E-Enabling the Nation’s Data


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A overview of the Ordnance Survey and future market trends @ The Informed Solutions Conference 2005

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E-Enabling the Nation’s Data

  1. 1. e-Enabling the Nation’s Data Ed Parsons Chief Technology Officer
  2. 2. Who is Ordnance Survey ?
  3. 3. Great Britain's national mapping agency
  4. 4. An information provider... • Creates & updates a national database of geographical information • £ 50m ($90m) investment by 2007 in ongoing improvements • National positioning services • Advisor to UK Government on Geographical Information • Highly skilled specialised staff of 1500
  5. 5. Information, problem solving • Powering location based services • Directing emergency services • Making Education fun ! • Guiding the weekend explorer !quot; ! • Linking central & local government depts
  6. 6. Information, delivered where it’s needed • Close relationships with industry partners, universities and other national mapping agencies • Service level agreements provide universal !quot; !quot; access to Central Government, Local Government and Utility companies • Information increasing delivered online !quot; !!
  7. 7. The modern Ordnance Survey • Ordnance Survey is solely funded through the licensing of information products and services • Unrivalled infrastructure to maintain accuracy, currency and delivery of geographic information !quot; ! • 52% of trading revenue is from the private sector • 2003-4 Profit of £ 6.6m on a turnover of £116m ($196m) !quot; !quot;
  8. 8. e-enabled The Internal view
  9. 9. Atoms not bits..
  10. 10. The end of the 1st generation • Home built for single use • CAD file structures • Limited attribution • Legacy hardware/ software platforms
  11. 11. The next generation.. • The Business wish-list... • “End to End” process supported by a single integrated information system • Data Management • Workflow Management • Business rules / logic • Separate data from representation • Enterprise wide
  12. 12. The next generation.. • The CTO’s headache ! • Seamless integration • Unified data management • Long transaction management • Structured data versioning • Robust geoprocessing • Flexible application development • COTS based !
  13. 13. Building the next generation..
  14. 14. Flowline reversal 1980-2000 2000+
  15. 15. postal addresses in Great Britain. The Address Layer originates from Royal Mail's PAF. Ordnance Survey matches PAF addre location and represents this by coordinate values. When the address can be matched to a Information, not just a map reference between the building and the address is created. ! Figure 1.5.1 Example of the Address Layer used with the Topography Layer Information about part of a RoadLink specific to a given direction of travel RRI features that apply to a specific direction of travel along to a portion of a single RoadLink are captured as PartialRoadRouteInformation features. An example could be an access restriction such as a bus lane in one direction only or a one-way street that applies to a portion of a RoadLink feature. The start and finish points along the RoadLink feature are supplied as both National Grid coordinates and the distance along the RoadLink feature from its start point. rea feature life cycle rules Relationships between ITN (Roads) features The flowchart below shows the process followed whenever a real-world object represented as an OS MasterMap area feature appears, changes or is removed from the landscape. The rules are described in more detail in the following quot;#$%&'()*%# +%*#) sections, especially the guidelines we use to answer the question in the centre ,$&%'!-%(.!/0)1%&23 of the flowchart. -%(./%.0quot;#$%&'()*%# -%(. ,$&%'!-%(.!/0)1%&23 ,$&%'!-%(.!-%:)*#;!quot;#$%&'()*%#3 -%(.6*#2quot;#$%&'()*%# ,$&%'!-%(.!-%:)*#;!quot;#$%&'()*%#3 @ -%(.+(&)*(96*#2quot;#$%&'()*%# @AA# @ ,$&%'!-%(.!-%:)*#;!quot;#$%&'()*%#3 40&&56*#2! 40&&5/%.0 -%(./%.0 -%(.6*#2 ,$&%'!-%(.!/0)1%&23 ,$&%'!-%(.!/0)1%&23 ,$&%'!-%(.!/0)1%&23 ,$&%'!-%(.!/0)1%&23 @AA# 7! 7 -%(.-%:)0quot;#$%&'()*%# @ ,$&%'!-%(.!-%:)*#;!quot;#$%&'()*%#3 5 @AA# @! @AA# 40&&580&'*#(9 -%(.+(&)*(9-%:)0quot;#$%&'()*%# 8%<%;&(<=*>?&0( ,$&%'!-%(.!/0)1%&23 ,$&%'!-%(.!-%:)*#;!quot;#$%&'()*%#3 ,$&%'!8%<%;&(<=*>3 Creation of area features due to real-world change ! When a new real-world object represented as an area feature – such as a pond, a building or a land parcel – comes into being, a new area feature is created in the data, with a new TOID and a version number. Users with local holdings ! ! of OS MasterMap data will be informed of new features in their holding via change-only data update. ! ! ! Deletion of area features due to real-world change quot;#!$%&'()$%*!+&()!,+-.(/!*)0.+1'!&*(1-2-1%'-03!14%*'()!567!!!!!!!!!!v869!:!5;<;99=!>!?)0@3!10*A)-,4'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!B%,(!C9!
  16. 16. All products derived PS Editor Geospatial National Object Field Product Store Editor Adopters GeoSpatial Database GIS Application
  17. 17. What does a £500,000 computer look like ?
  18. 18. e-enabled The Customer view
  19. 19. 2005 and all that..
  20. 20. Product delivery today ..
  21. 21. Product delivery today ..
  22. 22. Future supply use cases OGC WMS service Browser based, no local data OS OS Database Publishing Server OGC WFS service Desktop, local user data only OGC WFS(T) service Server based, local OS & user data
  23. 23. e-enabled The future customer view
  24. 24. Internet change part 2 The customer controls the technology
  25. 25. The napster effect • Users expect to ... • buy piece by piece • try before buying • build DIY solutions • Reshape and repurpose
  26. 26. Sample data
  27. 27. 2000 napster
  28. 28. 2004 iTunes Store
  29. 29. Conclusion The customer demands the technology from us....
  30. 30. When is cyberspace... WARNING You are about to view the first every viral marketing campaign to be developed by a department of Her Majesties Government. Welcome to the edge...
  31. 31. Thank you.. Ordnance Survey Romsey Road SOUTHAMPTON United Kingdom SO16 4GU Phone +44 (0)23 8030 5311 Fax +44 (0)23 8079 2078 Mobile +44 (0)7879 435991 Ed Parsons ed.parsons@ordnancesurvey.co.uk Chief Technology Officer www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk slides available from www.edparsons.com