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Immersion heating tri fold dl


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Immersion heating tri fold dl

  1. 1. If you would like to have any part of this explained or translated, or in a different format such as in larger print, or on audio tape, please contact us on 01249 465465 to discuss your needs. Electric immersion heaters Jeśli wymagają Państwo wyjaśnienia jakiegoś fragmentu albo jego tłumaczenia, albo w innym formacie, takim jak duży druk, albo na kasecie audio, proszę się z nami skontaktować pod numerem telefonu 01249 465465, aby przedyskutować Państwa potrzeby. Efficient usage Herhangi bir kısmının izah edilmesini veya tercüme edilmesini, ya da iri harfler veya ses bantı gibi başka bir fotmatta verilmesini isterseniz, lütfen ihtiyaçlarınızı konuşmak için bu numaraya telefon edin: 01249 465465. ISSUED: NOVEMBER 2010 Methuen Park Chippenham SN14 0GU tel 01249 465465 immersion PART OF GREENSQUARE GROUP LIMITED
  2. 2. This user guide will help you to use your type of heater is normally controlled by a heat around 10-gallon/45 litres of hotimmersion heater in the most energy simple on/off switch or timer. water on day rate electricity should youefficient way. An electric immersion heater need more hot water during the day. Ifcan be a cost effective and energy efficient A dual immersion heater fitted in the top of you are not sure which system you haveway of providing hot water for you and your a 30 gallon/120 litre or larger tank. then you should contact It can be used all year round or just Twin immersion heaters, one of which is To make best use of the time switchduring the summer months when the main fitted in the top (downwards or sideways) controller periodically check that the clockheating is switched off. with the other fitted sideways towards the is correctly set for current timer and toIf you decide to use your immersion heater bottom of the tank. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Leave thefor more than just a very short period each switch in the ‘auto’ position and the tankday, then consider taking advantage of low should heat up during the Economy 7cost night time electricity on Economy 7. hours. In general a 3kw element will heat 10 gallons (45 litres) of water in one hour.By heating the water overnight at off peak To find out how much water your tankrates you can have a tank of hot water for contains simply measure the height – 1ftaround the same cost as heating water for (300mm) is equivalent to about 10 gallonsone hour on the standard tariff. (45 litres) of water.Check the insulation on your hot water tank Single Dual Twin Try to avoid using the ‘boost’ buttonto ensure the water stays hot until you want (usually 1-2 hours) as it switches theto use it. Fitting a new lagging jacket will All immersion heaters can operate on heater on to daytime electricity which iscost around £15 and should pay for itself in Economy 7 with or without the addition of a more expensive. On some controllers youa month or two, saving energy and money. special time switch controller. A controller can programme the boost to come on at simply makes sure you heat the bulk of your certain times to meet additional hot waterHot water tanks should be fitted with a water during the seven night hours and takes needs. The boost button will not operatejacket of at least 80mm thickness approved away the chore of having to remember to in the programmed times during theto British Standard BS615:1985. These are switch on and off each time you want hot Economy 7 hours.inexpensive, are made in a range of standard water.sizes and are fitted with belts to fit them Your immersion heater is controlled by asnugly round the tank. Westlea will fit these Some dual or twin installations will already thermostat which must be carefully set asfor you if required. have two circuits wired so that the lower temperatures that are too high can cause element (off-peak) is controlled by the meter scale build-up and the eventual need toA single immersion heater which is fitted time switch or tele switch. In these cases you replace the immersion heater, too low andeither in the top of a 30 gallon/120 litre will probably have a simple ‘run back’ timer it can cause Legionnaires disease. Thetank or in the side towards the bottom. This mounted by the tank which will allow you to ideal temperature is 60 degrees.Electric immersion heaters