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Structural coatings


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Anti-corrosive coatings
Heat and chemical resistant coatings
Prevention from situational hazards

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Structural coatings

  1. 1. B-267/268, North Ex Mall, Sector 9, Rohini, New Delhi - 110085 Tel No: +91-11-47068151/52/56 Email: EPA Infrastructure Pvt. Limited
  2. 2. Introduction There are different types of structural coatings which are used to prevent the structure from situational hazards. Based on the needs, location, importance of structure, type of structure and other factors the structure may be needed to coat with one or more coatings to increase its durability. We deal with several types of coatings viz. : Anti-corrosive coatings Heat and chemical resistant coatings
  3. 3. Anti Corrosive Coatings Anti-corrosion refers  to  the  protection  of  metal  surfaces  from corroding in  high-risk  (corrosive)  environments.  When  metallic  materials  are  put  into  corrosive environments, they tend  to  have  chemical  reactions  with  the air and/or water. The effects of  corrosion  become  evident  on  the  surfaces  of  these  materials.  It  is  necessary  to  put  anti  corrosive  coatings on the metals being used  in  the  structures  these  days,  especially  steel  for  a  longer  durability.  The  metal  surface  is  treated  with  chemical  coats  including paints and reagents etc.  for the treatment. 
  4. 4. Heat and Chemical Resistant Coatings It  is  necessary  to  use  these  coatings  in  several  specialized  plants,  industries  and  other  structures where the structure is  exposed  to  heat  and  chemicals  which  decrease  its  durability,  strength  and  increase  its  vulnerability  to  failures.  We  provide  these  coatings  which  protects  the  structure  against  such  threats  and  increase  its  durability.  There  are  several  membranes  and  chemical  reagents  which  can  be  used  for  the same application.
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