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Mediadesign HS S2012


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Slow is Beautiful from Forum for the Future

Published in: Design, Business, Technology
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Mediadesign HS S2012

  1. 1. Angela Arnoldi&Mara Di Martino
  2. 2. Content- Slow is Beautifull- Materials - Hemp - Nettle- Concept/ Idea- Production- Designs- Conclusion
  3. 3. Slow is beautiful- Where do the clothes come from?- What energy´s where used to produce?- Was it fair trade?- Wait longer for clothes- Good quality- Lower shipping costs- Produce and sell local
  4. 4. Hemp- Grow nearly everywhere- Resistance against diseases- Doesn‘t need any pesticides- Three times more fibers than cotton- Grows over four meters high- Needs less water than cotton- Absorb 30% moisture- Drys very fast
  5. 5. Nettle- Grow nearly everywhere- Habitats are river banks, wasteland, trenches, road and street edges- Fabric since thousands of years- Strong fibers- Very high quality- Long lasting- Can be harvested from the same field for many years- Needs no pesticides
  6. 6. Properties- Tear proof- Moisture absorbent- Linen look- Can be woven very fine- Silky shine- Warm like Wool
  7. 7. Concept- Good quality- clothes last longer- Tailors in every street- Design your own clothes- Own materials- Offer and demand- Recycling- Sell and produce local
  8. 8. Producing- Grow, harvest and produce local- Produce with fibers which absorb much moisture- Smell resistance products- Fewer chemicals- Dye with natural products- Fair trade and living wage
  9. 9. Designs- change shape - remove the sleeves - split the overall in trousers and shirt- made from nettle and hemp
  10. 10. Designs
  11. 11. Conclusion- co2 emission drops- No water shortage- Small carbon footprint- Use Solar- and Wind energy- Reduces the demand for gas, oil and nuclear energy
  12. 12. Thank you for your attention.