, and Tracts 1B and 1D, Block 13 of Upper Valley Surveys, El Paso County, Texas
Location: North of Borderland and West of Doniphan
Property Owners: County of El Paso; Haciendas Del Rio Partners L.P.
Representative: CAD Consulting
District: ETJ

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City Plan Commission 03132014 Agenda Item #9

  1. 1. The applicant is proposing the following modifications: •To allow a reduction of turning heel radius of a 70’ radius (Rio Haciendas Cir., Rio De Jazmin Cir., Rio El Jardin Cir.). •To allow for a location map scale of 1” = 1000’ instead of 1”=600’. •To allow a 30’ wide pedestrian ROW pathway to allow access from this subdivision to the Rio Grande River. •To allow a cross-section for a 52’ ROW without sidewalk, inclusion of 18’ and 23’ to allow for widening of Strahan Rd. •To allow for a block length of 2,407 feet on Rio Haciendas Dr., due to topographic and site conditions. •To allow irrigation easements in order to provide proper surface water to the larger lots within this development.
  2. 2. PLANELPASO Neighborhood Patterns Goal 2.2: The City of El Paso should change its growth pattern away from homogeneous land uses and return to a pattern of compact well-connected mixed-use neighborhoods. Street Design Principles Goal 2.3: The City of El Paso wishes to create complete networks of multimodal streets with ample shaded sidewalks and frequent on-street parking.
  3. 3. PLANELPASO Policy 2.2.2 – Should have mix of housing types including duplexes, townhomes, multi-family buildings, live-work units, and accessory dwelling units •Single-family units are the only proposed housing • (228 Lots)
  4. 4. PLANELPASO Policy 2.2.4 – Should have primary civic space, connect commercial uses to greens and squares, face small lots onto arterial roads, provide variety in neighborhood’s housing •One park •No commercial •One residential option
  5. 5. PLANELPASO Policy 2.3.2 – Should connect to the existing street network in all adjoining areas when practical •Subdivision proposes four possible connections to existing street network
  6. 6. PLANELPASO Policy 2.3.4 – Should have interconnected street pattern and small block perimeters, should provide rear alleys •One pedestrian easement connecting to Rio Grande River Trail. •Perimeters for Blocks 1, 5, 6 & 8 exceed recommendations in Plan El Paso •Connectivity Index = Links/ Nodes = 27/24 = 1.125 •No alleys proposed
  7. 7. PLANELPASO Policy 2.3.6 – Should provide street trees, sidewalks, and on- street parking. •On-street parking and sidewalks are being proposed; sub-collectors. •No street trees.