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The Cathedral and the GPS


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How Open Mapping technology and processes are changing the established mapping industry

Published in: Economy & Finance, Spiritual
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The Cathedral and the GPS

  1. 1. The Cathedral and the GPS A Personal View Ed Parsons
  2. 2. The Inspiration.. The Cathedral and the Bazaar Eric S. Raymond
  3. 3. “Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow”
  4. 4. The Cathedral The Bazaar ?
  5. 5. democratising technology..
  6. 6. The era of the Pro-Am..
  7. 7. supernova 1987a
  8. 8. February 23, 1987
  9. 9. The long tail of Geodata Corporate Potential Community generated The Current Geoweb
  10. 10. Is anybody listening ? • “COI welcomes the opportunity to work with OPSI in developing experimental partnerships between user-generated sites and major departments. “ • “Subject to resources being available, OPSI is keen to work with the trading funds and HM Treasury to evaluate the potential impact of a more enabling stance for non- commercial re-use, to encourage experimentation and innovation.” • “Ordnance Survey will look very seriously over the coming weeks at the recommendation to launch Open Space.”
  11. 11. OSM still to do...
  12. 12. Tom Tom Share - 10m potential surveyors !! Image Source : PocketGPSWorld
  13. 13. Thank you!