BooGames e JamToday - due progetti europei per i videogiochi


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BooGAmes e JamToday -psresentaizone per sessione minitalk durante evento GameHappens 27 giugno 2014

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  • Pide Marilla: Quick overview of region: Method: approach taken per region, results (numbers) e.g.

    We do not have sufficient critical mass or regional level or national level:
    (Example: The Ministry has data from the film industry, but not video games) As a result we have a lack of data. To solve this problem we have used data from: - Creative Growth Project counting with data 2002-206 from Spanish Statistical Institute (INE): DIRCE, Industrial Survey of Companies, Annual Survey of Services, Asturias Statistical Institute (SADEI)
    - Spanish Association of Publishers and Distributors Entertainment Software (ADESE), in its 2010 annual report: although it uses only data from big companies and only for retail.
    Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (the Asocciation from Ivan Lobo) where they have data from the companies which develop videogames
    Quantitative results
    - Spain is the 4th European country in the consum of videogames and 7th in the world
    - The value of the Spanish Industra physical distribution of software and hardware in 2010 reached a value of 1,245 m
    (SOURCE The Game Development Industry in Spain 2010. Summary update of the business opportunities in the sector. Rooter) consumption within the game in 2010 shows a growth in Spain only selling video game in the genre of traditional games, which was the only category that posted positive numbers game: video games in Spain take 53% of the audiovisual and interactive entertainment market
    According IVAN LOBO-Gamelab: Employment has grown 26% on average in the last 8 years: The video game industry grows in Spain, it is estimated some 200 companies and 3,000 professionals engaged in the production and publication of high quality games on all platforms. The best have reached top positions in global sales with Sony, EA, Konami, Ubisoft, etc.. while many others are succeeding as independent developers and publishers.
    However, sotfware development is minimal in Spain: paradoxical data when compared with the consumption data. (SOURCE 2010 Yearbook of the Spanish Association of Publishers and Distributors Entertainment Software)
    The production of one game generates across the value chain 1,500 direct jobs and 3,500 indirect (Resource: Yearbook 2010 of the Spanish Association of Publishers and Distributors Entertainment Software)
    Qualitative results
    Detection of partners, stakeholders, companies, education/research organizations
    In the interview 45 people have participated. If we analysed the participants by categories we have the following results (here you have the information according to stablished requirements for the regional study report :
    Education or research organisation; 22,9% = 8, Enterprise support organisation: 25,7% = 9, Game related enterprise or organisation = 22,9% = 8
    Other categories = 28,6% = 10, They have not answered this question another 10
    2. Visibility of the sector and opportunities
    3. Networking
    4. Political involvement

  • BooGames e JamToday - due progetti europei per i videogiochi

    1. 1. BooGames & JamToday Due progetti europei per i videogiochi #gamehappens – Genova 27 June, 2014
    2. 2. CSP •
    3. 3. Boosting European Games Industry 36 month-project (Jan 2012- Dec 2014) Gathering 14 partners from 8 different countries with different experiences
    4. 4. Objectives of the project The aim of the BOO-Games project is to support public regional development authorities in understanding the importance of the games industry for the European economy. By highlighting: - the challenges - the societal and economical impact of video games in today’s economy - but also by looking at critical elements such as: Public funding, private investment incentives, talent incubation, cluster development and the improvement of public perception of digital games potential as well as risk management for public authorities in the communication on game related matters.
    5. 5. Implementation Plan  Good Practices + Validation  Thematic Seminars  Study Visits  Pilots Regional context  Regional Analysis  Recommendations for 10 European Regions Lessons learned Integrated in Policies (regional, national..) To assure sostainability of results Regional Implementation Plan 10 RIPs 20 meetings stakeholders
    6. 6. • 25 European Partners • 36 months (Jan 2014 - December 2016) • Co funded by EU- CIP
    7. 7. 2/13 why jam today
    8. 8. 3/13 jam today vision
    9. 9. 10/13 Project overwiew 1. Definition of thematic requirements to run game jams (including expert advisory group) and preparation of initial modular tools 2. Organisation of game jams around annual themes in several countries 3. Transfer/Implementation in learning contexts + evaluation 4. Annual conference and dissemination on annual themes 5. Supporting materials, evaluation, iterative improvements, feedback loop
    10. 10. 9/13 Project overwiew • 3 Years – 3 Iterations - 3 Themes: • 2014: Improving ICT skills (such as learning coding skills or creating games) • 2015: Adopting healthier lifestyles (such as healthy eating or changing behavior) • 2016: Supporting learning of mathematics (such as sustaining engagement)
    11. 11. 12/13
    12. 12. Boosting European Game industry: Regional Analysis, Good practice Guide, Implementation Plan - Learning to change Learning: Learning Hub, Game Jams, Festivals Riepilogando…
    13. 13. 14 Eleonora Pantò Learning, Inclusion and Social Innovation Program Developer mail: tel. +39 011 48151111 CSP innovazione nelle ICT s.c. a r.l. Headquarters: Via Nizza n. 150 – 10126 Torino – Italy (ingresso da Via Alassio, 11/c) Tel +39 011 4815111 Fax +39 011 4815001 E-mail: Grazie per l’attenzione