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How To Get Hired By A Startup


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I gave a talk to the Rensselaer Center for Open Source about how to optimize your online presence to fast-track your way into a startup in Silicon Valley.

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How To Get Hired By A Startup

  1. 1. How to Get Hired By A Startup with Eric Allen
  2. 2. About MeRPI ’10RCOS alumRPI Planner, Tracks, RCOS Dashboard, CAGEWorked at 5 startupsZeidman Technologies, Allocade, Wesabe, Sauce Labs, 2bkcoNow @ 2bkco w/ Caterina Fake (Flickr, Hunch)
  3. 3. How to Get Hired By A Startup
  4. 4. How to Get Hired By A StartupDo RCOSTake RCOS SeriouslyPublish on GitHub
  5. 5. Questions?
  6. 6. What Startups Want
  7. 7. We’re seeking a smart and driven problemsolver to join us as a Senior Backend Engineerwho is an expert with a proven, open source,server-side technology...This is a uniqueopportunity to help define the technologydirection of a young and already successfulorganization.
  8. 8. What we needQuick learnersSelf-directed self-startersHard workersInteresting people
  9. 9. What Startups Look For Googlestalking 101
  10. 10. The Process1. Résumé2.Personal website / blog 1. Portfolio3.GitHub4.LinkedIn5.Googling your name
  11. 11. What We’re Looking For Cool projects Evidence of initiative Something that stands out
  12. 12. What StartupsInterview For
  13. 13. What StartupsInterview For
  14. 14. What Startups Interview ForCodingCodingCodingCodingCodingCoding
  15. 15. What Other Startups Interview ForCoding“Raw Intelligence”“Team Fit”
  16. 16. What Other Startups Interview For“Coding” – Do you remember Dijkstra’salgorithm by heart?“Raw Intelligence” – Can I make myself feelgood by making you feel stupid?“Team Fit” – Brogramming, man
  17. 17. What Startups Should Interview ForProblem solvingTeamworkTenacityCultural fit
  18. 18. How to Stand Out
  19. 19. Open Source
  20. 20. High-ProfileOpen Source
  21. 21. High-Profile Open Sourcethat I’ve used“Whoah, you made that? I use it every day!”
  22. 22. Learn MoreGayle LaakmannCracking the Coding InterviewWe’re hiring winter interns!jobs@2bkco.comeric@hackerengineer.netAsk Me Anything