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RPI Planner April 09 Presentation


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Our final presentation of the semester to RCOS. Thanks to Sean O'Sullivan for his support.

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RPI Planner April 09 Presentation

  1. 1. RPI Planner Part two
  2. 2. Motivation Students struggle with Excel or paper plans of study Prerequsities, corequisites, spring term only, fall term only, senior standing only, and other restrictions are hard to keep track of CAPP report is useful, but inflexible
  3. 3. Solution Drag & drop editing of custom plan of study Automatic validation of degree requirements Stay current with course catalog Save and compare multiple plans easily Single format for advisors to work with Let the computer do the hard work!
  4. 4. RPI Planner: Then
  5. 5. RPI Planner: Then No degree templates Few degrees Poor validation GUI Limited automation
  6. 6. RPI Planner: Now
  7. 7. RPI Planner: Now Actually usable! Significantly improved internals Vastly superior degree validation interface Specialized AP Credit entry Automatic requisite resolution Standard XML format for degrees on the way More degrees, real templates
  8. 8. XML Degree specification Types of Requirements Core Restricted Subject H&SS
  9. 9. Automatic Requisite Resolution old way started at course and filled backwards new method pushes each course back as far as possible this creates a more natural looking plan properly handles requisites already on plan
  10. 10. AP Credit form Old method: Relied upon the entrant to know what classes they got credit for Didn’t deal with advanced standing Had a drag & drop interface, just like other terms New method: Has logic to know what classes to give credit for based on test/score Has logic for advanced standing—“0-credit courses” Has drop-down box interface—much less confusing than drag/drop
  11. 11. Try it now! Click “Launch”