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Phoenix-English offers...

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Flyer attachment oct 09

  1. 1. Communication for Humans As humans, we will always face challenges, overcome them and face new problems. Age, gender and culture (societal and corporate), influence how we see the world and do business. How can we find order and navigate in a confusing world? Regardless of the technology, deep listening techniques help us “hear” the essence of what one is saying or trying to say. Listening generates the right questions. Questions help us communicate which promote understanding. Taken together, we develop the tools to communicate with your world, your market. Let Phoenix-English Communications help you prepare for the business world, or perfect the tools you already have. Business Coaching Business to Business to Customer Communication Coaching Supports ... Identifying and packaging your USP Identifying and targeting markets Presenting yourself and the firm to customers and to the market Building customer relations Team building and Leadership Change Management and so much more ... Business in English Universities and Academies Communication Coaching Supports Preparation in ... Understanding the market and basic business concepts Understanding the role culture plays in business and transactions Understanding how the medium affects the message phoenix-english Team building and Leadership communications Presenting yourself to potential employers Ellen Pabst von Ohain and so much more ... Ba.Sc., MBA Am Forstanger 14 82041 Oberhaching 089.61309172 0163.3 96 96 90