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Injection grouting


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Low Viscosity, hydro-swelling, thermo-setting resin for crack injection via injection hoses and packers.

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Injection grouting

  1. 1. Low Viscosity, hydro-swelling, thermosetting resin for crack injection via injection hoses and packers B-267/268, North Ex Mall, Sector 9, Rohini, New Delhi - 110085 Tel No: +91-11-47068151/52/56 Email:
  2. 2. Drilling for fixing packer
  3. 3. Fixing and sealing the packer Fixing of packer Fixing of packer
  4. 4. Mixing Mixing Mix all the component B (Hardener)‐ with Component A (Resin). Mix for‐ 2 3 minutes to uniform colour without‐ any streak using a drill and paddle (speed 400 450 R.P.M.) mixer so as‐ to avoid any entrapped air. Mix only sufficient materials for immediate requirements. Leave the mixed material to stand for 2 3 minutes to‐ enable entrapped air, if any, to escape from the mix and then use as quickly as possible.
  5. 5. Grouting of low viscosity epoxy grout by Wagner or Graco Machine at required pressure and as per the manufacturer chart.
  6. 6. Pre processing: The area to be treated should be properly cleaned to remove dust, laitenance, grease, fungus etc. Injection nipples are fixed in a square grid maximum 500 to 800 mm c/c depending on the cracks and nature of concrete. If required for effective treatment, the grid may be reduced. Before the injection starts all cracks and crevices
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