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Wendt Scheich[1]


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The presentetion is about the tree outside my mother`s window - how and why it was destroied.

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Wendt Scheich[1]

  1. 1. Everyday Ecology ● What means ecology file:///E:/HPIM0011.JPG for a person. ● What means ecology for a neighbourhood. ● What means ecology for the country. ● What means the global ecology.
  2. 2. Micro Ecology ● What means ecology for file:///E:/HPIM0009.JPG a person?: ● Is it his dose of clean water from the tap? ● Is it the „green” shopping bag? ● Is it regular recycling?
  3. 3. For some people... ● Ecology means the acceptable view out of the window. file:///E:/HPIM0008.JPG
  4. 4. The View... ● Can be that of a park or file:///E:/HPIM0011.JPG a single tree. ● Ther are many kinds of trees but it`s not the kind it counts it `s your relationship with this particular tree which is the most important.
  5. 5. Trees and trees ● The tree behind my window is thirty years old. If I am not mistaken file:///E:/HPIM0012.JPG my mum planted it - among many others - when we firts came to this place. Almost all the neigbourhood kids help to water it during the hot summer days.
  6. 6. It grew... ● Into a fine, solid grab with a fat belly and two dynamic arms pointing to file:///E:/HPIM0016.JPG the sky and almost touching the clauds above. The silky, round leaves, very soft and juicy, glittering in the sunlight – realy very suting expirience which elevates one`s soul high up till where heaven is.
  7. 7. Until one day... ● A villian came and stuffed the roots with salt. Within two weeks file:///E:/HPIM0018.JPG the leaves of the one half of the tree went dry.
  8. 8. The yard... ● All around the tree is the same green territory: camfortably casual with file:///E:/HPIM0020.JPG a kindergarden and swings for the children. What cased the deases of the tree we have wondered for days.
  9. 9. The view ... ● Yet the view from the window kept chaning from day to day. file:///E:/HPIM0021.JPG ● The dramatic effect incresed since the window is half shed by the blinders; it remainds of human face distroyed in the accident where the casulty ends up with half of the face burnt.
  10. 10. My Mom... ● - due to the accident - has been staing home for years.The tree is her file:///E:/HPIM0022.JPG friend, her daily news, her daily spectacle of life and changing seasons. She depends on it - it`s a comment to her wellbeing.
  11. 11. The rummors... ● Has it that one of the neighbour had installed the satelite plate to file:///E:/HPIM0023.JPG watch the Mundial togeter with his sons in -law. Only the tree was affecting the quality of the picture on their TV. The tree had to go....
  12. 12. The authorities.... ● The consierge maintains that this trees are going through some kind of file:///E:/HPIM0024.JPG epidemy in all the visinity. ● The local management - after sevral phone calls ...and the visit - admited that the harm was done and call up the chemist from the „The Green Town”.
  13. 13. As the story goes... ● We were told by the official that most probably someone file:///E:/HPIM0033.JPG poisoned the tree with salt. The autorities won`t press the charges until the next spring time in case the tree survives and so there will be no case...
  14. 14. The „Suspect”... ● Acctually nobody is 100% sure but the neighbour with the file:///E:/HPIM0034.JPG satelite had the reason.
  15. 15. The case.... ● Remains open. file:///E:/HPIM0035.JPG ● The question is : ● Will he be so villian so as to complet his did? ● Will the tree survive? ● Should he be worned about the consequences? ● Should he be punished for the very attempt?
  16. 16. Is ther any moral for the descendants... ● Should the story be file:///E:/HPIM0038.JPG published ● Should there be obligatory seminars held to teach the little ones how to live in the modern world and share the place with Nature.
  17. 17. Anyhow.... ● It seems that there is never enough for this topic to be said. file:///E:/HPIM0041.JPG
  18. 18. Because... ● This is what can await us file:///E:/HPIM0014.JPG in the Nearest Future.