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We all know that implementing pay cards is by far the easiest way to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the payroll department. Until now, there hasn’t been a simple way to do that. Discover the single-source EPAY pay card solution, powered by SimplyPaid, that will move your employees to 100% paperless pay.

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  • Thanks John. Welcome to our webinar “Time & Attendance Solutions for Employers with a Distributed Workforce” presented by EPAY Systems. My name is Michelle Lanter Smith. I am the Vice President of Marketing here at EPAY.I’d like to extend a warm welcome to all of you on the line with us today.Also, I see we have some our partners with us today. A warm welcome goes out to our Sprint and Paychex friends.Our goal today is to give you a high level understanding of how an EPAY time and labor management system can benefit a firm that has employees scattered across many locations. I’ll be taking you through an overview and then I’ll be joined by our systems expert, John Gaudiuso, for a demonstration of our cloud-based software, Blueforce.
  • But before we give you a brief tour of Blueforce, I’d like to tell you briefly about EPAY.EPAY is in the time and labor management business and we specialize in dealing with complex and distributed labor. Our organization understands all of the challenges and limitations a company with employees scattered everywhere deals with as it relates to deploying new technology in the field, as well as managing and tracking it’s labor force.Our web-based system, Blueforce, drives two main benefits for our clients:We help them reduce their total labor costs by more than 5%We help them lower their overall risk in facing compliancy issues – we have a built-in compliance orientated features . . . Right in our systemDistributed labor can present many challenges. Yet, labor is probably your largest cost.Complex pay rules, shift differentials, employees working one task in the morning and a different one in the afternoon. Employees working at customer sites or moving from job to job.These are tough for most time and attendance systems. But not for us. Our uniquely flexible pay rules engine can handle complex union rules and state regulations, not to mention your own complexities because of the nature of your business.
  • Since 2001, EPAY has delivered innovative, efficient and effective solutions to address our clients critical time and labor management issues.Our client base is very diverse – serving some of the largest in Janitorial,Building Maintenance – Healthcare –– Security –– Foodservice – and Hospitality. You’ll see our clocks in some of the largest retailers, public sporting venues, and airports in the nation.One of the central themes we hear from our clients is that we can mirror the operating environment. Specifically we can handle all the various payroll permutations to ensure accuracy and compliancy for their organization. The flexibility of Blueforce is built-in; we meet our customers’ business needs without upfront custom costs.
  • Upon the implementation of our system, EPAY’s clients see an immediate Return on Investment, through the reduction of the following exposures.Elimination of buddy of punchingEliminate erroneous pay calculations,human error, and time roundingReduce payroll administration and distribution time associated with pay checks and pay stubsBy utilizing our advanced functionality the 5% reduction in Labor can climb to 9%.An example of this would be our real time alerts which can reduce overtime exposure and keep you on budget
  • Today’s expert joining me today is John “God i you so”. He’s been a pioneer in the high-tech industry for 10 years. Schooled and trained as an electrical engineer, John has advanced his career working in product development in some of the nation’s thriving technical companies. His technical expertise spans a number of technologies from solar cells to RFID. He also is intimately familiar with ERP, implementing wide-scale ERP systems for large, regional tech firms. Time and labor management has been his new focus for the last two years working closely with EPAY’s customers in the HR and Payroll functions. Since mobile technologies have come into play, John has embraced the technology and its application within time and labor management. He is now responsible for deploying EPAY’s mobile solution to our customers, demonstrating EPAY’s innovation in this area and driving creative solutions to our client’s time and attendance issues.Hi. Thank you Michelle for the intro and thank you everyone who has joined. I’m so excited to share this information with you. I know that it will be extremely helpful in planning for your workforce management.So we all live in a highly mobile world where smartphones and tablets have become the norm in both of our working and personal lives. What are some of the most recent stats you’ve seen on mobile solutions in our world?
  • That’s all the time we have today. John and I would like to extend a big thank you to all of you for joining us today. We’d like to be your time and labor management provider. At EPAY, we’re IN TIME WITH YOU.Until next time, then, have a wonderful rest of your day. Good-bye.
  • Pay Cards made Easy with SimplyPaid

    1. 1. Pay Cards Made Easy Featuring SimplyPaid
    2. 2. Welcome Today’s Host Michelle Lanter Smith Chief Marketing Officer EPAY Systems, Inc. 2
    3. 3. Designed to meet the needs of your complex, distributed workforce • Reduce your labor costs by 5% or more • Keep you in control and in compliance 3
    4. 4. In Time with You Complex pay rules? Mobile workforce, union contracts, multiple job assignments? No problem! Uniquely flexible 4
    5. 5. Reduce your labor costs Eliminate erroneous pay calculations, time rounding, and management inconsistencies Reduce costs associated with paper checks. Save an average of $2.87 per pay period/per employee. or more! Eliminate buddy punching Reduce administration time in preparing payroll Biometric time clocks with camera and finger print reader 5
    6. 6. EPAY’s Mobile Expertise Today’s Expert Dan Smith President SimplyPaid Contact Dan at: (205) 745-2264 6
    7. 7. Employer Benefits Why are pay cards important to employers ?  Cost Savings for Employers  Streamlined Payroll Process  Environmentally Friendly  Less Paycheck Fraud  No Escheatment Liability 7
    8. 8. Creating Value Reduce Cost for Employers  Cut administration cost of printing and shipping paper checks  Reallocate payroll processing resources  Reduce bank service fees 8
    9. 9. Cost Savings Top performing companies have achieved 97% paperless pay, saving nearly $100 per employee annually. Case Study: Healthcare Facility Company Number of Employees: Over 20,000 Percentage with Direct Deposit: 93% in 6 months Payroll Cost Savings: $1MM annually 9
    10. 10. Employee Benefits Why are pay cards important to employees?  Instant Paycheck Funding  No Check Cashing Fees  Free Access to Cash  Convenience of a Visa® Debit Card  Card Features Equivalent to a Traditional Checking Account 10
    11. 11. Happy Employees No Monthly Fee or Purchase Transaction Fees Free Access to Paycheck Every Pay Period Free Convenience Checks & Online Bill Pay Free Savings Account with 5% APY Mobile Check Load Add a Secondary Card or Customize a Card Taken Anywhere Accepting Visa® 11
    12. 12. Overcoming Obstacles #1 - Pay card programs are too much work. #2 – We have a program now, and it is not meaningful. #3 – All pay cards are the same. #4 – Employees prefer paper checks. 12
    13. 13. Easy Implementation How is EPAY's pay card with SimplyPaid different?  Turnkey automated launch with WalTerTM     integration Single point of contact for support Online system management tool No start up cost for the employer and no enrollment cost for the employee More free cash access options for employees 13
    14. 14. Let’s Get Started Contact Your EPAY Representative or call EPAY at 877-800-3729 x9020. 14
    15. 15. Connect with us Take the Survey! • Yes, send me your pay card case study • Yes, send me more information on SimplyPaid • Yes, send me today’s slides Connect with EPAY: o LinkedIn – follow our company page at EPAY Systems o Twitter -- @EPAYsystems o Sign up for our e- newsletter at 15
    16. 16. Upcoming Education Compliance Webinar Series with Seyfarth Shaw LLP • California Wage & Hour Labor Law--Avoiding Common Pitfalls with a Distributed Workforce. June 26: 12:00 cst • How to Avoid Costly Wage & Hour Pitfalls for Healthcare Employers with a Distributed Workforce. Sept 25: 12:00 cst • How to Avoid Costly Wage & Hour Pitfalls for Employers in the Hospitality Industry. Nov 6: 12:00 cst Register at 16
    17. 17. Thank You! 17