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All Programs for Advisors

  1. 1. MEDICAL ASSISTING PROGRAM1. Currently the largest – non limited enrollment program - cohort driven.2. Cohorts begin in Winter term : a. Clinical course work b. Class size limited to 123. Transfers/Re-entries need to be reviewed and approved by Associate Dean . a. Based on cohort availability b. First come first served.4. Program going through UbD curriculum process . a. Program start estimated to be @ 2015 for first year of rotation. b. There will not be any substitutions from the old rotation. c. Coordinated effort to best serve students. An accredited program through CAAHEP - re-accredited April 2012 – 10 years
  2. 2. MEDICAL OFFICE ADMINISTRATION1. Formally the Medical Administrative Assistant Program.2. Currently in the first year of the rotation.3. Reentry and Transfer students will need to be approved by the Associate Dean. a. May be able to assimilate into the last cohort of MAA. b. Could end up with no classes to take if put on new rotation.4. Designed to incorporate new technologies and program specificcoursework.
  3. 3. MEDICAL OFFICE ADMINISTRATION5. New courses: ICD9 + CPT 4 credit hours each, new WPG courses, Cultural Diversity, Customer Service and American Sign Language/Spanish.6. This will be an evening program to start.7. Student may sit for the national Certified Medical Administrative Specialist (CMAS ) examination. There is no programmatic accreditation available
  4. 4. MEDICAL INSURANCE SPECIALIST1. Teaching out old rotations .2. Anyone on old rotations after Spring of 2012 will need to be moved to the newest rotation.3. FT rotation only – NOT doing the FTX rotation that includes Summers.4. Winter 2012 begins the 2nd year of the rotation.5. Re-entries: a. Must go on new rotation. b. There is no cross-over to the new rotation (no substitutions for previous core course work).
  5. 5. MEDICAL INSURANCE SPECIALIST6. Students learn coding and billing together with more emphasis on reimbursement and follow-up claim skills.7. This is an evening program only for core coursework.8. Students can sit for a national credentialing examination – Certified Professional Coder and /or Certified Reimbursement Specialist. No programmatic accreditation available at this time
  6. 6. HEALTH UNIT COORDINATOR1. New Associate Degree program began first year in Fall of 2012. – limited enrollment.2. Program Director for this program will be Gail Manning. 766-4161. At this time , however please direct any questions to Deb Nelson 766-4155.3. First core cohort begins in Winter of 2014, selection to program will be Spring of 2014.4. Key points: a. 3 core theory courses b. 2 practicums c. Clinical Skills and Foundations (CENA)
  7. 7. HEALTH UNIT COORDINATOR5. Transfer students can only transfer in general education and science education course work with a full understanding of limited enrollment criteria impact.6. ―Current‖ CENA licenses may be substituted for HUC181 by approval of the Program Director/Associate Dean only.7. Background checks will be required for this program.8. This is currently going to start out as a day program.
  8. 8. HEALTH UNIT COORDINATOR9. Multiple credentials: a. CHUC (Certified Health Unit Coordinator b. CENA (Certified Evaluated Nurse Assistant) No programmatic accreditation available
  9. 9. HEMODIALYSIS TECHNICIAN1. Has transitioned from a Certificate to an Associate Degree program. a. Finishing out the Certificate program – next cohort selection Springof 2013. b. Associate Degree cohort selection will be Fall of 2013.2. No changes in the core coursework.3. Transfers and Re-entries are to be approved by Georgia Wilson 766- 41274. This is still a limited enrollment program.Program has BONENT approval – students can sit for national examination after finishing program.
  10. 10. POLYSOMNOGRAPHY TECHNICIAN1. No programmatic changes at this time.2. Questions can be directed to Christine Robinson 766—2037.