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Ideal Mini School Open House 2019 20 (Teacher's Presentation)


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Ideal Mini School Open House 2019 20 (Teacher's Presentation)

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Ideal Mini School Open House 2019 20 (Teacher's Presentation)

  1. 1. Ideal Mini School Open House Presenters: • Ernie Pao, Head Teacher, Math/Physics • Sandra Hatzisavva, English/PE Teacher • Aaron Friesan, Science/PE • Patty Tseng, Art/Leadership/CLE • Mike Bodnar, Social Studies, Drama By
  2. 2. Ideal Mini School Open House Presentation Agenda General School Information What is it like at Ideal? How To Apply Q & A Session 1 2 5 3 4 Students We Are Looking For
  3. 3. • Ideal Mini has been operating for over 40 years. Started as an independent school but is now under the administration of Sir Winston Churchill Secondary. • Ideal is unique because we are a complete Grade 8 to 12 program where students can do their entire high school education here. • We are the only mini school in the VSB that is completely off-campus (and has it’s own name!) • We have our very own PAC! General Information Ideal Mini School Open House
  4. 4. • 6 Teachers, 1 Secretary, 1 Counselor • 5 student cohorts (1 of each grade) • The majority of our graduates (over 90%) go on to post-secondary institutions • Rounded program in all subject areas General Information Ideal Mini School Open House
  5. 5. • Standardized Gr.8 & 9 timetable • Limited electives in Gr.10 • Minimum 6 classes at Ideal in Gr.11 • Minimum 4 classes at Ideal in Gr.12 • At the senior level, electives not offered at Ideal may be taken at Churchill • Full current course offerings may be viewed on our school website Course Information Ideal Mini School Open House Grade 8 English 8 Science 8 Math 8 Social Studies 8 French 8 Physical Education 8 (w/Drama 8) Art 8 Applied Skills 8 Grade 9 English 9 Science 9 Math 9 Social Studies 9 French 9 Physical Education 9 Art 9 Drama 9
  6. 6. • School Trips • Annual school camp trip to Timberline Ranch • Biannual senior trip • Sister School Exchange to Japan 2020 (Seniors) • Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre 2020 (Gr.8 & 9) • Annual Encounters with Canada Program (Ottawa) • Field Trips • Annual School Ice Skating Trip • Bard on the Beach • Vancouver Film Festival • Bowling • Playland Physics (gr.11) • and more!!! Value added programs Ideal Mini School Open House • School Events • Halloween Potluck • Kris Kringle • School Picnic/Sports Day • Desserts, Arts, and Drama Night • Senior Drama Play Nights • Sister School Exchange with Yokohama Commercial High School (Y’Ko) • and more!!!
  7. 7. • Everyone is on a first name basis (including teachers!) • Although informal in nature (e.g. painted lockers, no bells etc), Ideal has structured classes and curricula • We have a wide variety of students, some who feel they might do better in a small learning environment • Ideal is a safe place where students can work in a cooperative, non-threatening environment • Cross-grade interaction • There is a strong sense of community and student involvement in the school. What is it like at Ideal? Ideal Mini School Open House
  8. 8. • Academic Merit – based on academic records (“B/Proficient” or better in academic areas), teacher comments, and district CSI test scores in various subsets. • Self-motivated and strong work ethic – shown through grades and teacher comments • Sense of Community, Social Responsibility, and Leadership – involvement in school and community, particularly in areas that benefit others rather than self-development. These may be shown through report card comments, written statements by the applicant, and/or supporting documents. • Social Awareness and Interaction – capable of developing and maintaining positive relationships with others, as reported by teachers and demonstrated through our interview. Commitment to a Small School Environment – a desire to be immersed in our 5-year program, as shown on our applicants and through an interview. Evaluation of Candidates is Based On: Ideal Mini School Open House Generally, we are looking for students who are well-rounded academically, personally, and socially
  9. 9. • those interested in academic acceleration • students bound for IB or other district programs • French Immersion students who wish to jump ahead in French or other languages • students who wish to attend Ideal Mini at the junior level only (Full 5-year commitment to the program) • students who live outside of the City of Vancouver • students with “International” student status Ideal Mini is NOT for: Ideal Mini School Open House
  10. 10. DISTRICT CSI TEST • Register for the district CSI Test (registration online Oct.24 to Nov.7, 2019 at • Students must complete the district CSI Test on Tuesday, November 19, 2019 @ various locations around VSB (e.g. Churchill) • Complete the Grade 8 Application package (available in the foyer or online @ • Ensure everything necessary is included (report cards may be submitted later if not yet available) • DEADLINE: 3:00 pm (sharp!) Thursday, December 19, 2019 @ Ideal Mini Office • Note that the online application for the CSI test is not the same as the application to the mini school! SCHOOL APPLICATION Ideal Mini School Open House How to Apply
  11. 11. Questions & Answers Ideal Mini School Open House